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Aether Love (Loki x OC)


"Miss Montgomery, Mr. Stark has requested to see you." Jarvis said, waking me up a little bit. I was already awake but not fully. That groggy state in between asleep and awake. I got up and stretched a bit. My white hair was a tangled mess. I pushed it to one side and dug out all the knots in it. I changed into black shorts and a Iron Maiden shirt. I laughed when I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a zombie or vampire. I had natural snow white hair, paper white skin which you could see my purpley red veins through and a very slim boney figure. My cheek bones stuck out a tad and there was smudged black under my eyes. I washed off the after math of a smokey eye and replaced it with a suddle eye liner and a bit of foundation. Foundation was a bitch though since my skin was so pale, I had to mix the palest one they make with white face paint to get my color. I walked out of my room and head towards Tony's office. It was a fair bit of a hike since the stark tower was so big but I made it. "Hello Alice." He smiled wearing his normal attire. I had lived in the Stark tower for a fairly long time. 3 years maybe. I went down a dark road. I was into drugs,used to work at a gentlemen's club. Tony found me and helped get me back on my feet. "Hey Tony, what's up?" I smiled to him. "Not too much, just letting you know Natasha, Felicia, Steve, Clint and Bruce are going to be here any time." I nodded heading to the bar to pour myself some Jack's. I put ice in it and took a small sip. "So Fury is still trying to get me to join S.H.I.E.L.D." I laughed sarcastically. "What did you say?" Tony asked sounding more serious than I would have expected from him. "Hell to the no. It's great and everything but I prefer no rules. Well not quite but you know what I mean." He just shrugged his shoulders. Soon in came Felicia, followed by Natasha, Steve, Clint and Bruce. "Hello!" Felicia or as she is known to the public, Black Cat, cheered. "Hey girly!" I smiled giving her a huge. "How's my little Crimson kitten?" She teased pinching my cheeks. "Crimson Cat." I corrected. To the public I was known as Crimson Cat. I inherited powers from my older sister Felicia. Well we weren't technically related but she did help me get them. Other than the fact I drowned in a pool of blood. Literally. Radioactive blood. Plus when I was young I was exposed to the Aether which courses through my veins. Felicia more helped me deal with them. My powers were crimson cat like nails, which were deadly and fangs. My white hair turn into a bloody red. That's why they called me crimson cat. My true powers were mind reading, mind control and make anyone bleed whenever I wanted to. "Hey Nat." I gave her a warm hug as well. "Hey Alice." I pushed a white strand out of my eye as I gave the rest of the boys hugs of greeting. "So what's up?" I asked them, a tad confused why they were all here at the same time. "Well, another Asgardian has come here. One we have dealt with before." Steve said sternly, clearly not wanting to give me too much information as I wasn't the biggest fan of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Thor?" I asked with a bit of a laugh. "No another one." Natasha told me. "Oh okay." My stomach dropped. It was clear this information was new to Felicia as well. They really didn't tell her much. Felicia was a sneaky kitty. "So just in case he brings war to Earth we need as much power as we can get." Bruce added. I nodded. I took another sip of my drink when I heard a loud crash, glass break. "Hello Avengers." A british voice smirked. We all whipped our heads around to see a man in black and green Asgardian clothes, pale skin, and black hair. Emerald eyes you could not miss. Loki. "Alice?" He asked seeming shocked. "Loki..." I growled, getting into fighting position. "It's been a long time hasn't it. What 3 midgardian years?" I hissed, my vision tinting red, indicating my eyes turned red. "Not long enough." I growled, my blood boiling. "I'm confused. They know each other?" Steve looked to Tony who just shrugged, also confused. "The red eyes and hair are new." Loki chuckled. "Yeah it means I am about to beat the shit out of you." I laughed. "Really? You shouldn't speak that way to your master." I scoffed, disgusted. "What the hell is he talking about?" Felicia asked. "You used to be so submissive. " This time Loki laughed. This was what sent me over the edge. I charged at him, my claws out. I jumped, tackling him to the ground, but it was only a hologram. I shouted in frustration. "Well this is new." Loki multiplied into 20 Loki's. "You are much stronger than I remember. A sinister smile appeared on my face, knowing exactly what to do. I thought of Loki, made him bleed. It only worked on living things, I would be able to find him. One in the middle row's cheak began to drip blood. "Found you." I giggled kicking him across the room. Loki groaned, realising this was no longer silly and more so serious. He charged back at me, grabbed me by the throat and pinned me to the ground, which of course I let him. Cap lunged but I went into his head and told him I am fine. "See that's a good girl." Loki purred feeling powerful. What he didn't know is that this was all apart of my plan. In a swift motion a flipped us around so he was on his back and I was straddling his chest. My clawed hand around his throat. "Good boy." I spat. Loki looked completely and utterly shocked. "How does it feel?" I asked, digging my claws into his next, feeling the blood on my hands. Loki simpley just threw me off of him. I landed on my feet however and ran back, throwing a punch, which he slickly dodged. But not my high kick, which got him. "You beat me..." I punched him square in the head. "You broke me...." High kick to the head. "You abused me...." knee to the stomach. "And you made me think you loved me." I hissed, slapping him. "Aw someone's a little heart broken. You're a weak little submissive. " He spat back. "Weak? Bullshit. I submit to no one, especially not you. How does it feel to get beat by your slave?" I chuckled, clawing his throat and pushing him off the building. I stormed right to the bar and took a swing of vodka. My eyes turning back to grey/green and my hair turning back to white. Claws retracted. I huffed loudly. "Holy shit you just killed Loki!" Tony gasped. "Language. " Cap said earning questioning looks from the rest of the group. "He's not dead." I snapped with a growl. Although I wish he was. "Oh. Well still. What was that all bout?"



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