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She's a Lady

Prologue: Steve, Tony and Thor

The three of them watched __________ who was talking with both Bruce and Natasha. The trio saw how the young woman laughed at whatever she said then Bruce smiling had mumbled something else which then got the three of them laughing together. __________ covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes had shut tightly with laughter and her face had turned into an impressive shade of red.

It had been the first time in the last six months that they were all together in the same room. Them being the group of “heroes” that went under the alias of “The Avengers”. There was Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America: the American hero himself, Tony Stark, playboy billionaire philanthropist by day and Iron Man by night. Thor Odinson, the god of Thunder and Prince of Asgard, Doctor Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, who specializes in all things dealing with gamma radiation; it was from that accidental exposure that transformed him into “the other guy”. Next there were two special Agents: Clint Barton or Hawkeye, whose expertise relied on his remarkable eyesight and archery and Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow who seemed to be an expert in like… everything. Fighting, negotiating, navigating… assassinating… gorgeously curled hair… etc.

And then there was her: __________ __________. She was the latest addition to the group with powers that allowed her to bend and manipulate the elements to her will[1]. It also seemed that they developed and evolved further the more she practiced with them either on her own or with a partner or two.

However at this moment, now that the group was all together they had decided to take the opportunity and have a game night. Thor had earlier been a bit confused over what a “game night” entailed when __________ quickly and easily explained that they would play Midgard games and puzzles solely for entertainment purposes. Both enthused and excited over the idea, the god of thunder couldn’t wait for this so called night of games.

They had some original games like Sorry, Pictionary and Twister, along with some new games like Apples to Apples[2], Dominion[3] and Cards Against Humanity[4].

“Alright so what are we breaking out first?” Clint asked just as he walked out of the kitchen with two beers in hand, one for him and one for Natasha who plucked it silently from his hand gave him a silent glance and drank from the already opened bottle.

“Hey Bird Boy what are we, chopped liver?” __________ asked looking appalled and a little insulted at her team mate who thought of bringing his girlfriend a drink and not everyone else, “What about us?”

“Beer and stuff are in the kitchen, so go on get to steppin’.” Clint smirked then took a sip from his own beer, __________ rolled her eyes at him.

“Asshole,” she clicked her tongue and shook her head, “Alright everyone else that didn’t get a drink I’m going to the kitchen anyone want anything? Bruce?”

“Beer thanks,” he smirked and pushes back his glasses over the bridge of his nose.

“Steve? Tony? Thor?” __________ addressed the three men who seemed to have been standing in their own little group, Tony had been the only one with a glass in his hand, the amber liquid long been consumed.

“A filler up if you don’t mind babe,” Tony winked and handed her his glass.

“No prob, scotch?”

“You know it!”

“Steve? Thor?”

Steve blushes and she noticed, smiling at his bashful expression, “A soda pop ma’am if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, grape or a coke?”



“An ale my lady!” he grinned brightly at her making her giggle while a tint of pink bloomed on her cheeks.

“Beer it is. Can someone set up a game? I don’t really care what it is let’s just get started,” __________ called over her shoulder and heads into the kitchen.


They had decided on Apples to Apples, which was a tamer version of Cards Against Humanity and a good thing too, you need to have a few drinks before even considering playing CAH anyway, it makes the experience way more fun after a couple of drinks.

__________ returned shortly carrying four unopened bottles, three beers and one grape soda between the fingers of her left hand, Tony’s scotch in the other and she held a small metal bottle opener between her teeth.

Almost at once Steve, Tony and Thor rushes up to help her, when __________ blinks and muffles a hum to stop them in their tracks. She first handed Tony his scotch then passes both Steve and Thor their respective drinks before she takes the bottle opener from her mouth to open the tops of hers and Bruce’s beers.

She finally turns over to Steve who had stood the closest to her and hands him the bottle opener with a smile, “Here you go Cap!”

__________ then sat down and took a sip from the top of the cold bottle, swallowed the mouthful and sighs contented, “Ah, nothing like a cold Guinness[5]!” she licks her lips then began to shuffle the small pile of green cards.

“Should we start clockwise or counter clockwise this game?”

“Don’t really care let’s just play.”

“Clockwise it is.”

“Who said you could pick?”

__________ rolls her eyes at Clint, “Thought that this was supposed to be fun?”

“It is, Clint’s just being a jerk,” Natasha smirked and began to deal the red cards that both she and Bruce had shuffled.

“Yeah, love you too sweetie,” Clint smirked and took a sip from his beer once again.

“You guys just gonna stand there all night or are we gonna play?” __________ asked looking up at the other three men who apparently seem to have been standing like statues, to which the two men and the demi god moved to their seats. Steve, Tony and Thor all dashed for one of the last two chairs that were empty on either side of her.

__________ held up her hands in an almost resigned manner while her (y/c) eyes shifted from side to side at the commotion of Steve grabbing and sitting on the chair at her left to Tony and Thor fighting to sit in the chair on her right. She then laughs when Thor becomes victorious and Tony had sat between the demi god and Bruce.

“At least I didn’t spill my drink.” Was all that Tony had to say on the matter then took a sip of his scotch.

“Alright guys,” __________ smiled as she picked up a green apple card and grinned slyly, “Tell me something ‘Dirty’.” she sets the card face up with the word ‘Dirty’ written at the top, the description was printed at the bottom of the card.

The three men all had one thing in common: they all had strong feelings for __________. And they were each determined to claim her as their own. Of that they were each most certain.


So I had this idea... and this idea began to fester then took root in a way I had never thought possible and it really scared the hell out of me. But anyway this is going to be the start of a three part series followed by an Epilogue. I swear I don't know what bug bit me that now I'm getting all sorts of crazy "inspirational" ideas; especially the idea of the Avengers playing Cards Against Humanity. That would be hilarious to read! But anyway enjoy the show, I do it all for you guys.

Inspirational Song:

She's a Lady - Tom Jones

Number Bullets

[1] Apart from Avatar: The Last Air Bender I had also used a Tony x Reader fic, which I can't remember the name of, as a reference too. I giggled when Tony calls "you" Avatar.

[2] Apples to Apples

[3] Dominion is an awesome game.

[4] So is Cards Against Humanity omg... fun times.

[5] And I do love me an ice cold Guinness.


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