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She's a Lady

Chapter 2: Tony

“So when are you going to fix the AC again?” you asked after propping yourself up with one hand on the edge ofTony’s work bench. Your other hand was busy running a chunk of ice you made earlier against the side of your neck and the back of it, “I’m starting to melt over here.”

Ever since Tony had the sudden urge to make so many versions of his Iron Man suit, the process in reconstructing Stark Tower had slowed to a stop. This would NOT do especially when it felt like you could fry an egg on your head at this very moment. It had also seemed that Tony was far too in the zone with his work to even notice the rising temperature in the tower.

It appeared as though everyone else had left earlier which meant that they left you alone with the neurotic head case who was determined to fiddle around with his toys than to getting any real work done. Of all the freaking luck…

“Workin’ on it babe,” Tony stated while he was making some detailed repairs on one of the boots of his Mark 42 suit, “It’s at the top of my list after this I swear.”

You roll your (y/c) eyes and release a frustrated growl as you now ran the slowly melting ice chunk down your arm before switching hands to give the same cool treatment you gave to your first side, “You said that two hours ago Tony, two. I’ll be a fucking puddle by the time you finally get off your duff and fix the damn AC.”

Tony looks up and regards your state for a moment. You saw the manner of how his eyes roamed up from your legs which were dangling off the edge of the table, up to your waist, to your bust and finally met with your eyes. Man oh man… he made you feel even hotter than before. Tony slowly licks his lips, “Well, can’t you do that weird thing with your body that you’re like all ice and shit?”

“No,” you say in an obvious tone, “you’re thinking of Bobby Drake[1]. My powers don’t work like that and even if they did, I’m way too fatigued to even think of turning myself into a walking talking ice sculpture. Hell, I had a hard enough time to make this,” you held up the chunk of ice which had earlier been the size of an iPhone and was now the size of a regular ice cube.

Tony looked unimpressed at that and you felt your cheeks burn with embarrassment, “Well it was much bigger than this, thank you very much,” you glared then run the cube across your forehead.

Tony’s face now broke out into a large grin, “Yeah babe, keep telling yourself that,” he chuckles and turns back to his current work.

“Fuck off,” you snap back, irritated by his indifference. This heat was really getting to you just as the last bits of the cube faded into small droplets. Hopping off the desk you run your fingers through your sweat soaked hair while your feet walk you toward the entrance of Tony’s workshop.

“Hey Avatar!” Tony calls after you, “Where you going?”

“I think it’s hotter in here than it is upstairs, catch ya later Tin Can!” you say over your shoulder, you knew you were getting yourself into trouble but at this point you no longer cared.

“That’s Iron Man!”

“Whatever Spark Plug!”


Okay that thing you said about the upstairs being a lot cooler than Tony’s workshop? LIES! Or at least that’s what you found out the moment you made it to the living room upstairs.

With a groan you tried in vain to fan yourself with your hand as your feet now carry you into the kitchen. Water… you need water… or at least a Popsicle or something cold!

Opening the fridge you duck your head inside. 'Ahh… bliss!' You think as you close your eyes to allow the frostiness to make you feel more at ease and less dehydrated. You then open your eyes to find a medium sized watermelon sitting at the bottom right just over the vegetable crisper.

“Oh hell yes!” you groan as you then reach out to it, you take a strong hold of the large round fruit and place it over the counter. Wetting a few paper towels you give the watermelon rind a little wipe down before you cut it with a kitchen knife.

‘Ooh this is going to be so good!’
you think while you slice the fruit in half then in quarters and then finally into thick triangles.

Pushing the water cooler button on the outside of the impressive stainless steel looking fridge, a stream of water pours out and you summon more of it with your other palm by telepathically pulling it toward you. Once you had a sufficient amount of water, you made both your hand and fingertips flow in a wave like motion to allow the blob of cool water to float in midair.

While continuing to manipulate the water with your one hand you began to rummage in a bottom pantry with your other in search of the large clear glass bowl to put both the fruit and the ice you were about to make with the water now floating beside you.

Once you found the bowl you quickly rinse it with water from the sink and proceeded in placing about three slices of the watermelon in it. Your attention came back to the water you were still floating when you now used both hands to stretch the water into a strip and froze it quickly then finally you broke it into almost rectangle like bits. You then started to build a pattern between fruit then ice, fruit then ice until finally the glass bowl was filled.

Smiling at your accomplishment you then wave a final hand over the bowl, chilling both the fruit and the bowl. Now it was time to finally enjoy the spoils of your labor! Taking up a triangle you lift it to your lips and bite down it slowly. The chilling and deliciously sweet factor of the fruit made you feel giddy with delight of having such a cooling and enjoyable treat.

“Oh God…” you groaned through a mouthful of the sweet red fruit, one hand bracing against the counter top while the other held onto the watermelon slice with a huge bite in it. Some of the juice had dribble over your chin and dripped onto your shirt, “that’s so good…” you muffled while swallowing the bite, your lips parted again for another taste.

“Shit, you don’t have to tell me twice.” You hear Tony’s voice say from your left side.

As you turned to look at him you could see how his dark brown eyes stared hungrily at you. Maybe it was just your imagination and it was probable that Tony just wanted some of what you were eating. Slowing walking over to you, his eyes never leaving yours after he was inches from you before slowly reaching out to take up a triangle of his own.

Bringing it to his mouth Tony takes a slow deliberate bite which made you notice just how juicy the fruit was. A pearl of translucent pink drops from the corner of his mouth and over his white wife beater.
“So tell me something Leeloo[2],” he started after swallowing the bite in his mouth, “What else can you do with your powers?”
You snort; his comment bringing you back to reality, "Firstly Tony, if you think that by calling me Leeloo I'm going to start calling you Korbin Dallas, you're dead wrong. Bruce Willis is way sexier than you."


“Uh huh, I especially loved him in Die Hard.”

Tony pulls a face, “Well did Bruce Willis ever play a black guy[3]?” he randomly asked.
You looked at him curiously, “Not that I’m aware of… what does that have to do with anything?”

”Oh nothing just asking is all,” he grinned and took another bite of the fruit in his hand.

Deciding not to engage into that conversation you continued to answer him, “Secondly, I’ve got skills you can’t even dream of, cowboy[4].”

“I betcha I can,” he taunted with a grin and leans in closer to you.

Oh… the man was asking for it, practically begging. And you were more than willing to give it to him.
Perhaps it was the heat finally getting to you. Or perhaps it was through the haze of desire now burning you from the inside out for this man; because you weren’t really sure who started kissing who but one thing was for certain, there was no way the two of you were going to stop.

Humming into your kiss, you felt the tip of Tony’s tongue gently poke between your lips and you open up wide allowing the hot soft muscle entrance and you felt it slide against your own.

You moaned loudly never before having a kiss like this and your mind began to wander that perhaps this was how Tony was able to bed the many women he had over the course of his life thus far. Tony must have taken your noise as incentive for his hands now rested against your back and pulls you forward against his body.

You shivered and cry out when you felt the cool metal of Tony’s arc reactor touch the burning skin of your breasts.

“Something wrong baby?” Tony asks while giving you a lopsided grin, “Too much for you?”

You match his grin with one of your own, “Nah just cold.” You gently tap a nail on the blue glow on his chest.

“You’re not happy unless you’re complaining about something…” he scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Shut up and kiss me again damn it,” you groan as you pull him toward you after placing your hands on his cheeks.

Tony’s hands began to roam over your form, first starting on your back which they slide back down and just when you thought he was going to cup your ass did they slide back up; you smile against his lips and nibbled gently at the bottom one.

“Gonna tease me all day or you gonna get to the goods?” you grin and then you felt yourself being lifted up onto the counter, Tony wedging himself between your legs; your flip flops fall with a soft clatter against the linoleum below and your legs instantly wrap around his middle, the balls of your feet now resting on the small of his back.

The only sounds in the kitchen were that of both yours and Tony’s soft husky pants as well as the sounds of wet kisses against different parts of skin. Tony pauses to take another quick bite at some of the dark blush colored fruit you both seem to have totally forgotten about and as you kissed him again you could taste the sweet cool watermelon as well as the juice that had escape from both your lips. Tony then begins to kiss and lick away at the escaped juice.

Suddenly a random thought popped into your head.

“Tony? Baby? Sweetie?” you asked, your hands resting on his shoulders and you felt your toes curl a little, your eyes rolling shut.

“Yes dear?” he replied offhandedly while taking some more of the fruit to drag the small chunk over the tops of your breasts. He then cups and pushes them together with his palms before finally burying his face between them to kiss and suck up the juice that was now trapped in the valley of your chest.

Ohh!” you shivered then licked your lips and gulped, “D-did you ever g-get a chance to f-fix the AC?” you groaned as you pull his face back up by the short hair of his head to kiss at those sweet soft luscious lips again.

“Huh?” he asked and pulls away to kiss at your chin. You feel his tongue lick at the sweet fruit juice that had escape from your earlier bite.

“Did. You. Fix. The. A. C?” you ask slowly this time, pausing between words so Tony could hear you while your fingers began to curl in his soft dark hair.

“When the fuck would I have had time to fix the fucking AC?” he growls just as his mouth began trailing kisses down your neck and sneak over to the tops of your breasts again.

With an exasperated sigh you gently push him back; your hand was now placed over his arc reactor and a look of genuine befuddlement came across those bright brown eyes as you stared at him.

“No AC? No nookie,” you shrug and hop off the counter top. Taking your bowl of watermelon and ice chunks you begin to walk away heading back for the stairs which would lead you up to your room.

“What?!” Tony called, shocked and appalled at how you just hung him out to dry, “__________? __________! Come back here you can’t just rile me up like this and then fucking leave!”

“Fix the damn AC first then get back to me, otherwise these legs are closed for business!” you call over your shoulder as you take another bite of a watermelon triangle. Tony’s jaw dropped.

“Catch you later, Megavolt[5]!” you called and wave your arm up with the watermelon slice in your hand as a sign of farewell.

‘Yeah, that will teach him.’
You think with a grin and started walking up the stairs toward the main bedrooms.


I don't own you or Tony... just the spelling/grammatical mistakes.

Number Bullets:

[1] Bobby Drake aka ICEMAN, yeah had to throw in a little X-Men at you guys.

[2] Fifth Element reference! I love that movie...

[3] I dunno about Bruce Willis... but I do know that RDJ played a black man in Tropic Thunder and since RDJ and Tony Stark are practically one in the same well... *ahem* we all know who the sexier man is. 'Nuff said.

[4] A quote taken out of True Blood where Eric is dreaming of Sookie.

[5] Okay... now I am really showing my age here. ;)


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