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Age of Ultron

Myth becomes True

The Avengers watched as a black mist came in through the window and landed on the floor, wiping up to reveal a girl. This girl had long, waist length black hair and icy blue eyes. She wore combat boots with jeans and a black top with a black jacket. She walked over to the bar and took a glass of mango juice from the punch area and poured some in a glass.

"Please tell me you're not just having the juice." Tony pleaded as if his life depended on it.
"Mr Stark, now is not the time for your stupidity. Please tell ME what happened here because it was clearly a threat to the world." The girl said, her voice thick with a Russian accent.
"You're Russian." Bruce stated.
"No, I'm English(!) Of course I'm Russian, what do you want? A medal?"
"No, I was just acknowledging your accent."
"Can someone answer my question? Today would be great."
"Ma'am, I'm Steve Ro-"
"*sighs* Yes, I know who you are, get on with the stro- Stroy? No, just no. I meant story. But, continue."
"*laughs* Tony and Bruce created something that could potentially be very dangerous."
"If you're Russian... and you just did that... are you who I think you are?" Tony asked.
"I'm a Russian necromancer." She shrugged.
"No, I mea-"
"You're Tallica Amasova... aren't you?" Natasha asked.
"Yes. Tony, *outstretches hand and files appear in a black mist* I stole these from your database. You can go through your father's files. But, yes. Mstiteli , ya Tallica Amasova , Rossii mif nekromant."
"She said, 'Avengers, I am Tallica Amasova, the Russian necromancer myth." Natasha translated.
"Chert voz'mi." Tallica sighed.
"In English." Tony asked.
"How does that feel?" Steve chuckled. Tony rolled his eyes.
"I said, 'fucking hell'!"
"Gosh darn it, watch your language." Tony said. Steve sighed.
"That's not going away anytime soon."


I'll start writing more in next chapter.


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