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Age of Ultron

Getting to Know Tallica

Tallica chuckled at the two men. Steve and Tony looked to her and started laughing which then got everyone laughing. Thor and his hearty, deep laugh. Bruce with his nervous one. Natasha with her feminine one. Steve with his old fashioned one. Tony with his Tony one. Clint and his Clint laugh and Tallica with her Russian one.

"Now then, gentlemen. And Natasha. What are we going to do about this thing the mad scientists created?" Tallica asked.
"His name is Ultron. His programmes are meant to tell him to save people and save the world. But-" Bruce began.
"But he could potentially destroy it instead." Tallica and Steve said in perfect unision.
"Wow. That was interesting." Tony stated. Steve sighed and gave him a look.
"Do you have a name?" Thor asked.
"Tallica Amasova."
"No, I meant- Tony is Iron Man, Steve is Captain Ameri-"
"Oh, no I don't."
"How about Black Death?" Tony asked.
"Necromancy, plague, black and awesomeness. Hell yes."
"So, what can you do?" Clint asked." What does your power allow you to do?"
"Bring back the dead, fire shadow spray that can either harm or kill, teleport, and lots of other stuff that I can't be asked to explain. Wait, there is one thing that you need to know. If my eyes and veins turn black, I could potentially kill you because I would be angry."
"I know how that feels." Bruce said.
"Do you turn into a black rage monster?" Tony asked.
"Tony." Steve warned.
"I'm being serious."
"My veins and eyes turn black." Tallica repeated.
"Oh, right."
"Anyway. What are we going to do about Ultron?"
"Good question."
"Yeah, your question."
"Oh... well... we need to shut him down."


I will add to this chapter later


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