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Asgard was alive with movement and gossip. It was still just dawn as I sat by the river. Far from the city, on my own, I watched the river flow. The air was silent and I revelled in it. My thoughts so coherent in my mind I almost couldn't believe it. I needed them to be, after the discussion I had had with my mother and father that morning. As if on cue the winds started to whisper in my ears, disturbing my peacefulness. I was sure that the whole of Asgard had heard of my decision by now, and that there were more than a few people looking for me. I suppose I should've expected this though, when the princess breaks her engagement it's not likely to go unnoticed. I heard the sounds of breaking twigs and somebody making their way towards me. I turned and saw exactly who I was expecting, Sif. She was a wonderful tracker, something I couldn't really complain about as it had come in handy several times before.
"There you are" she declared heading towards me "what is going on?" she sat next to me by the river "last night everything is as it should be and this morning it's like all of the nine realms are out of place"
I chuckled, amused by how my decision could cause so much disarray
"What are you laughing about? I'm serious, what happened?"
I turned to her and my face became serious "I called it off, the whole thing"
"Well I know that, but why?"
I turned back to stare at the ever flowing water "...it wasn't right anymore"
"Anymore? Why? How?"
"Well, it was right, and now it's not" I replied
"But why?!" She was getting frustrated
"Things change, people change" I replied but her face told me that wasn't enough "the feelings that I had for Fandral, with all the parties and extravagance I guess I didn't notice, but they're not nearly as strong as they once were. I just had to take a step back to realize it"
"And you did that last night?"
she sighed "He's crushed"
"As am I, but I couldn't go through with it being unsure"
"I understand" she stood up to leave "I will let them know that you are alright, and you need some time to think"
"Thanks" I smiled and she walked away

I took the day to myself, staying far from the city and the palace. As the sun set and the sky turned dark I decided that I should head back. The palace was peaceful when I returned, the odd guard, but everyone else was asleep. I crept around, hopeful that no one would wake, until I got to my chambers. Opening and then shutting the door behind me I let out a sigh of relief that I didn't have to face anyone tonight. Heading over to my bed, in the dark, suddenly the soft light from my table flicked on. Startled I looked at the light and there, on my bed, was Loki. He looked at me with concern.
"There you are" he got up and headed for me
I chuckled a little "here I am"
"we must talk"
"...ok" I agreed
He headed back to my bed and I went into the closet. Returning back to the main room a few seconds later in my night clothes.
"I'm sorry, I am so sorry!" He blurted
"There's no need for that Loki"
"I did not mean for that to happen"
I sat down on the other side of the bed "What you did just woke me up, I thought I was happy, I wasn't" I replied
He turned to face me "I did not intend to kiss you"
"I know"
"It just happened and I regret it, well, no, I mean your wonderful and it was...but I didn't want this"
"Do not worry, this is no fault of yours, if I had really been that against it I would have stopped you" I explained
"So, you wanted to kiss me then?"
I sighed "…I don't know"
He grabbed my face and pressed his lips to mine. I, feeling less guilty than the last time we had kissed, relaxed against his lips. I reached up one hand and rested it on his shoulder. He placed his hand on the back of my neck, holding my lips to his as he worked at them.
"mm" the tiniest little moan escaped
I swiped my tongue over his bottom lip and he quickly let me have full control over his mouth. Control wasn't something Loki easily gave away. Control over himself was something I had never seen him let go of. We separated in dire need of oxygen. Breathing heavily we watched each other.
"Is this wrong?" I asked "you're my brother, but you're not, and I'm your sister, but I'm not..."
"No" he replied instantly, his hand cupped my cheek "there is nothing wrong, I call you sister because it's what our parents wanted, but my feelings for you have often been beyond that boundary"
"Often?” I asked “Since when?"
He hesitated "...a long while"
"And you didn't think that might be something you should tell me?" I was a little angry
"No! I didn't!" His voice was getting louder "You were with Fandral, you were engaged to be married and..." He got quieter again "and before the other night you had not even thought of me like that, but you did, I know you did last night" his voice turned to a whisper "I could feel it, you wanted it" he looked away
I blinked, speechless. Not only had he had feelings for me, but he was dead on. I hadn't ever thought of him that way, until we were in his room. Right before we kissed, I was thinking what it might be like. But how did he know that?
"How do you know that?"
"Because...sometimes I can just tell what other people are thinking" he looked away
"I don't know how, but you always have been able to" I mumbled
"Only with you" He replied
"But why me?" I snapped
"I don't know" he roared standing up "maybe because I wanted to know what was on your mind…maybe because I love you" he paused realizing what he had just said "shit" he ran his fingers through his hair, he was pissed
He turned to face me and I walked over to him taking his collar in my hands and forcing my lips onto his. The force pushed him back against the wall, taking me with him. He quickly had his hands on my hips and lowered one down to my knee, pulling my leg up and around his waist. He made quick work of the other one before turning us around and crushing me against the wall
I broke the kiss "I know" then I kissed him again "...somehow, I've always known" I pulled his face back to mine, biting on his lip softly but with urgency. He carried me over to the bed and landed on top if me, never breaking the kiss. I undid the clasps on his shoulders, throwing his cape to the ground. He pushed his hips into mine and I pulled my legs up to his waist again. Sweat was starting to form on my forehead.
"Oh" he sighed pulling back, he attached his lips to my neck "the gods of Valhala look down on me with mercy tonight"
"Mmm" I moaned as he sank his teeth into the base of my neck
"Thor can have the throne of Asgard, all I've ever really wanted is you" I put my hands on the back if his head urging him to continue on my neck. His black hair was damp with sweat
"Oh Loki" his words were sweet, the sweetest thing I'd ever heard, and my desire for him grew. But he was Asgardian, and, much like Fandral, I assumed this passion would lead to nothing.
"No, my love" he breathed in between kisses. He pulled back and used his hands to brush some stray hairs off my damp forehead. Looking down on me he continued "I care nothing for the rules of Asgard, if I am what you want then you shall have me" he looked back and forth from each of my eyes
My mouth hung open, how could he know my thoughts.
"I will give you whatever you want"
His lips were puffy and pink, his blue eyes sparkled in the moon light, his thumb lovingly caressed my cheek, he was perfect and, even if just for tonight, he was mine. I nodded and a slight smirk pulled the corner of his lip up before he kissed me again.
"Then have me, do with me as you will, I completely surrender myself to you." A genuine smile formed on his face
I bit my lip as an uncontrollable smile formed "completely?"
He looked at me playfully and rolled over onto his back spreading his arms. I sat on my elbows looking over at him.
"Completely" he repeated
The thought of having total control over a man that would barely let someone else lead a conversation made my fingertips tingle. I sat up and swung one of my knees over top of him, straddling his stomach. He pressed his eyes closed and his mouth dropped open silently. When he opened them to look at me his entire face broke into a smile
"I love it when you smile"
he chuckled, and then for the first time ever he smiled at me with his glimmering white teeth and I couldn't help but smile back. My body came alive with happiness
He looked up at me "When I am with you it's like all of the nine realms align perfectly, and the light shines through with the power of a million suns, warming the hearts of every living soul" his hands found mine and I squeezed them, trying to transfer all of the unexpected emotion that I was feeling. I, still holding his hands, brought them up above his head and leaned on them. Lowering my face down to his I took my time. Loki, sensing my hesitation did nothing to urge me forward, he simply waited patiently until I had the nerve to press my lips to his. Softly we maneuvered them until they fit together perfectly. At that instance Loki sighed as we continued to kiss. That sound, of desire, caused my all the warmth of my body to pool between my legs. I sat up again upon him
"Loki, have you ever...done this before?" I asked, my words shaky
"Yes…a few times, they were nothing but meaningless desires for release with women I don’t expect to ever see again"
I nodded, that was the answer I had expected
"Have you?" He asked
"Once" I trembled "months ago, with a man that worked for the palace. At first I thought it was a good idea, that it would be fun. But I changed my mind part way, he didn't listen..."
He put his hand on my waist "Nefie..."
"No" I stopped him smiling "it's alright, I'm ok, I wish I hadn't but it hasn't ruined my life."
"You are far too beautiful to let some palace worker touch you" he smiled
"But a prince is ok?" I challenged
he smiles "Indeed"
"Mmm" I pressed my lips to his pushing his hair off of his face. "What am I going to do with you?"
"I don't know” he bit his lip “but I'm excited to find out"
I reached for one of the front clips of his armour, it made a clanking sound as I undid it. Slowly undoing the other three he pulled it off and discarded it to the side. Left now in his green v-neck tunic I traced the edge on his skin with my finger. He took a staggered breath. I pulled myself off of his body for a brief moment, pushing the fabric up his torso, revealing his stomach and chest. His light skin was flawless and I brushed my fingertips from the top of his exposed torso to the defined muscles of his abdomen.
"This material is interrupting my fun" I smiled
He returned my smile and lifted his body slightly, removing the tunic completely. His arm were equally as toned as his chest and I ran my fingers along them as he closed his eyes and placed his hands on my hips. I stood on my knees and shuffled back a bit, lowering onto his crotch, where his pants were tight.
"Oh" he sighed and the contact
I, slowly tracing up and down the v of his waist, pulled on the string that was holding his leather pants on. The knot came out and I pulled the waist, loosening them a bit. His crotch twitched under me and this time I sighed at the feeling. I maneuvered myself to his feet and he lifted his body so I could remove his trousers. I took with them his underwear, rendering him completely naked. His penis stood tall, and I felt my mouth water. Unsure of how exactly things were supposed to go I lowered my mouth onto his cock. His eyes were still closed, and as I closed my lips around his tip he flinched and moaned
I bobbed my head down exploring the feeling of him pushing down my throat
"Oh" his fingers tangled in my hair and I took that as a sign to continue. Slowly I tasted more and more of him filling my mouth. And just as I was getting a rhythm down I stopped and sat up. He opened his eyes and looked at me
"Are you ever going to remove your clothes, or shall I?" He questioned
I wasn't sure I was ready for him to become an active part in this yet so I reached for the bottom of my night gown and pulled it over my head, leaving me in just my underwear. His eyes widened shamelessly staring at my breasts. I got off the bed and stood on the floor, dropping my panties to the ground.
"Oh Nefie" he whispered sitting up "you are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined"
He stood in front of me and offered his hand. I placed mine in his and he lowered his head to kiss it. I flung my arms around his neck and pulled his lips onto mine. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I could feel his erection between my legs. I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top of him, letting my wetness rest on his penis. I feverishly returned my lips to his, running my hand along his arms. He took the opportunity to explore my body, starting at my neck, down my back and onto my butt. He squeezed gently and I bucked my hips forward slightly
"Mmm" we moaned together, never breaking our kiss
Continuing he brought his hands between us and lightly brushed the pads of him thumbs over my stiff nipples.
"Oh" I pulled my lips from his to moan, my eyes never opening.
He continued and I had to put my hand on his shoulder to hold myself up.
He stopped and as I was about to look down at him his mouth wrapped around the erect nub
My elbow almost gave out "Loki" I pushed my other hand into his hair, holding him against my breast. I rocked my hips, his penis sliding easily against my wet folds.
I sat upright, pulling my nipple from his mouth with a pop. I pushed on his shoulders and he laid back, completely exposed to me. He watched me intently as I rose my hips and took his penis in my hand. Holding it I slowly lowered myself onto him. Loki rolled his head back, lifting his chest to the air with a moan. Lowering myself a couple of inches I fell forward, my hands on his chest holding me up. His hands flung to my hips urging me to lower my body the rest of the way. I did, but slowly. The pain was immense, not as bad as it had been the first time but sill almost unbearable. He opened his eyes and they locked with mine, he stopped trying to pull me down and instead helped hold me where I was. When I had him all the way inside of me he sat up, propped himself with one of his arms outstretched behind him, and used his other to pull my lips onto his. I wrapped my legs around his waist. With my mouth attached to his he flipped us over.
"Ahh" the small scream left my lips louder than I had intended.
He looked down at me and softly brushed my cheek, silently apologizing for the pain he was causing me. I left my legs around his waist and he began to move, very slowly, out of me. When he started to push back into me I moaned as I stretched
"Oh Loki"
He closed his eyes and dropped his forehead to mine
"Oh" he sighed relieved that the pain was subsiding "Nefie, not even the gods can make a man feel this good"
He slowly rocked his hips into mine.
With his left forearm resting above my head he used his other hand to grip my hip. He held on as he pumped in and out if me. I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and started to meet his slow thrusts with my own. His face twisted into a look of pleasure before he opened his eyes. My eyes met with his and we stared at each other as we moved. Not a single word was said. His eyebrows furrowed together as he concentrated on his movements. Our bodies were slick with sweat. The desire in my crotch was killing me and, lacing my fingers in his sweaty hair and pulling him down to kiss me, I pushed up to meet his hips as hard as I could
"Ahhh" he groaned as his forehead fell to my shoulder. Getting the idea he started to push into me harder and faster.
"Oh Loki, yes" I reassured him that he was doing the right thing. I fisted his hair in my hand and he bit onto my shoulder. Our bodies were slick and slid together with amazing friction. His movements were getting spastic and sloppy. He bit harder onto me as he moaned. He reached his hand down and toyed with my nipple
"Mmm" the moan was desperate, filling the hole room
"Oh, fuck" he let go of my shoulder and cursed as my walls clenched
"Nefie" he pinched my nipple once more and it felt as if a giant wave crashed over me
"Loki, ohh, yes" I moaned as I came around him and started to spasm
"Shit, ahhh" I felt him cum and he once again bit down on my shoulder. I clung to him for dear life as he shoved himself as hard as he could, into me.
When I regained control of my body he collapsed on top of me. Our breathing was laboured as our chests heaved. We stayed like that until our breathing normalized.
He propped himself up on his side and looked at me. He traced the light purple spot where his teeth had been
"I am sorry" he whispered softly kissing the area "I did not intend to be so rough"
I looked down at my shoulder "I like it" I pushed on his shoulder and he rolled onto his back, I then pulled myself up and looked down at him "I have been marked"
"Mmm" he smiled at the thought
I leaned down and kissed him, it was sloppy, lazy, we were both exhausted
I laid my head on the pillow facing him and he laid mirroring me. His fingers laced with mine as our foreheads fell together, and we fell asleep.



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