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The (not so) Ideal Situation


I swear I had only closed my eyes for a second when they opened slowly to an image so blurred I couldn't even tell what it was.
"....todn wokn hwat penhpde" the voice belonged to Tony, but the words were incomprehensible
My eyes opened, just a bit, once again to another blurred image. There were moving figures but I couldn't make them out.
"si esh ok?" My eyes closed again.
"I khint so" the words started to make sense. My eyes tried once again and, though it was still a blur, as my vision started to focus it looked like there were less and less people in the room.
"uodlc I veah a eimunt alone?" There was some shuffling as my eyelids closed again, and then it was silent. I thought I had fallen back to sleep but something tickled the side of my face. Willing my eyes to open one last time I quickly made out the features of a face. I blinked trying to further clear my vision and as I did so I found the the figure was a man, and not just any man. This man had a strong jaw, longer blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. It was Thor, and he was looking right back at me. I flung my arms around his neck and his body vibrated as he chuckled.
"Are you alright?" He asked, his voice large as ever I nodded, my head resting on his shoulder.
"Everyone was worried about you"
"I was worried about you" I responded I pulled my head back to look at him. He placed his palm on the side of my face
"I hope you did not worry for me too much?" He asked, concern laced in his voice I looked down at the bandage wrapped around his chest, touching it lightly
"Are you alright?" I asked, seeing the faintest tinge of red starting to peek through the bandage material
"Yes" he smiled playing it off "just a minor scratch"
"Thor" I warned "I saw you in the elevator that was more than just a minor scratch, what happened out there?" My eyes searched his for a while before he sighed giving into telling me the truth.
"It was Loki" he looked down at the floor where he was kneeling "I don't know what has gotten into him, he almost enjoys fighting with me!" I sighed
"that still doesn't answer my question, what happened?" He looked up at me
"I don't know" he sighed "one minute we were arguing with our words, but he came ready to fight and before I knew it it was an all-out brawl" he looked passed me through the window "he was out for blood, the cut came from his septor, he intended to kill me"
My eyes widened slightly "but he's your brother" He nodded
"That he is, and he knows how much it pains me to fight with him"
"Then don't" I offered
"It doesn't work like that" he replied angrily "if I don't take the brunt of his force he uses it to destroy Midguard. I am sworn to protect the nine realms, at whatever cost" It was silent for a few minuets before I could say anything
"are you going to be ok?"
"from the cut? Yes, the nurses worry...but I do not. As far as Loki goes? he will continue, I fear, until one of us is dead"
I looked down at my hands "I'm sorry" the words left my lips as a whisper I felt the tension in the room drop as he calmed from the conversation. I had my face in my palms but I could tell he was walking back towards the couch from where he was pacing.
"Fear not" his voice was light as he lifted my face with his finger under my chin "he will not succeed"
"...but at what cost?" I asked slipping my hand to run softly over a small cut on his eyebrow
"No cost would be to great to protect this realm" he leaned into my touch I placed my other hand on the other side of his face holding him gently
"That" I started, a small smile tugging on my lips "is your opinion" He leaned forward from where he knelt in front of the couch, placing his palm on the couch next to me to balance himself
"...and what is your opinion?" He asked moving closer I searched his blue eyes, bright with hope.
"That nothing is worth your life" I said it slowly, knowing the emotion I was causing inside of him. I could feel his breath on my lips, getting warmer and coming closer. My eyes fluttered shut, enjoying his closeness. His hand moved from the couch and rested on my hip. The feeling was familiar and it wasn't until the very last moment that I thought of Steve. My eyes snapped open and I pulled back a bit. Sensing my hesitation Thor immediately stopped his movements.
"I am sorry" he pulled back, standing up
"No, I just..."
"Steve" he finished my thought I nodded slowly "Then you are together now?" He asked
"Well...no, I mean, not officially" I stumbled on my words
"Then be with me" he raced back to my side I was taken aback, we both knew of our feelings for the other but we had never really acted on them. Steve also knew of our feelings, but would never make anything between us official. Thor and I simply shared some time together, a stolen kiss, maybe a few single nights together tangled in the sheets. But nothing serious.
"What do you mean?!" My voice cracked slightly He took my hands in his
"be with me, let me hold you, let me love you" he proposed, his voice pleading
"Thor, you know...."
"I know" he cut me off "it would be difficult..." his fingers ran through his hair
"You live in another world, you're a god, you have duties" I counted off, this time interrupting him
He sighed, his shoulders slumping "I understand, however this does not alter my feelings"
"...or mine" I agreed walking over to him falling into his embrace
"Be with me, just tonight...I must return to Asguard in the morning" he whispered in my ear I nodded slowly
"we can't" His finger brushed my cheek as he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, followed closely with his lips. He softly kissed my cheek moving towards my ear
"at least lay with me, if you want no more I will not force you" he whispered I took his hand and nodded yes.
Thor was a good man, his intentions were pure and his word was good. If he said he wouldn't force me then I knew he wouldn't. We are very close and I didn't think anything of spending the night next to him. With my hand in his he guided me to his room. Once we were safely behind the door he removed his white t-shirt. He offered it to me to sleep in. I pulled the shirt on over my head and removed my top and bra from underneath. The shirt was long enough that I removed my pants and got comfortable on the bed. He undid the button on his jeans and grunted in pain as he bent over to push them down. He was quickly next to me on the comfortable bed. I turned on my side to face him
"Is it sore?" He turned also, we propped our heads up with our elbows
"Nothing I cannot handle" he smiled
I groaned "stop being so macho"
"Macho?" He questioned
"It's not a bad thing if it hurts, it doesn't make you any weaker" I replied
"I am fine, you worry too much" he reached his hand up to caress my face I sighed
"I wish this wasn't so hard"
"As do I" I scooted over closer to him and rested my head next to his elbow
He looked down at me and I smiled. I watched as he smiled back, his soft lips turning up into a small curve. He saw me watching him and taking advantage of my distraction leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. It was quick, he didn't want to push his luck, but it was too late, I was hooked. As he slowly pulled back I put both of my hands on his face and pulled him in for another kiss. He took only a brief second to get back into it. The heat was rising and I knew that denying the desire I had at the moment would do no good. He pulled back and smiled once again. He rolled onto his back, in the middle of the bed, and motioned for me to get on top of him. I put a leg on either side of him and sat on his stomach. My hair fell around my face. My knee brushed against the bandage around his torso and I flinched.
"Oh my gosh" my eyes widened "I'm sorry" I touched the area softly He chuckled, his laughter moving his body and mine with it.
"Fear not my love" his hand found mine on the bandage "the pain lessens at each passing moment I am with you" I sighed leaning down and kissing him quickly.
My long hair fell around us as he pulled me back. I rested my full weight on his body as our lips toyed with each others slowly. His hands roamed my body, his movements slow and thoughtful. I could've stayed like that forever, his arms around me, our lazy kisses. He would stop every few minuets and just check, without words, that I was still comfortable. I would smile and run my hand through his hair, loving his concern for me. When I kissed him again his hand made it's way into my hair. Pushing lightly on the back of my head as he snaked his tongue over my lips. There was a sensation between my legs as I smiled into the kiss and parted my lips. His hands played with the waist band of my pants and I could feel a bit of a playful side kick in. I placed my hand on his chest and then let it roam. I followed his muscle down his arm and when I reached his wrist he laced his fingers with mine, holding on tight. Our tongues were battling and he kept his hand on the back of my head in case I tried to move. I let go of his hand and slipped mine In between us. Reaching down his thigh, then back up on the inner side. I repeated my movements several times before he broke our kiss breathing heavily
"You are going to drive me mad with those hands" he huffed, trying to catch his breath I smiled and sat up again on top of him.
"What can I say" I placed my hand behind me onto his thigh once again "you bring out the best in me" and with that I let my fingers, very lightly, slip over the bulge in his boxers
"Mmm" his eyes closed slowly and he softly ran his hand up and down my own thighs.
Enjoying the power I had over him I continued my movements as I adjusted myself, settling in between his legs. His eyes remained shut but he lifted himself to help me remove the fabric of his underwear, leaving him naked in front of me. I looked him over, they do call them gods for a reason. He was perfect, he always had been. I cursed Asguard for having such a perfect man, and for being so far away from Earth. His penis, a gods penis in every way, stood incredibly hard. My mouth, subconsciously watered. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and he let out a breath as if he had been holding it in. Pulling up lightly a small drop of liquid appeared at the tip. I leaned forward and slid the tip of my tongue over the slit of his cock.
"Ugrah" the sound that left his lips was deep I let my lips slide part of the way down his shaft and instantly felt his hands tangle in my hair, egging me on.
"Mmm" this time the sound came from me, the moan vibrating on my lips.
I let him push my lips further onto him, enjoying the feeling of his throbbing member in my mouth. I only pumped my lips up and down a couple of times before I let him fall out of my mouth with a pop. I crawled back onto his torso and he opened his eyes. The blue in them sparkled. He sat up and took my lips with his. He placed his hands on my knees and slowly pushed them up to my shoulders, taking the t-shirt with him. I kissed him, in nothing but my underwear, as his cock throbbed between my legs. He bit my lip playfully. Taking hold of my hips I, involuntarily, winced. He pulled away concerned before he looked between us at the large bruise on my hip.
"who caused this?" He was angry
"Thor" I smiled "it's ok, it's no big deal"
"Who caused this?" He repeated, the anger unfaltering
"It was an accident, nobody meant for it to happen" I pushed his hair away from his face His eyebrows furrowed as I tried to calm him, and then he worked it out
"Steve" it wasn't a question, he knew "I will kill him" he balled his fist I took his hand in mine
"shh" I soothed "no you won't, it was an accident, he didn't mean to"
"He should be more careful" he lovingly traced the bruise "you are mortal, delicate" I smiled at his words.
He nudged my shoulder slightly and I laid down on my back. He softly brushed his lips over the bruise, being extra careful not to hurt me. One of his big hands caressed the area Steve had been so hard on and the other fiddled with the hem of my panties. I closed my eyes and relaxed at his touch. Thor was a special kind of man, one that could squish most humans like bugs with only one hand, but he could be the gentlest person when he wanted to be. Those big hands could rule, kill, and caress all with the same focus and attention he gave everything he was passionate about. I smiled as he finally hooked a finger under the material of my panties and worked to pull them down my legs. He discarded them on the floor and focused his kisses to the inside of my thigh. He's started off softly, but the closer he got to my centre the more sloppy and heated the kisses became. He ran a single finger from the top of my folds to the bottom.
"Ahh" I sighed
He replaced his finger with his tongue and repeated the motion. My hands quickly laced themselves into his hair. He grabbed my knees and pushed them apart opening myself to him. Slipping his tongue into my opening he snaked his hands under my thighs and back around, taking total control of the angle and position of my hips. I didn't complain, he knew what he was doing. His thumb found my clit as he sucked on me
"Thor" his name fell from my lips He pulled back and looked up at me. I smiled and he let go of my hips and crawled up to me "You called?" He questioned playfully as he bit softly on my bottom lip
"Mmm" it was the only response I could manage as I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer.
The tip of his cock slid easily over my wet pussy and he moved his hips, desperate for friction. As he slowly lifted his hips once again he pushed forward and he slid into me ever so slightly
"Thor" I whined smiling
He moved a piece of my hair "yes, my love?" I planted my feet on the bed and pushed my hips up to meet his, forcing his penis all the way into me
"Uaa" his forehead dropped to mine as a result of the unexpected movement.
I wrapped my legs around his hips, holding him as close as I could. He lifted his forehead from mine and started on my neck. Kissing up and down all the way to my shoulder where he bit softly. I closed my eyes loving every part of the moment. I took a deep breath and just as I did he slowly started to rock his hips. The pit of my stomach sucked inward, excited at the feeling. Each time he gently rocked into me I could feel my walls stretch, in the most delicious way. I could feel my wetness sliding around his cock, the excess dripping between my legs. He pulled all the way out of me and sat up on his knees. Taking my ankles in his hand he placed them on his shoulders before guiding his penis back into my pussy at a new angle. Slamming back in I felt pressure on a spot I'd never felt before. The feeling was odd, I couldn't tell if it was good or bad. He, unaware of my internal conflict, kept fucking me. Hitting the spot several more times I started to feel a twist forming in my stomach and very quickly after that it started to feel very good. My eyes shut and I reached for him. I felt one of his hands grasp mine and I held on for dear life. He squeezed my hand back with equal force letting me know how good he was feeling as well. My mouth opened, not a sound escaped, I couldnt even form a moan. His unfaltering pace was driving me mad.
"Ahhh" he roared as I crossed my ankles behind his head, tightening my pussy on his cock He slowed his pace, but only to pound into me harder. As he hit the spot again a small squeak left my mouth
"Oh" he hit it again "Ohhhhh" he did it again. I opened my eyes slowly making eye contact with him He knew what he was doing and slammed into me a third time
"Thor" my eyes whipped shut as I screamed his name Suddenly there was a cold breeze on my core.
He had pulled out and was now hovering over me. I took his lips with mine and spread my legs as far as I could. Slipping his penis back into me I, again, wrapped my legs around him. "Mmm, Grace" his moan but a whisper When he started thrusting again his movements were fast. He was ready, and so was I. The force and speed at which he was fucking me made anything but the feeling in my stomach and the sounds of our moans incomprehensible.
"Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh" a moan for every thrust, they were involuntary and it's like he was pushing the sounds out of me.
"Oh god" he was loosing it. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into my neck. I tightened my legs around his hips. My muscles started to spasm "
Oooooahhhhhh" I felt him cum, hard, inside of me just as my spasms took full control. He moved any way he could. Up, down, left, right
"Thor" his name fell from my lips as we rode our orgasms out together. Willing them to last forever.
I continuously felt my pussy tighten around his cock, milking all of the cum from him. I don't know how long it had been when he finally collapsed on top of me. My eyes were tired but I loved his full weight on top of me. I reached up and held his head to my chest as he regained his breathing. Once he had he propped himself up on his elbows over me and smiled
"Every time I am with you I think it can not get better, but every time it does" he kissed me lightly I took a deep breath
"mmm" I still couldn't form words He sat up, pulling me up with him so that I sat on his legs as he sat on his knees.
My legs were wrapped around his waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck, putting my head on his chest. He put one hand on the small of my back to hold me in place and grabbed the blanket with the other. Pulling it around behind me he wrapped us in it. Then with one fluid motion he was on his back and I was between his legs, my head resting comfortably on his chest. The blanket surrounded us, keeping us warm. In my daze I looked up at him. He looked back at me with the same soft tired eyes I was sure I had. He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.
"I love you" I sighed
"I love you too" his words filled my ears as I fell asleep


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