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The Scintestes New Asstiant (~Bruce Banner/Hulk Love Story <3~)

Chapter~I'm working at Stark Tower!?! HOLY SHIT!!

(Warning: This Chapter might have swearing in it but you never know..)


Chapter 1~ I'm Working at Wait where?? Stark tower!! HOLY SHIT


Beep!! Beep!! Beep!! Beep!!

My loud Annoying alarm sounded making me toss and turn i hate my stupid alarm ringing in my damn ear! UGHH!!, i then heard my door creck open and in Crissie my best friend walked in the room "Hey Tessa! theres someone on the phone for you!" she squealed happily, i just kept on sleeping I Don't care whos on the phone! so i then threw a pillow at her making her close the door and heard her heels click at the sound of the woden floor "Oh!, shes getting a job at your company!" she squealed with happines, making my body burst out of the covers and heard their conversation "Oh my god! shes gonna love me for this! thank you Ms.Potts but shes asleep." she said quietly, i went and did my 'normal routine' like every other day brush teeth,shower and got my nicesest clothes on and went outside my room "here's the number that you have to call." she said, handing me a piece of papper, i looked up at her "whats this?" i asked her concerned, "You just have to call the number on the papper! do it! i think you'll be very happy." she said smiling happily strangly at me, i then looked at the papper and walked in the living room unfolding my papper into pieces and see the number i then walked were the phone was and picked it up and dialed the phone number on the papper and waited for the other line to pick up and they did "Hello?" i said quietly, "hello is this Tessa Brain?" a female voice said through the other line of the phone "Yes.." i said quietly, going in the kitchen and getting water from the freezer "this is Pepper Potts and i work at Stark Tower, and i just read your file and i'm highly impresed." Ms.Potts said, when i heard that she worked in Stark Tower i spit out all my water on the floor did she say Stark Tower or am i just going crazy? "I'm sorry but could you say that again?" i said, "This is Pepper Potts and i work at Stark tower and i just read your file and lets just say that im highly impressed with what your doing as a sicenetist and now is that true?" she asked, i couldn't speak is this for real?! "Hello? are you ther miss Tessa Brain?" she asked, and thats when a huge grin spreed across my face "y-y-yes im here." i said quietly, excitment surged through my whole body "good, because I'm letting you work with Mr.Stark and his sience partner, so get ready and get packed up because you might stay and if you had someone who lives with you could live in Stark Tower with the rest of the avengers if they don't mind." she murmered, my whole face was going crazy i was having a lot of thoughts in my mind the avengers and me HOLY SHIT!! seeing them up close!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT AHHHHHH!! Captain America,Hulk,Hawkeye,Black Widow,Ironman and Thor HOLY SHIT!! I'm Acutaly Working at Stark Tower!?! Holy Shit!!

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JenoWatina JenoWatina
@bruce banner
thank you!!
Please continue..
your really good :)
bruce banner bruce banner
Please continue..
your really good :)
bruce banner bruce banner