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She's a Lady

Epilogue: Natasha

It had been a few days later after your sparring session with Thor; both you and Natasha had decided to have a girl’s day in the Tower to catch up with each other and shoot the breeze while the men had gone out. Things were going pretty well that is until the conversation converted into what transpired between you, the American Hero, the Bucket of Bolts and the Demi God.

“I still can’t believe you made out with Tony in the kitchen…” she shakes her head with disbelief.

“Believe it, ‘cause it happened.”

“What was it like?”

“Hot,” you say and reminisced about it with a sly smile, “And sticky. And sweet.”

“Ugh,” Natasha groans with disgust, “Forget I asked…”

“You know Tasha,” you start and lean forward slightly, “when it comes to women, men think of two things--” you then hold up two fingers at her and just as you were about to tell her did she decide to interrupt you.

“How would you know?” she asked skeptically though her eyes had a mischievous little shine to them.

“Experience,” you say in a deadpan sort of tone and continue, “Anyway, the moment a man sees a woman they think, ‘I want to fuck her,’ and, ‘How can I fuck her[1].’ And I am serious, the girl could be ugly as fuck and they would STILL think the same thing. Guaranteed.” You then take a sip of your coffee.

Natasha shakes her head and chuckles, “You're sick.”

You shake your head, swallow the mouthful of coffee then set your mug down on the table, “No I'm serious! Okay maybe not all men are like that, I'll level with you. Some might even think, ‘I'll fucker her, but not her[2].’” you snort and take a bite of a cookie you had set aside to enjoy your coffee with.

Natasha gives you a look. You know… that look.

“Okay, okay!” you sigh and roll your eyes, “Steve was not like that. Well actually, Steve was very sweet. You know like first date sweet? He wasn’t pushy or handsy like the other two. Shit, Tony was more so than Thor and that’s fucking saying something!” you say with a straight face then you took another sip of your coffee, Natasha simply stared at you.

“So all three of them approached you? I don’t believe it.”

“True story, you can even ask JARVIS I’m sure he saw the whole thing.”

“It’s true Ms. Romanov,” the AI spoke up, which causes Natasha’s eyebrows to hide up under her curled bangs, you simply smile smugly at her, “Captain Rogers, Mr. Stark and Prince Thor all approached Ms. __________ within the last two weeks.”

“And I also think you owe me a little something.” You say with a wink and held up a hand, your palm faced up at her.

With a roll of her eyes and an irritated click of her tongue, Natasha pulls out her wallet from the back pocket of her jeans and hands you a $100 bill.

“I can’t believe you __________.” She huffed as you pocketed the money.

“Hate the game not the player.”

“You really suck, you know that?”

“Tony would agree with you, but don’t believe him he’s all talk as you well know.”

“Ew gross,”

You laughed and drank the rest of your coffee.


This ending was mostly written for the girl bonding/girl talk. ;)

I don't own you, or Natasha or any other characters mention that belong to Marvel. Just the plot, spelling/grammar errors.

Number Bullets

[1] Honest to Glob I don't know what goes inside a man's mind and I'd rather not know. I've got my own problems dealing with what goes on inside my own mind kkthnx. But anyway throughout the course of my life so far, I had asked many of my male friends what is it that they think the moment they see a woman and most (if not all of them) admitted to thinking like this. True story.

[2] This... is real life for me. I admit that back in my single days I used to think like this, I see a guy and rate him as such. I regret nothing. *koff*


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