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She's a Lady

Chapter 1: Steve

You woke up early enough to start making breakfast. You had wanted to do something special for your roommates especially now that you were all under one roof for at least for a couple of days until Thor had to leave for Asgard again and before you were all given assignments that would probably divide you into groups of two just like the last time.

After you showered, you had decided to wear a black tank top along with matching colored bike shorts and black flip flops. You were tying back your hair into a simple lose bun when you entered the large posh looking kitchen inside the tower. Flipping on the little red switch of the coffee maker it immediately began to heat and bubble as the scent of freshly brewed coffee slowly started filling the room.

“Good morning JARVIS!” you called as you pulled out ingredients here and there you were in need of for the pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns as well as a frying pan and a large electric pancake griddle, which you plug in and set at 350 degrees.

“Good morning Ms. __________, how can I be of service today?” the AI voiced politely.

“Would you mind turning on my iTunes playlist? I need something inspiring while I cook.”

“Of course Ms. __________, shall I play it from the beginning or is there a particular song you wish to listen to first?”

“Play track #9 please, thank you.”

“Very good madam,”

Placing on the apron[1] you kept in the kitchen closet , “She’s a Lady” sung by Tom Jones began to play and it brought a smile to your lips as you counted off all the things you needed to start making the breakfast. Ok it’s best to make the bacon first then the pancakes then the hash browns and finally the eggs. Eggs are always so easy and quick to cook which is why you decided to make them last.

Preheating the oven to 350 degrees, you now take out two baking sheets from the bottom pantry close to the oven and line them up with parchment paper. Next you proceeded to add the strips of bacon over the parchment paper in neat horizontal lines and then once the oven was preheated you place the already prepared baking sheets in allowing them to cook. Because of the fact that you were going to be doing a continuous amount of multitasking you set the timer on the oven for twenty-five minutes to remind you about the now sizzling and hissing meat you would soon need to flip over.

“She’s a Lady… Oh whoa, whoa! She’s a lady! Talking about that little Lady!”
Tom Jones sang overhead and you began to mouth the lyrics just as you started to mix the dry ingredients into a large bowl for the pancakes[2], “And the lady is mine!

Your hips started to sway along gently to the music as you now began to incorporate the wet ingredients with the dry until the batter was ready for the now hot griddle.

Well she knows what I’m about she can take what I dish out and that’s not easy!” you now start to sing with Tom just as you poured three perfect dollops of batter then watched how they bubbled perfectly on one side before flipping them so that they could cook evenly on the other side.

After making a tall stack of pancakes you snuck a peek into your bowl to see how much batter was left when you nodded n confirmation while you continued to sing, “She’s a Lady… Oh whoa, whoa! She’s a lady! Talking about that little Lady! And the Lady is mine!”

There was still enough batter to make three more pancakes, so again after spreading a little butter on the griddle this time around, the butter hissed a moment when you finally added three more dollops and watched them cooking again just to make sure that they didn’t burn.

The moment that the song finished, “Dress You Up”[3] by Madonna began to play when you heard a small applause coming from behind you. Your eyes widened and your face went hot with embarrassment. Slowly, you turned your body halfway to find Steve sitting on one of the tall stools by the island counter. While wearing a huge grin, he looked at you and was clapping at your just finished performance. He stopped after you began to address him.

“Good morning Steve!” you blushed and offered him a nervous smile, “Um, how long have you been there?”

“Long enough ma’am,” he smiled and picked up a mug which you assumed was filled with the coffee you just made as he blew gently over the rim before taking a sip, his brilliant blue eyes gently crinkled at the corners while he continued to smile at you through his gulp of coffee.

Oh sweet baby Jesus you loved that man’s smile, you could watch him smile all day long if you had the chance but right now you were distracted with your own work and it didn’t help that the smell of slightly burnt pancakes started to fill the kitchen, “Oh shoot!” you hiss and flipped them just in time, “That was close.”

“Yeah it sure was,” Steve was now behind you and you could feel the unnatural heat radiating off the front of his body and onto your back.

Gonna dress you up in my love! All over your body…” Madonna sang and you gulped as you felt Steve’s body heat almost envelop your skin.

Oh fuck.

You gently closed your eyes and bit your bottom lip, this was so not happening. Especially when you suddenly felt him reaching around and over when he asked in a soft innocent whisper against your right ear, “Are these for me?”

Yes. Yes. Good Lord almighty, yes!

“__________? Are all these flapjacks really for me?”

Huh?! Oh...

Opening your eyes now you saw Steve’s right hand holding the side edge of the large tower of pancakes.

“Oh um, yeah I guess if you want to eat them all I can always make more. I’ve got bacon cooking in the oven and I was just finishing up the pancakes before I got started on the hash browns.” You say, what with the fantasy of Steve doing naughty things with you in the kitchen now gone. Double shoot…

On cue the oven timer goes off and you hurry to the oven and placed on one oven mitt and held a fork in the ungloved hand while abandoning the still cooking pancakes.

“It all sounds great ma’am, would you like some help?” he offered and you look over your shoulder at him, he was just settling the plate of pancakes down on the counter top then walked over to the sink to wash his hands.

Your eyes wandered down to the seat of his pants… oh… that ass. Feeling the heat rushing on your face again, you turn away from the tempting sight to open the oven door and turned over the sizzling bacon one tray after the other, “Sure, if you don’t mind could you wash then shred the potatoes?” you asked and closed the oven once more and again you set the timer, this time for 20 minutes.

“Yes ma’am I can do that,” he said with a chuckle and took the three large Idaho potatoes that rested on the counter and washes them thoroughly. In the mean time you placed the shredder on the counter top and retrieved the last of the pancakes.

Taking the nonstick spatula you used on the pancakes you, as gently as you could, began to scrape off what was left of the pancakes and the butter then you lowered the temperature a little bit to keep the griddle from burning, having already planned to cook the potatoes on it.

Upon hearing the sound of scrapping you turned around to find Steve peeling the last of the potatoes with the other two in a clean bowl soaking in water.

“Steve, what are you doing? I don’t normally make them like that.” You say and peer into the bowl.

“I guess not ma’am but I did offer to help and this is the way I make ‘em[4].”

You blush again and gave him a small nod, “Alright so explain it to me as to why you are soaking the potatoes in the water?” you asked while watching the gorgeous Super Soldier continuously moved the chunk of potato against the sharp metal.

“It’s to prevent the potato from turning all brown and starchy. You know like when you cut an apple and it turns brown all of a sudden?”


“Same concept.”

“Ahh.” You said as you pulled up a stool to sit on; one hand rested under your jaw then you watched while Steve takes out the soaking potatoes out of the bowl and had begun to shred them in the water.

“Cleaning up the added starch again?” you queried, looking into the bowel then up at Steve again, who smiled and nodded with agreement.

“Yes ma’am.”

“And they’ll taste better after you wash out the extra starch?”

“They should!” he smiled again and reached for the last potato, “Hey __________ would you mind throwing a little butter on the griddle? I’m just gonna wash this out real quick then they’ll be ready to cook.”

“Yeah sure,” you nodded and got up, now that the griddle had time to cool a bit, adding the butter to it now would have taken a while to melt. Cutting a single serving square you peeled the butter off the knife then you turned the temperature knob back to 350.

Taking up the spatula again in your hand you began to move the now quickly melting butter around to make an even coat over the heating surface.

“Here, watch out,” Steve said from behind you and plops a handful of shredded potato until there were about six little clusters now cooking, “Now the key thing is to turn them when you see the rim of the potatoes turn a rich brown, the middle will have a nice golden tinge to it.”

“Okay,” you nodded and stiffened again as his arms go around you and his arms now covered yours,“Steve? What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna show you how I flip them over, that way they can keep their shape after they’ve been flipped.” He spoke innocently enough and you felt like such a pervert when you finally noticed that he had a clean fork in his other hand.

“Oh right,” you smiled nervously and you hear Steve chuckle behind you while he showed you how easily he flipped the first cluster over then proceeded to do the same with the others until they were all golden side up.

“Thanks Steve, you’re really good at this,” you say and turned your head so that you were inches from his face, both of your lips were just millimeters apart and your eyes widened at your close proximity. Steve didn’t seem to mind, though the pink glowing on his cheeks now had told you otherwise.

“__________?” Steve asked softly and stared into your (y/c) eyes.

“Yeah Steve?”

He looked down at your lips and just when you thought he was going to kiss you, did you hear a low whistle.

“Well don’t you guys look cute!” comes Tony’s voice from out of nowhere and it caused you to pull back from Steve then returned your attention back to the now crispy golden hash browns sizzling on the griddle, “Making breakfast and goo-goo eyes at each other.”

“Morning Stark,” Steve spoke in a sardonic tone and pulls away from you. You sighed wistfully now that his warmth left your body, “I’m surprised to see you up so early.”

“Yeah well the enticing smell of what appears to be an amazing breakfast just started calling my name,” Tony smirked and inhaled his own cup of coffee, “That and the sound of a Cucco[5] woke me up too. Nice apron by the way…”

“Shut up, you think it’s awesome.” You smirked and shook your head then while reaching for a large plate from the pantry on your left, Steve reached it easily for you, “Thank you Steve, you’re so helpful.” You beam at him and placed the now cooked hash browns on it.

“I actually would have been more impressed had you worn an Iron Man themed one.” Tony called again, keeping his sitting position.

“I bet you would but then again I know by firsthand experience that Iron Man’s a real jerk. Can’t stand that crazy mofo.”

“Hah,” Tony huffed and mumbled into his mug, “Everyone’s a damn comedian.”

“She’s got you there Stark.” Steve chuckled and sat back on the stool he abandoned earlier to sit next to Tony.

“Did you guys want to start eating? There are pancakes galore and the hash browns are almost done and the bac—“ you hear the oven timer go off again and turned your head at the sound then face the two men once more, greeting them with a smile, “speak of the devil.” Just as the potatoes continued cooking you walked over, pulled on the lone oven mitt and lifted the trays of sizzling crunchy bacon up onto the top of the stove

“What smells remarkably delectable?”

“Hey Shakespeare in the park! Good morning!”

“Tony…” both you and Steve chastised Tony for his address to Thor.

“You always speak in tongues after a night of heavy drinking,” Thor grinned and took a seat next to Steve, “Are you still under the affects? You’re up rather early my friend.”

“Why does everyone think I’m hung over?”

“That’s cause most days you are.” You shoot back as you now began to transfer the bacon from the sheets to a plate lined in paper towel to further capture the oil.

Both blond men laughed.

“What smells so good? Hey look Nat, it’s a party.” Spoke Clint who now entered the kitchen followed by Natasha.

“Hey guys, get your tongues off the floor.” You heard Natasha say in that annoyed tone as she crosses the kitchen and headed for you. You were now mixing eight eggs in a large bowl along with a splash of milk and some salt and pepper for taste.

“What the hell are you doing with those three morons?” she spoke to you between her teeth and you look up at her curiously, “Don’t give me that look…”

“What look?” you lift an eyebrow at her.

“That one,” She accused and smiled a little just as you chuckled and warmed up the frying pan with a little olive oil in the middle, “they’ve been staring at you since Clint and I walked in,”

“Oh yeah?” you asked feeling a bit of excitement at that, “Didn’t notice at all…” pouring a bit of the egg mixture into the pan slowly you began to mix it with a wooden spoon.

“Uh huh,” Natasha said as she took a slice of bacon and crunched it, “bull.”

“No pork actually,” you smirk and she rolls her eyes.

“Shut up.”

“So what are they doing now?”

“They’re being guys, waiting for their women to join them before gorging themselves on food,” she snorted and rolled her eyes, you giggled and haunch your shoulders a bit.

“Did anyone see Bruce this morning? Is he still in bed?” you asked out loud to see who answered first.

“He was working in the lab all night, Nat and I saw him heading for bed.” You were surprised to hear that Clint had answered.

“Awe, well then I’ll have to save him a plate.” You say as you finished cooking the rest of the eggs after transferring the first batch onto a plate and handed it to Natasha who took it over to the group of awaiting men.

The moment you finished you poured yourself a mug of black coffee and sat with everyone else around the island, “Everyone enjoy,” you smiled and lifted your mug.

“To breakfast!” everyone else shouted as you all began to dig in.

“Hey uh __________?” Steve said next to you, you looked up at him expectantly, “I really liked cooking with you this morning.”

You smile back at him, “And I liked cooking with you too. We should do it again sometime.”

“Sure thing ma’am.”

“Fondue anyone?” chimed in Tony with a smirk.


Steve spilled coffee down the front of his own shirt.


I don't own you and I don't own the Avengers.

Number Bullets:

[1] Your apron. Yes epic, I know... I want one too.

[2] Best pancake recipe EVER.

[3] Dress You Up - Madonna

[4] How Steve makes his hash browns.

[5] The name of the chicken(s) in the Legend of Zelda games.


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