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The (not so) Ideal Situation


I laid on the bed energy-less. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I was starving, having not eaten for days, and I was feeling absolutely sick. I forced myself to sit up and keep my eyes open. I stood up and immediately fell to the floor. I was so weak. I pushed on the floor with all my mite and got myself standing up again. I slid my feet on the floor, not being able to lift them, and made it to the clear wall. I rested against it, and each time I move it would sparkle in gold where I had touched. I looked down the long hall, as far as I could see, at the other of Loki's prisoners. All of which looked in better shape than me. I balled my fist and hit the wall with it. It was a pathetic attempt to get someone, anyone's attention. I did it again, but when my fist hit and the gold sparkled I fell and lost consciousness.
I woke up to a beautiful high ceiling with murals and trimmed in gold. I smiled and closed my eyes again, comfortable with the position I was in. There was some movement near by, but I didn't even care to look what it was. I smiled.
"Well look at you" I heard his voice and felt someone sit next to me on the bed I opened my eyes slowly, hoping it wasn't who I thought it was. However, when I opened my eyes there he was. With his long wavy black hair and his leather armour he sat next to me. I pushed myself away and tried to get up out of the bed but it was like there was a wall, I couldn't get away.
"Now mortal, you mustn't tire yourself, you must rest"
"What happened? What did you do to me?" I rubbed my eyes
"It seems that mortals are not as resilient as Asguardians. It appears you went to long without food."
"I thought that was the point" I sat back against the pillows and realized that I was in some sort of silk nightgown. My eyes widened as I looked from it to him
"I never intended to cause you harm. When I was told of your condition I had my maids bring you up here. They changed and watched over you until you woke"
I sighed "...that's almost nice" I furrowed my eyebrows
He stood and headed for the door "yes well, maybe you shouldn't believe everything my brother tells you" A maid came into the room as Loki left
"Why don't we get you dressed and you can get some food into that body?" She asked I nodded
The maid had taken me into a huge closet and dressed me in a long blue dress. It wasn't the most comfortable thing I had worn, but at least it was clean. I was now headed to wherever the food was. The maid opened a door for me and inside was a very large table covered in food. I walked in and she shut the door behind me. The right and back side of the room were open to the outdoors. I climbed three steps and, going past some columns, walked to the stone railing. The view was breathtaking. Golden buildings, blue sky's, the water was so clear I couldn't believe it. There was a rainbow coloured bridge and at the end of it was what I assumed was that bifrost. "What do you think of our quaint little world?" Loki appeared beside me "Uh..." It didn't seem like he was out to get me, but I was still hesitant "it's uh...it's beautiful" I looked back out at the view "Yes, it is a sight to behold" he turned to me "come. eat." He lead me back to the table and offered me a seat. I sat down next to where he was and took some food. I filled my plate and began to shovel it into my mouth "Careful" Loki placed his hand over mine, stopping me "you will make yourself sick if you continue to eat like that" He retrieved his hand and I looked at him. Looking back at me I almost thought he smiled, but it couldn't have been. I was quite happy to get some food into me, and my stomach was very thankful. I sighed "thank you" He turned to look at me and raised an eyebrow "For the food, thank you, and for not letting me...die" I smiled and looked down at my hands He chewed the last of the food in his mouth "you're welcome" he rose from his seat and offered me his arm. I took it and he led us down the halls and back to the large room I had woken up in earlier. We entered and he dismissed the maids, closing the door behind them. I looked out a tall window at the star covered sky. A moon shone brightly in the night. "As a child" his voice was close, right behind me "my father would tell me that the stars were the smiles of all the kings in Valhala" I turned "what's Valhala? I've heard Thor speak of it as well" I headed towards the bed He watched me move "it is where all the great warriors go at the end of their life, my grandfather Bor being one of them" his eyes sparkled at the mention of his grandfather...a familiar sparkle. The blue of his eyes picking up the moonlight. He sat next to me on the bed. "He was a wonderful man" the corner of his mouth turned up into the most sincere grin. Something that I had also seen before, on the lips of his brother. My head tilted to the side slightly and I squinted my eyes. Thor and Loki may have been the two most different people in history, and yet, there were many similarities. He leaned in closer, but I was too distracted with the thought of Thor to notice. I closed my eyes and the feeling of cool lips on my own became apparent. When I pulled away I had tricked myself into fully believing Thor would be in front of me. But of course he wasn't, it was Loki. My hand flew to my mouth. "I am starting to understand what my brother see's in you" he leaned in again but I sprang from the bed "No Loki" "Oh, but I think yes" he stood I ran for the door but when I got there it was locked, I couldn't do anything to get it open. All of the sudden it felt as if my hands and feet were bound, and I was quickly flying across the room and onto the bed. I watched Loki as he gestured with his hands and my hands were flung to the bedposts and I was unable to move them. Next my feet were spread apart and some invisible force held them in place. Realizing what was going on my jaw dropped "Loki, no" I begged as he slowly walked towards the bed. He climbed on and placed himself between my legs "Loki, please" It was no use, he removed his armour and boots, tossing them aside onto the floor. He looked up at me, any trace of kindness gone from his eyes. Placing a hand on my leg he pushed up the bottom of my dress. He reached the neckline and quickly ripped the dress down the middle. There I lay, helplessly in my bra and underwear, in front of him as he fiendishly looked me over. Pulling his green top over his head he licked his lips. For me to call him ugly would've been untrue. But he made it hard to appreciate how good he looked at the present situation. He leaned down and pressed his lips against my stomach. Slowly he worked his way up, kissing between my covered breasts. "You don't have to do this" I whispered, a tear rolling down my cheek "Oh I know, but I want to" he chuckled and kissed my lips. I tried to pull away but I was stuck. He snapped his fingers and all of the sudden I was naked. I don't know how or where my bra and underwear went, but they were gone. He sat back up on his knees and looked over the newly exposed flesh. I could see his pants getting tight and it stirred an instinctive pleasure in the pit of my stomach. I willed the feeling to go away, I didn't want to do this. But I couldn't, my body was acting separately from my brain. He smiled and hovered over me before he took my left nipple into his wet mouth "O" if I could've slapped myself I would've, any noise I made would only spur him on, but I couldn't help it He looked up at me and smiled "i see, your body betrays your mind, is that what it is?" I looked up at his eyes as he hovered right over me, only a few inches away "Very much so" I responded through my clenched jaw "Really?" "Yes, really" I yelled He sat back on his knees "but why, why not enjoy yourself, let your body have control. You are obviously attracted to me" he said motioning to my quite wet pussy. "Is it your devotion to my brother? Because I had the impression that you were also fucking the patriotic prick" he spat the words out with anger My jaw dropped slightly "What's one more to the pot?" "You have no idea what the situation is!!" I yelled in response "What's there to understand, you have the captain for fun and when you get bored you board the god of thunder" I didn't have a response "I can be your best lover yet" and with that he ran a single finger over my wet folds. "You do seem to like me" he smiled "No, my body likes you, because you're male, I however quite hate you" "Well, what a coincidence, my body likes you too" he replied reaching down and rubbing the bulge in his pants. He dipped his head down and very lightly licked my pussy. My insides clenched. He stood from the bed and removed his pants and underwear. His penis stood erect in the dim room. Once again my pussy ached from him. Frustrated I closed my eyes, willing my body to relax. I wouldn't fight him, that would only make it worse, but I wouldn't help him either. It seemed clear that I had no way out of this and so, if it was going to happen I would be completely limp. Keeping my eyes closed he crawled back onto the bed and hovered over me. "What's the matter creature, afraid you can't handle a real man, a real god" he whispered in my ear My jaw clenched but I took a few deep breaths to calm my anger "Thor is twice the man, and god, that you will ever be" I replied calmly With that he attacked my neck with his lips. Starting right below my ear he travelled all the way down to my shoulder. His movements were quick, but very intentional. He bit down on the nape of my neck and I inhaled sharply. I could here his soft chuckle. Working downwards he took my nipple into his mouth and used a hand to play with the other. His tongue was fluent moving over the hard nub. Switching sides my nipple perked even more from to cool air hitting the wetness he left. He bit roughly and I let out a yelp. He licked me all the way down to my pussy and then paused. I didn't open my eyes but soon enough he made his presence aware once again. Blowing softly on my wet pussy I felt it throb, but before I could even grasp the feeling his mouth was on my clit. Sucking it so hard I nearly cried. It was painful, but beneath the pain I was fighting the sensation to call out his name. He shoved a finger up inside of me and started feeling around. He lifted his other hand up and started to twist my nipple. All these sensations at once was killing me. I just wanted to grab his cock and shove it in my pussy. I was loosing control. His teeth grazed over my clit and I lost it. "Loki" I held back as best I could, containing the noise to a low whisper. I had hoped he hadn't heard me. All of the sudden he stopped, I prayed he wouldn't say anything and he didn't. He went back to his work, I didn't dare open my eyes to see if he had that stupid smug grin on his face. He added two fingers into my opening and I involuntarily clenched around them. At that moment he stopped everything he was doing. I felt the bed move as he adjusted himself and quickly felt his breath on my ear. "Doesn't my name just fall from your mouth so delicately?" He whispered "do not worry, I will not tell my brother...not yet anyways" "Mmm" I held my lips closed but couldn't stop the moan as he completely shoved himself into me. His length reached an area that I had rarely felt before. The feeling sparked dirty thoughts in my mind, I tried to think of other things but I couldn't. He pulled out of me and then shoved all the way back in again. Oh what it would be like to ride him, so fast, so hard. "Mmm" I cursed myself internally for letting my thoughts get away from me and for moaning once again. He started to pump into me at a rough pace. "It is ok" he whispered in my ear, out of breath "let yourself go" his voice was melodic, soothing "enjoy yourself for a moment" From then on it was like an out of body experience. I clenched my walls around his stiff cock and he grunted, the noise causing me to clench once more. It was like I wasn't in my body. Like I was standing beside the bed watching him fuck me. The sweat starting to form on his toned back. My eyes closed but my mouth agape while I was spread on the bed. "Oh" I cried, and it was almost just that. I felt so much pleasure, and at that precise instance I didn't care. Hitting a sweet spot my body convulsed, as much as it could while I was restrained. I dug my hips into the bed and closed my walls around him as tightly as I could. He moaned and I could feel the restraint on my arms and legs becoming looser as he lost concentration and his thoughts were with his oncoming orgasm. If I had been any kind of smart I would've ran away right there, but I was still outside my body. I was acting on instinct alone. "Loki" I took a breath "Loki" I was completely out of breath but the only sound that seemed to leave my mouth was his name. His movements were becoming so erratic that I'm sure he was experiencing the same out of body experience that I was. "OH" I pushed my body up as far as I could to meet his, holding his cock inside of me. He made one last thrust, pushing me back against the bed as I came, convulsing around him, before he came inside of me. I wanted to move, to wrap my whole being around him but despite his depletion of concentration on my restraint, he had kept enough of it that I couldn't move more than a few inches. He rolled off of me onto his back, breathing heavily. I turned to look at him, hoping he would let me go. Even if my body had enjoyed the interaction we had just had my mind, and my heart, didn't. Loki had raped me, and I felt absolutely disgusting. Before I had time to turn my head the doors to the room had burst open. There, rage radiating off of him, stood the one and only Thor. "LOKI!" He spat his name As he saw his brother, naked on the bed, I saw a split second of pure confusion as he put the pieces together. As if he hadn't seen me yet he looked over at me, still sprawled out on the bed, still naked. His eyes widened and I swear I could see the very fire of hell itself in his eyes. Loki snapped his finger and was fully clothed again. Thor rushed from his place at the door and had Loki off the bed and on the floor in a matter of seconds. I felt Loki's restraint on me falter and I immediately grabbed one of the sheets to cover myself "Are you ready to die, brother?" A dark chuckle erupted from Thor as he held Loki down with one hand around his neck and the other in the air with Mijlnor, ready to strike. Loki was about to open his mouth to say something snide, even though he could hardly breath under Thor's grasp. I cut him off before he could do more damage "Thor" my voice came out weaker than I had expected He clenched his jaw, looked up to his friends, Sif, Hogan, Fandral and Volstagg, who were standing at the door, and nodded before letting go of his brother and standing to turn to me. They rushed over and held down Loki. Thor turned to me and his eyes immediately softened. "Grace..." He offered his hand and I took it, standing up and making sure the sheet stayed wrapped around me. He engulfed me in his arms. "I came as soon as I could" he looked down at me "Tony and Bruce worked tirelessly but we were not able to do anything until Fandrall was able to unfreeze Heimdall". He picked me up in his arms, like a bride, as Sif and the others took Loki out of the room. With me in his arms Thor walked out onto the balcony of the room "Hold on" he whispered. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we were in the air. We were flying. The air whipped my hair around. We flew away from the palace and the view was breath taking. The light from the moon shone on the golden spires and it lit up like a fairy tale. As the palace grew smaller and smaller behind us we landed on the most amazing bridge I had ever seen. It glowed and was coloured with all the colours of the rainbow. Still carrying me we entered a large golden sphere. There stood a man with a large sword. He nodded but said nothing. Thor stopped in front of a large door and nodded back to the man. Next thing I knew we were in the same tunnel of light and sound that Loki had forced me through. Somehow, in Thor's arms, it didn't seem as hard to get through. When we landed I knew immediately where I was, on the top of Stark tower. Thor set me down and grabbed my shoulders forcing me to face him. "Are you alright?" He asked quietly "Yes, I think so" I replied clinging onto the sheet "Loki has gone too far this time" the anger built in his voice "It's ok" I reached up to touch him "I'm ok" He leaned into my touch "I can not let him get to you again" he pulled me into his chest. He sighed "I must shut down the bifrost" "...but how will you get here then?" I asked "I will not be able to..." "But..." "It is the only way" "No, there has to be something else" "But there isn't, I am sorry my love" he put his hand on my cheek "it pains me so to do this. My life, with out you, will hardly be worth living." A tear formed in my eye "I will miss you more than you could ever know" I blinked and the tear rolled down my cheek. He immediately caught it with his thumb. "I will remember you always. And I do love you" he slowly placed his lips over mine. It felt as if the whole world was falling into a black hole, accept for us, on top of Stark tower, our bodies joined by our lips. It was a feeling I never wanted to let go of, but as quick as it came it was over. His lip turned up into a small smile as he stepped back and let his hand slip from my face "I am ready Heimdall" And with that he was gone, any evidence that he had ever been there went with him. I had never felt so alone.



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