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Aether Love (Loki x OC)


I re-awoke hours later feeling sick to my stomach. Loki was wide awake and reading a book. He was sitting across from the bed on one of my lounge chairs. I sat up feeling completely weak. This wasn't normal. Sure after sex I'd be sore but I felt like I was going to pass out. It was so hot in her. I was burning up. I felt as if my blood would begin to boil. "Loki." I whispered in a soft voice.  He snapped his head over to look at me. "Yes?" He asked looking up from the book he seemed to be oh so interested in. "Can you go into you Jotun form. I am burning up." I asked as nice as I could, wiping the sweat off of my forehead. He nodded and changed into his natural form. His skin was a deep blue, tribal symbols ridged into his body. His eyes a deep crimson. The frost giant changed the tempature a tad but it wasn't enough. I still felt weak. I got up and moved closer to him, hoping it would get closer. To my avail it did. But it wasn't enough. I needed it cooler. I kept moving closer to him until I was right in front of him. I reached out to touch him but his assertive voice stopped me in my tracks. "I wouldn't do that. Touch me in this form and you will have instant frost bite." He told me. But I didn't care. "Maybe that's what I need." I laughed more to myself than anyone. I got my hand closer to his arm but he flinched away. Getting a tad irritated I quickly snagged his arm. I was expecting a burn, but nothing happened. He looked confused. "This is skin to skin contact. Non frost giants get frost bitten when they touch me. But not you?" The last part ended as a question. His red eyes looked into my own. I slid my hands up his arm and rested them on the back of his neck. His face was frozen with shock. Pun intended. A glint of horror was on his face as well. I could feel how stiff he was when I pulled him into a hug. "How?" Loki's voice shook. "I don't know. But touching you in this form is pure ecstasy." I rubbed my face into his bare chest, feeling better the more skin to skin contact I had with him. "Maybe it's the Aether." I giggled, caressing his soft blue skin. "Alice he cautioned as I leaned up to his face. "What? It's clear I can touch you in this form." I reasoned moving closer. "In this form, I am a monster." I rolled my eyes at him. "You are no more of a monster in asgardian form." With this I softly pressed my lips to his, closing my now red eyes. It took him a bit to adjust but he eventually relaxed and kissed me back. The kiss became more desperate. There was something this kiss was giving me. I could feel something flow from Loki and into me. It felt great. I sucked more of whatever this was out of him until he pushed me off. I no longer felt weak or sick. Loki however looked exhausted. "What the hell did you do to me?" He yelled, turning back into his Asgardian form. "I don't know." I looked down at my arms which were blue but slowly faded back to my natural porcelain. "I have no idea what the hell just happened." I looked around worried. "I have to go." Loki suddenly seemed scared of me. "Wait." I called out. Loki turned around, still looking nervous. "I still hate you." He laughed a bit before disapearing in to thin air. A Few Hours Later "So how are you my dear?" Tony asked in a fake posh accent. "Very well my kind sir!" I responded using the same accent. We both laughed, taking sips of our alcoholic drinks. "So Amora and Loki visited me." I decided being honest with him would be best. "Who?" I clearly had not remembered to tell him who Amora was. "Amora the Enchantress." I disgustedly spat. "She's an Asgardian. Madly in love with Thor or Loki, she can't seem to decide. Royal bitch. She treated me just awfully. She thinks she so powerful. Blonde, likes green. I honestly hated her. Still do." You could tell how much I hated her when I spoke about her. "She killed my sister too." I added last minute. "Oh why did they visit?" Tony asked seeming completely calm about it. "She just wanted to show off. She hadn't been able to push me around in a few years so she wanted a toy. Howevrr she did not realise I was no longer mortal. Let's just say I stopped her eyes from lighting up with her own blood. Also scared the shit out of her when I told her I have an evolved part of the aether running through my veins. Then Loki stepped in before I had the chance to rip her throat out. But it was funny because this week she was inlove with him. You should have seen the look on her face when he dismissed her for me." Tony took a sip of his martini as I took one of my red wine. "You slept with him didn't you?" I nearly spat my wine out at this point. "I can tell by the way you talk about the ordeal. You are quite pleased with yourself. Which means you slept with the guy she likes. Trust me I have been around women most of my life." I made a grossed out face at the last part. "I may have slept with him." I mumbled under my breath.  "Knew it." Tony sang. I was quite surprised that he wasn't mad at me. "So tell me was it like old times? " I scoffed, spitting out some of my wine. "No. He was quite gentle about the whole situation actually. But then he got freaked out when I was able to touch him in Jotun form and left. I am not getting back with him. This was a one time thing to get my emotions out." Tony just rolled his eyes. "Jarvis why is it weird for Alice to be able to touch Loki in Jotun form?" Tony decided to ask Jarvis instead of me. Which made me wonder. Where did everyone else go. Home probably. "Because, Mr. Stark when he is in Jotun form he is a Frost Giant. His skin wilk turn blue and if another creature is to touch his skin they will have immediate frost bite." Jarvis responded. I always loved Jarvis. I always viewed him as another person. Late at night when I was in my room I'd always talk to him, ask him about his day etc... Everyone told me I was silly because he was just a computer but I always viewed him as a loyal friend. "Oh. Dr. Banner will be here tomorrow. He has always wanted to do tests on you but didn't want to offend you. Now he has an exuse!" "He could of just asked." I replied. "Yeah but again he didn't want to offend you." Tony replied. The rest of the night we just watched some tv. Played beer pong and just kind of hung out. It was a nice change from the events that had happened the previous days.



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