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The (not so) Ideal Situation


We took the elevator to the 23rd floor and when we arrived at the door to my room he dropped his arm grabbing my hand in his.
"I missed you today" he whispered bringing my hand up to his lips and placing a soft kiss.
"Steve" I chuckled "you were gone for like 5 hours"
"I know" he moved his hands to my hips "but I missed you" he whispered with his lips now on my ear I shivered smiling
"would you like to come in for a few minuets?"
"I would like to come in for the night" he smiled
"Now Steve" I took his hand leading him into the room and closing the door behind us "we'll see"
He, suductively, reached behind me and turned the lock on the door. The room was silent as the back of his hand brushed softly over my cheek. I relished in the tenderness, knowing that it wouldn't last long. The next instant his lips crashed onto mine. He pinned me against the door with a hand on either side of my head as his tongue forced entrance into my mouth. Before I knew it he had a hand on each of my buttcheeks and was carrying me over to the bed. His uniform was down to his waist before he landed on top of me attacking my neck with his teeth. A silent moan escaped my mouth. He lifted my shirt and kissed the exposed skin of my abdomen watching my face carefully, waiting for my ok. He was eager and as soon as there was a hint of a smile on my lips he ripped my pants and my underwear down to my ankles. He pulled my shirt over my head and rolled us over so I was sitting on top of him. I pulled the remainder of his uniform off and then moved to his underwear. His briefs were barely holding him in. When I pulled them off 'the captain' was at full attention. Steve immediately had my hips and dropped me down onto his erect penis. Protection wasn't something we ever worried about, i had been barren since as long as i could remember. A sharp breath of cool air invaded my lungs. Normally I would've screamed but Steve enjoyed the silence and I knew better than to say anything. He had no problem lifting me up and forcing me down onto his cock. His grip was tight, almost tighter than usual. It had been a while since Steve and I had had the opportunity to spend some alone time together, and his rough movements were due to this. It wasn't long before his grip got incredibly tight on my hips, so tight that I knew there would be bruises in the morning. Steve was a sweet man, kind, considerate, and a true gentleman, until we got alone. In the bedroom he was rough, looking for one thing, and one thing only! Once it happened that things got a little too rough, I was uncomfortable, but there was no stopping him, he wanted release. Usually by breakfast the next morning he was back to his proper self. He was getting close now. I looked down at him, his eyes were closed, his face scrunched up into the most awkward position, it was comical, but I didn't laugh. I knew he was really close when he held me still a couple inches above him and took over the movements. His breathing was erratic, his movements were sloppy and his eyes were rolled so far back I couldn't see his pupils. Finally his lips parted and he pulled me down onto him so hard that I had to put my hands on his stomach to keep from falling over. A sharp pain ran through my left hip. He exploded inside me and I could feel his penis pulsing, forcing the semen out of his body and into mine. When his grip finally loosened I collapsed on his chest. My head was spinning and I felt numb. We stayed like that for some time before I rolled off of him and curled up with my back towards him. I quickly heard his breathing steady as he fell asleep, and it wasn't long after that that I joined him in dream land.

When I woke up in the morning something seemed wrong. Steve was no longer next to me in the bed, but often he wasn't in the morning. The sky outside was a deep grey, I thought it might be very early still but when I looked at the small clock next to the bed it read 11:34AM. I stood up and wrapped the light sheet around my still naked body heading for the window. The sky was clouded and it looked, almost, angry.
"Grace! Grace!" I heard Pepper calling my name and in an instant she appeared in my room "Grace! There you are" she was out of breath, like she'd been running "the guys, and he's here, they went to...." She stood up straight "are you naked?"
It took me a second to catch up with everything she had said
"yes" I replied simply
"Steve?" She questioned
What Steve and I were was not something we discussed and so we told no one, but they were starting to catch on
I looked down at the carpet beneath my feet "ya"
"I knew it!" She crossed her arms "not the point! But we are not done this conversation...get dressed"
"Why? What's going on, it looks like terrible outside"
"It's Loki" she replied my eyes widened for a moment before I nodded and she left the room. I pulled on any clothes that I could grab. Pulling up my shorts I noticed a very obvious hand shaped bruise on my right hip. A tell tale mark from the activities of last night. It was sore, but this was no time to feel sorry for myself. It had been a long time since Loki had shown his face around here. Not that I had ever met Loki, but of course we all knew of what he could do. I went to meet Pepper in the kitchen but when I got there she wasn't alone. Nic Furry and Agent Coulsen were there as well. I knew something was really wrong if they were here.
"Then send out a unit, he'll do no good there like that!" Nic was yelling into a headset I moved to stand next to Pepper. Nic and Coulsen both nodded acknowledging my presence.
"Clint has been injured, were sending out a unit to go get him, they will be here shortly" I immediately filled with concern
"Miss. Potts would it be alright if I let my teams set up in the tower?" He asked
"Of course, whatever you need, just let us know" she replied taking my hand and squeezing it gently
"Any word on the others?" I asked sitting across from her
"No, we can only assume they're ok if they're not calling for help" she sighed "though what help could possibly be useful against Loki"
I placed my head in my palms and my mind went to Thor. The man had enough trouble, a god, the protector of the nine realms, and on top of that he had to constantly fight against his brother to protect people.
"Are you worried about Steve?" Pepper asked shaking me from my thoughts
I looked up at her and smiled "ya"
"Incoming wounded! I repeat! Incoming wounded!" Nic's voice filled the room through the tower intercom. Pepper and I immediately got up and ran for the elevator down to the 3rd floor where they were set up for Clint. By the time the elevator doors opened there were people everywhere. Pepper spotted Clint and dragged me over to him.
"Clint" Pepper whispered
He was covered in blood, it was obviously coming from his head. People surrounded us and ushered us away from him.
"Girls" Coulson called us from across the room. We walked over to where he was standing
"Steve!" Pepper looked back at Coulson "where's Tony!?" She screamed
"He's....he's still out there" Steve answered coughing
"What happened?" I asked bending over to look at him
"Oh" he tried to smile "just a little misunderstanding between friends" he was trying to play it off, I wasn't buying
"Friends?" Pepper asked
"It seems" Nic started, walking over "that Loki has, somehow, got control over Bruce" I looked from Nic to Steve
"You mean, Bruce did this to you?!" I asked out of pure disbelief
"Well technically it was the Hulk, but only because he caught me off guard" Oh Steve, he'd always have his pride
A woman in white walked over and took hold of Steve's hand on the other side of the bed. When she lifted it off the bed it became apparent that Steve's lower arm had been completely dislocated from his elbow up.
"Ah" Pepper covered her eyes looking away "Steve!!"
He chuckled. "We need to get started on this, the longer we wait the harder it's going to be" the woman in white looked over at us "I'm going to have to ask you to leave"
"Why don't you guys go wait upstairs, we'll send the boys up when they're done" Nic said leading us towards the elevator
"And you'll tell us if you hear anything!" Pepper clarified
"And we'll tell you if we hear anything" Nic repeated
Pepper and I went up to sit in front of the TV to watch a movie, maybe try to relax. We were halfway through a second movie before Steve appeared at the door. His right arm was held to his body with a sling and he was shirtless with only some jeans on.
He looked down at himself then at us "I couldn't get a shirt on" Pepper smiled
"that's the least of our problems right now" she motioned for him to come sit between us on the couch.
After the third movie I was getting impatient and so when Pepper went to put in another movie I stood up and headed for the stairs.
"You ok?" Steve asked
"Ya" I replied in a kind of a daze "just need to take a walk"
I opened the door to the stairwell and started walking up. I didn't really know where I was going, I just kept walking up and up. When I reached the top of the tower I opened the door to a blinding light. I closed my eyes but when I opened them again the light was gone. It was dark. With a thud two dark figures landed on the roof.
"Tony?" I asked as the dust cleared
"Grace?" He asked "get the door" his voice was commanding and it worried me
I turned around and immediately flung the door open and held it. When I stepped inside and in the elevator with them it started to lurch downward. When my head cleared enough from the adrenaline of the moment I turned around and Tony, who I suspected, looked back at me. When I didn't expect was that the other figure in the dark had been Thor, and he obviously wasn't able to hold his own weight.
"What happened?" I asked, the adrenaline rushing back into my body
"He's alright, he just needs some medical attention" Tony replied, obviously trying to keep me calm.
Thor, who tried very hard to crack a smile as to sooth my worrying, had his arm wrapped around himself in a very awkward way. When I went to move it he tensed, but after seeing my scolding glare he let me reposition his arm. On his torso, just a couple ribs from the bottom there was the largest cut I had ever seen. It must have been 8 or 10 inches wide. The thing that worried me the most was how deep the cut was. A couple of his ribs were definitely visible and it must have dug in another inch past them. While I was inspecting the wound the ding from the elevator sounded and we had arrived on the floor where they had set up a medical crew. Looking over to the right corner Clint was obviously through with any procedure they had to do, and Nat was at his side holding his hand.
"Hey Doc!" Tonys voice commanded the attention of who I assumed was the doctor. As he rushed over Thor collapsed, completely unconscious.
"Let's get this man on a table, now!" The Doctor yelled for his nurses I stood completely still, shell shocked. They rolled a gurney over and Tony helped them lift Thor onto it. Next thing I knew they took him and disappeared behind a curtain.
Tony quickly had me in his arms, carrying me back onto the elevator. I didn't resist, I didn't cry, I just laid there, in his arms. The next thing I remember is Tony setting me next to Pepper on the couch.
"Is she ok?" Steve asked rushing over to me
"I think so, a little shocked is all" he replied pulling his helmet off "I need to get out of this suit" Pepper got up to follow him
"Steve, will you stay with her?" He nodded taking my hand in his. They disappeared.
"Grace?" He said my name softly "hey, you" he tried again "are you ok?"
I wanted to answer, inside I was screaming, but I couldn't seem to form any words with my lips. I couldn't move, my limbs were frozen, dead, and the TV in front of me, that was now off, seemed to be the only thing my eyes would look at. I don't know how long Steve tried to talk to me, I don't know how long he was there, I didn't even know how long I had been there. When my body finally caught up with the speed of my mind I glanced around the room. I was alone, there was the faintest bit of light coming from the windows as the sun threatened to rise. I felt a tear slip down my cheek and before I knew it i was outright crying. I pulled my knees up to my chest, not even trying to wipe away the steady streams of tears. I mustered enough strength to knock myself over to lay on the couch in the fetal position. I had never seen them come back so battered, so bruised. And while I tried to convince myself that that's why I was so upset I knew it wasn't true. It was Thor. That was the real source of my tears. I had never seen him so injured and so weak. When he fell to the floor I didn't know what to do. It's then that it hit me that I didn't even know if he was ok...if he was alive. Somewhere in the middle of the waterfalls pouring out my eyes I fell asleep.


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