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Dear Friend

Agent Abby

The sunlight is shining down as the large helicarrier for S.H.I.E.L.D, all the agents in their places along with The Avengers getting ready for some ass kicking action as usual

Abby can hear the tapping of her high heels, as she walks through one of the long corridors

She is wearing a red pencil skirt that hugs her hourglass figure just right, as she has on a blush color silk blouse that is buttoned up to go with it

Her skirt is tucked into her skirt as some buttons are undone, but in a classy matter as she is wearing shiny tan high heels that aren’t too high

Her makeup is light with her lips a glossy peace color, as she has simple vintage jewelry that goes with her attire that she chose to wear to work

Abby is in her early twenties, as she is the average height of five feet and six inches

She has flawless light brown skin and long dark brown hair that goes past her chest with natural caramel highlights, but she has piercing hazel brown eyes

The dark brown color of her eyes is that of a chocolate hue, which is mostly seen as the shade washes out the small hint of green that the rim holds

Though, when she is angry or worried about something, the green in her hazel brown eyes shows like that of the burning sun

She has a curvy hourglass figure just like a vintage pinup girl, but still has a small waist even if she isn’t a size two and embraces her curves

Abby has full lips and striking features of a beautiful vixen, as she very much has a lush chest area to match it

Abby is a new agent even if she doesn’t wear the skin tight suits like Black Widow, finding it wouldn’t fit her form and make her feel too much like a damn dominatrix

“I have missed you, Abigail May Silvers” a man speaks up with a soft tone, as she can feel familiar strong arms around her curvy hips

Such a gesture of tenderness makes her stop in her tracks and takes her away from the chaos of S.H.I.E.L.D for a moment

Abby can’t help from smiling, as she knows whom the bulky arms belong to and loves how they hold her tightly with pure affection

“I hope you are aware that you act like a puppy sometimes, Cap” Abby has her head lean against Steve’s chiseled chest, as she can feel the outline of his sculpted muscles pressing against her body

Abby touches her hands with his even if he is wearing the leather gloves of his suit, shutting her eyes and emeries herself into the utterly soothing sensation that her boyfriend gives her

Steve never thought he would have the ability to get over Peggy, and the future he could have had with such a beautiful dame

But, Steve met Abby at a diner in the downtown area of New York only weeks ago as he helped her get the job for the S.H.I.E.L.D

Granted, her job is be the paperwork girl for Nick Fury – but, Steve kept finding himself being drawn to her warmth and corky sense of bold humor that she naturally carries

Steve still doesn’t care if Abby happens to be mixed, with her mother being black and father being white

Steve finds Abby to be beautiful in every way, even in the morning when he wakes up next to her often

Abby often just giggles and jokes about Steve’s messy hair of a total bedhead during such morning, as she also finds it deeply sexy at the same time

Steve hasn’t had sex with Abby just yet, as they both want to take it slow and not rush things too much

Abby is aware that Steve is a very traditional man even when it comes the dating issues, but deep down most her craves for Steve to be dominant with her and fuck her passionately

“Are we still going to have our romantic date tonight, ma’am?” Steve doesn’t want to screw up the plans once again, as he tends to have a habit to always cancel them the last minute

“Just don’t be late, Rogers” Abby shift her position, as she turns around and faces him

She wraps her arms around his brood shoulders with her high heels helping with her average height to an extant, even if she knows Steve is damn tall like a giant mountain

Abby can see Steve’s piercing baby blue eyes, most of her surprised that such a hunk could have such affection for someone of her static and color of skin

Steve puts his hands on her curvy hips, as he leans his face in with his lips only inches away from her lips

Steve has only made small pecks of a kiss with Abby, but hasn’t given her the true kiss that happens when two people know when they are meant to meant the rest of their lives with each other

Steve doesn’t know what is holding him back from doing so, knowing he has plenty of chances to give her the one kiss of true passion that is meant for a lifetime

In the back of his brain most of him get the notion of why such a kiss hasn’t happened with Abby yet

“You still think about her, don’t you? About Peggy?” Abby doesn’t want to sound disappointed that her vintage boyfriend is still hung up on a girl from long ago, knowing whom Agent Peggy Carter is

Steve see the change in Abby’s eyes, seeing the green hue seem to stand out much more and wash out the chocolate brown shade of her spell bounding irises

“I better get back to work,” Abby puts on a fake smile, as she plants a gentle kiss on one of his cheeks

Abby soon walks away as tears of mixed emotions swelling up in her eyes, hugging her arms as she wishes Steve could understand how much she deeply wants him to make the move

Abby wants to know where their relationship is heading as it all a strange mist to her, wanting the fog of unclear messages to simple fade away

“Abby, wait - ” Steve wants to reach for her and let Abby know how much he needs her, but wishes he was brave enough to physically do so

Hours go by, as night soon falls down on the busy city of The Big Apple

She is still on the helicarrier as Abby just wants to go home, which is her good size apartment that is in the downtown area of Brooklyn even if the monthly bills are covered due to the help of her large paycheck from S.H.I.E.L.D

Abby is the very open forensics/science area of the helicarrier, which is known to be Dr. Bruce Banner’s domain

Abby doesn’t know much about The Avengers besides Steve, but knows that Bruce often likes to not make a peek due to being utterly scared of letting the out the ‘big, angry, green guy’

Though, Mighty Thor, has very much met Abby, as he is strangely fond of her presence

Thor tends to try to use his Godly tactics of Shakespeare tongue speaking in order to have Abby end up falling head over heels for him, trying to court her like she is just another prize

Granted, Thor is a good guy with a big heart and loves to hug, but Abby finds he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to basic logic

Abby has only heard of Thor’s mere little brother, named Loki, even if she has never meant him and fully is aware that 99.9% of people despise him for great reasons

Abby notices a large black brief case of some kind sitting on one of the counters, taking her away from her silly thoughts

Abby can sense a strange power vibrating off the large black brief case, seeing that it is tightly sealed up

It must be something top secret that even Director Nick Fury doesn’t want me to know about, right?

I believe the item that the case holds, belong to me” a voice speaks up from out of the blue, as it is coming from behind Abby

Abby snaps around, as she doesn’t see the source of the strange voice, scanning the room with her unsettling eyes

A mere household feline suddenly hops onto the island in the middle with swift movement, gazing right at Abby

The feline is a good size as it is a pure black cat with piercing emerald orbs, and thin pupils seeming as though they could slice through butter

The cat happens to be that of Loki, as he is seeking The Tesseract for his own greed and hunger for power

Loki finds Midgard to hold many elements of mere entertainment, and doesn’t mind ravishing the females who craved to be ruled like a beckoning heard of sheep

Abby looks sharply at the cat that she sees before her, taking baby steps towards the feline

“There is no way that cat just talked to me,” Abby tries to collect her thoughts and doesn’t know if her

“Kneel before me, you mewling quim” Loki snickers with his sharp feline teeth showing, his piercing green cat eyes seeming to be taunting her

Fear hits Abby like a ton of bricks as her eyes grow wide with terror, making her slowly make away


Abby tightly shuts her eyes, as she wishes the scary cat would just simply go away

Abby opens her eyes, only to let out a scream of cringing horror as the cat is no longer there - but, has changed into the form of a very tall man instead

She sees that the man has raven black hair that touches his shoulders, as most it is smoothly combed back with a small bit of reseeding hairline that isn’t too bad

Abby sees that the man is very handsome looking, even to amount of being devilish with thick lips and high cheeks bones meant for a fallen God

She notices that he is wearing black leather armor of some kind similar to Thor’s, but mostly holding the shades of dark green and gold that goes with his green eyes perfectly

“You know who I am, little Midgardian. Say it, pet” Loki takes quick and mighty steps towards Abby, as he holds high shoulders high like a king meant to take control of a throne

“Loki,” Abby has her lower back area bump into one of the hard counters, as she tightly grips the surface with a shaky tone

Loki gently tucks a piece behind one of her ears as he takes in her scent, finding that she smells like raw honey of sweetness

Such a scent pulls him a little bit, with a playful snicker coming to his lips

“Or I could just make you scream my name instead, while lying naked on my bed and have you simply moan for my touch” Loki brushes his soft lips against her silky neck, with a yearning whimper of arousal, sensing his lower half already throbbing as he finds her scent starting to become intoxicating

“You think of yourself as a God, but you are a mere animal that the family casted out” Abby has a sense of courage run through her body, as has her fear seem to melt away

She holds her shoulders up high, while crossing her arms and looks at the fallen Aesir God with a fierce spark of bravery in her hazel brown eyes

Loki studies the mere girl as he strangely keeps his control, knowing that he has a very large temper of anger when people don’t show respect towards his Godliness

Loki gently bites her lower lip with a devilish chuckle, wanting to explore her mouth and passionately kiss her even if they just met moments ago

Abby’s body start to tingle and in a good way, finding that he smells like winter, smoky musk and heated leather

As crazy as it sounds, Abby. The insane dude actually smells damn good….

“I would love to stay and chat, love. But, I just can’t leave without the item that I have been seeking through the nine realms” Loki snatches the briefcase that caught Abby eyes in the first place, snatching it from the counter with a dark smile of glee

“How charming, nutcase” Abby doesn’t think he will get far due the very far, due to the high end security of the helicarrier

“Oohh, it is always with pleasure” Loki starts to walk away, as he gives her a simple bow like a gentleman, with a smug sneer of amusement

Loki is soon put in the cage that is meant to hold The Hulk when he has his heated moments of rage, as the fallen Aesir God paces back and forth

He has his hands behind his arms as he is trying to think of a plan in order to escape, but no ideas of cunning wit are coming to him at the moment

Loki was discovered by Thor, and was thrown in the cage in order to not cause any more chaos

“Why is the Tesseract so important to you, Loki?” a voice speaks up, as it makes Loki stops in his tracks, and pulls him away from his thoughts of victory

Loki sees it is that one particular female – it is Abby as he has currently found out about her name and the face that she is a mere paperwork girl for Director Nick Fury

“Aww, it is always nice to have company of a beautiful fair maiden” Loki is drawn to her presence like how a moth is drawn to a bright light, making him devilishly sneer

He holds his shoulders up high like a king, knowing it is the glass of the cage is separating them

“Oh, how flattered I am” Abby is cynical as she goes over to the glass, crossing her arms

“Your little brain couldn’t even start to understand the power that the Tesseract holds, pathetic mortal” Loki giggles with a wide grin, trying to make her feel worthless and stupid

“No, I get it. You want the Tesseract to take over the world once again, and bring on the giant space whales. I don’t think E.T. would want to make anymore deals with you, since you failed to complete your end of the bargain the first time around” Abby puts her hands on her hips, as she raises one of her eyebrows

Loki can see that the mere girl has a smirk of her own victory as she is standing her ground, making him gaze at her sharply like a killer steady to pounce

“Why you little - ” Loki growls with anger, making his hands into a fist as his knuckles start to turn white due to being so pissed off

Usually, he isn’t the type to allow anyone to give him such sass and would quickly put them in their place – more so a mere Midgardian

“Cat has your tongue, puny God?” a man speaks up as Steve shows up, but he is out his crime fighting attire

He is wearing tan pants with a dark grey old fashioned buttoned up plaid shirt, the end of his shirt tucked into his pants with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows

Granted, Abby has noticed that Steve tends to dress like a classy old man from World War 2, but he looks damn fine in them like the very skilled athlete he happens to be

“I will meet you back in the bunker of our sleeping quarters, doll face. I can handle The Trickster, ok?” Steve puts his hands on her curvy hips with a soft smirk, as she faces him

“Well, sometimes even a hero needs a strong woman to save them” Abby wraps her arms around his brood shoulders, fluttering her lashes with a playful giggle

With that, Steve can’t help himself from finally kissing her deeply and passionately

Steve takes in the moment with a moan of arousal slipping from his lips, having his hands dare roam to her bum area of softness

“Before, there is no way I would have been able to do something so bold with a girl. I would have had an asthma attack,” Steve shyly blushes, hoping that Abby isn’t disappointed or turned off by any means due to the factor that he is still a mere virgin

“Oohh, don’t mind me. I am simply enjoying the little chatter of affection that you two are having,” Loki clears his throat with a singsong jesting tone, as he looks at one of his hands with his chin raised up high

“See you back at the bunker, Cap” Abby plants a small peck of a kiss on one of his cheeks, and then plants the same kind of kiss on his lips with a tender smirk

Abby brushes one of her hands against Steve’s toned chest, as she soon walks out of the area with the sliding doors shutting behind her

“I must say, that she is very ravishing to gaze upon. Still, you have not courted the lovely Midgardian girl yet. What are the mere odds, Soldier?” Loki plans to complete his conquest to take the Tesseract, but he sees another opportunity of the spoils of his victory

Loki finds that it would be easy to trick Abby, by using his magic and charms in order to make her fall head over heels for him

The mere thought makes him widely grin with victory, thinking that everything with go according to plan and just the way he wants it to all happen

“You will stay away from her at all cost, creep!” Steve becomes on high defense, as he wants to protect his girl from the various dangerous that comes with being an Avenger

“There is such a thing called free will,” Loki shrugs with a dark chuckle, trying to play the tactic strategy of ‘cat vs. mouse’

“Don’t make me get your big brother in here, Asgardian” Steve scolds Loki, as though Loki is a child that needs to be taught a lesson of his place in life

DO NOT DARE SPEAK OF HIS NAME TO ME!” Loki becomes enraged, as he suddenly bangs on the thick plexus glass

Steve notices Loki’s eyes are a very dark green hue, his voice full of spite and venom for The Mighty Thor

Steve rolls his eyes, while starting to walk away, as he finds Loki is just throwing a tantrum for the spite that has for his big brother named Thor

Steve is soon in the large bunker area of the sleeping quarters that she shares with Abby, as it is more like a huge bedroom made of iron and metal that goes with the style of the impressive helicarrier

Steve eyes quickly looks upon Abby, as her body is at a side angle

Abby is getting undressed and is getting ready to be her sleeping night attire on, as her blush lace cheeky thong panties are showing

Steve can see the matching lace push bra that she is wearing as well, as he recalls that Abby told him once that she is a 34D

Steve can see her curvy pear figure, finding her lush curves and bumptious chest area to be beautiful in every way

Steve goes over to her, as he moves her hair out of the way and plants a couple of gentle kisses on her soft light brown shoulders

“You are one beautiful dame, Abby” Steve wants to take the chance with his girl tonight, knowing that she is on birth control as they both got tested in order to be safe

“First of all, you are wearing too much clothing” Abby can sense what Steve wants to do, as she wants to take the chance with her Avengers boyfriend in return

“Then, undress me” Steve is solemn, gazing at Abby with raw passion that he has for the girl

Abby slides her hands down his chest, as they look deeply into each other’s eyes

Steve heart starts to race with excitement, wanting to worship all that Abby is and would even lay it on the line for her

Steve gently puts his hands on her soft cheeks, as he kisses her deeply

Abby has her hands trail to his leather belt, starting to unbuckle it with slowness and in a teasing matter

She finally gets the buckle undone, soon unzipping the zipper in the same kind of slow fashion

Abby makes soft love bites on the sensitive parts of Steve’s neck, smoothly sliding one of her hands into his pants and into his boxer briefs

“Well, it seems that you are a very big boy” Abby starts to tenderly stroke Steve’s massive girth of a cock, feeling that he is very long and very thick like the damn Statue of Liberty

Steve is panting, as he whimpers due to how good she is pleasing him by simply stroking him off into the edge of pure pleasure

Abby gently slides his belt off his pant loops, as it drops to the ground with a clunking noise

His pants fall down with them pooling to his ankles, as she takes her hand of out his boxers

Steve steps out of his pants, as he kicks them to the side

“On the bed and you better be naked,” Abby wants him to, as she playfully bites one of his earlobes

With that, Steve quickly strips himself of all his clothes, as he almost loses his balance

Steve gets on the bed, as he is lying on his back with the pillows to support his head

Abby can see that Steve is sculpted from head to toe, his body built like an iron ox made of pure muscle with brood shoulders to match it

Abby gives him a little peep show, as she has her back facing him

She gives him a good sight of her bum, and how her cheeky thong panties look perfectly on her form

Abby lifts up her arms above her head, as she pulls on the edge of her panties for a moment like a tease

She slowly takes off her panties, hearing Steve moan with pure arousal as he already had a throbbing erection

She unclips the back of her bra next, as her bra straps fall off her shoulders

Her bra falls to the floor, as she turns around and covers up her lush bare chest area with her arms

Steve can see a little patch of dark brown hair, that she likes to keep clean shaved and everything that goes with such general hygiene matters

“Let me see you, but there is no need to hide your figure from me. You are beautiful, just they way you are” Steve gives her a warm smile of assurance, not wanting her to shy away from him and the intimate things he wants to do to her

“If men don’t think hourglass figures and a divine chest area of fullness on a woman is sexy, then they are clearly blind” Steve finds Abby’s hourglass figure of curviness, to be more than profoundly attractive

“But, I am not Peggy and never will be” Abby know that a large part of Steve, still misses the girl that he could have a chance with

“This is a stupid idea,” Abby exhales with doubt, as she starts to grab her panties and bra

“Hey, hey. Just listen to me, Abby” Steve gets off the bed, as he goes over to her and doesn’t want her to go

“I may still deeply miss Peggy and the chance I could have had with her, but you are the one that holds my very heart in your hands. You are all that I want and someone I don’t want to lose, you know. It can haunt a man when his closest friends grow old and pass away right before his very eyes, when that man isn’t able to age” Steve gazes at her with his baby blues, gently tucking a piece of hair behind one of her ears

Steve leans in, as he kisses her full lips deeply and passionately, while brushing one his large hands against one of her cheeks

Steve swiftly picks her up by using his superhuman strength, as he can hear her giggle with a snicker

She wraps her legs around his toned hips, and wraps her arms around his brood shoulders while he has his hands on her thighs

“I got rubber for this situation, doll face. Good thing I found the size of extra large,” Steve grins with a husky chuckle, making playful love bites on her chest and cleavage area

“Then, you better take me to bed and pleasure me” Abby craved for him to dominate her, as she gasps with yearning due his tender love bites

Steve makes his way over to bed, while still having a hold of Abby

He gently has her lay down on the bed, as she lies down on her back

Steve comes on top of her, putting his arms by her head while gazing down at her as small strands of his short dark blonde hair is hanging on the side of his face

She slides her hands up his toned chest area, taking in every inch of his muscles that she can feel under his soft skin

She stops where his heart lies, feeling it quickly beating as she can hear his heavy breaths

Steve plants a kiss on her forehead, the tip of her nose and then her lips

Steve doesn’t want to rush things by any means, as he wants to start off by kissing her and feel every inch of her divine body and does just that


Loki grows tired as he is still in the cage in order to hold Hulk, but he is sitting on the bench that is part of the interior

He shuts his eyes, his exhausted mind and sleepy eyes quickly drifting off to sleep

Loki slips into a dream, as he dreams of Asgard when he was a young man, while walking in one of the great halls

Thor’s ceremony to kingship is two days time, Loki already plotting to try to ruin the triumph of his big brother

“I need you to go and clean Thor’s linens from his bedchambers, Abby” one of the elderly servants speaks up, as she is talking to someone

That someone, is a servant known as Adrika

Loki stops in his tracks, as he knows very little about Adrika, but that she is an Aesir

He can see that she is wearing a corset under her presentable and tailored servant dress attire, making her lush chest area look more than divine

Her servant dress attire is that of a dark green hue, with the trimming consisting on a gold shade

Her long sleeves hang off her shoulders a little bit, as her dress is slightly low cut and in a lady like fashion

Her long dress touches the floor, as she has on comfortable slippers for shoes and often has to slightly lift up her long dress when often having to give a courtesy to people whom come into her presence

There is a long golden silk piece wrapped around her lush hips, as her attire has a Celtic appeal to it all

Her long dark brown hair is up in a casual bun, as Loki can see the natural caramel highlights in it

Adrika is the only one that Loki talks to, as she treats him like a dear friend and doesn’t think of him as a monster

Granted, Adrika is very much aware that Loki gets most of the blame for Thor’s stupidity, as doesn’t swoon over The Mighty Thor like most fair maidens of Asgard

Loki happens to be a very quiet and reserved young man, as he happens to have a very big crush for Adrika

Often, he heart tightens and races with fluttering excitement when it around her, making him his knees quiver

Loki has pleasured himself many times a night just thinking about her, craving to bring her to his bedchambers and make her scream his name for all to hear

Though, whenever Loki has the courage to make a move of affection towards the girl, someone seems to always get in the way and ruin the moment of victory

“It seems that you have your heart stuck on someone, my young prince” a woman speaks up, as it is Queen Frigga

“I do not, mother!” Loki huffs and puffs with frustration, most the sexual frustration he has been feeling for Abby

That makes Frigga softly smirk with a warm chuckle, putting her hands neatly in front of her

She knows Loki inside and out, knowing that he tends to hide his emotions when he is utterly head over heels for someone

“Your plotting something, aren’t you? Does Thor have something to do this rubbish?” Loki wants answers that he knows that he got his sneakiness from Frigga, as she taught him magic as well

Frigga only walks away with the particular smirk on her face, as Loki doesn’t follow her

“TELL ME!” Loki begs and pleads to Frigga, growing even more frustrated with his current situation

“Tell you what, Loki?” a voice speaks up, as it is Adrika

“Adrika! It is you!” Loki snaps around, as he is panicking a little bit with a nervous chuckle

“You have a very nice lush bosom of fullness and very lovely birthing hips, my lady” Loki tries to act all smooth and mighty like Thor, knowing all Thor has to do is flex his large muscles in order to get any girl to swoon over him

Loki feels suddenly ashamed, as he covers his mouth with a gasp, not meaning to tell Adrika such words

Adrika doesn’t slap him across the face like most women would do by now, but it only makes her giggle with a warm smile on her face

“If you want to try to court a girl, you have to work on your tactics in order to do so” Adrika puts her hands her curvy hips, raising one of her eyebrows

Adrika has a snicker of slight mischief, gazing at Loki with her piercing hazel brown eyes

“See you at the feast tonight, Prince Loki” Adrika makes a bold move, as she plants a small peck of a kiss on one of his cheeks

That makes Loki freeze up and starts to blush of a deep color of crimson red, as she soon plants a simple kiss of affection on his soft lips with a tender smirk

Adrika soon starts to walk away, as Loki feels like he just got hit with a lighting bolt and in a very good way too

“She just kissed me, but not Thor. She likes me….” Loki touches the cheek that Adrika planted the kiss on, soon touching his lips with his long digits

A small grin of excitement and victory forms on Loki’s face, his heart racing as his emotions flutter with utter glee

Loki does a little happy dance as he feet and legs move with a swift rhythm, seeming to forget that there happen to be passing by him and watching with slight confusion

Loki quickly stops as he clears his throat, going to back to a formal stance of royalty and locks away his excitement of being kissed by the fair maiden that he has deep affection for

Night falls, as Loki is getting ready and dressed for the grand feast tonight, in celebration along with preparation for Thor’s ceremony of kingship

The servants are helping him put on his attire for the event, as he has yet to receive his golden horned helmet

His long, dark green cape touches the floor, as he looks like a true prince with his emerald green eyes seeming more than spell bounding

“I wonder what you shall do when your brother becomes the new king,” a voice speaks up, as Loki sees it is Adrika

She has his golden horned helmet with her, as she made sure every little inch of the piece got cleaned

Loki gently takes his helmet, as one of his hands brushes against one of Adrika’s hands

Even if the brush against skin was an accident, Loki can feel his heart starting to race

Loki has an emotion of boldness come over him, as he plants a gentle kiss on one of Adrika’s cheeks

Loki holds back the urge to kiss her deeply and passionately, as he holds back from pinning her against the nearest wall and ravishing her with all his worth
Loki isn’t a virgin by any means, as Thor has brought him willing fair maidens even of they haven’t been a whole lot

Each time, Loki has felt utterly used, hating the fact that the only agreed to be courted by him due to a bargain with Thor

The feast is soon being held in one of the large rooms meant for dining and celebration, the place full of humble laughter and tales of Thor’s various victories

There are beautiful women all around him, as they each listen and tune in with excitement while Thor’s loud voice echoes off the walls

Thor eats the large amounts of food like a pig with no matters, as it is one Loki’s pet peeves and doesn’t understand why the women find it so adorable

Loki keeps his distance, as he grumbles with frustration and envies how everyone adores Thor like he is the perfect son that could do no wrong

“Yet, you keep your distance from everyone and scowl at your brother with spite” a young woman speaks up, as it is Adrika

Loki sees it is the servant girl that he desperately has fallen for, his eyes growing wide as he sees what she is wearing

Adrika is wearing a golden silk skirt, which is meant for a goddess of seduction

The skirt ends at her ankles as the skirt exposes her long light brown legs, but her curvy hips and divine hourglass figure is showing as well

The skirt has an elegant design it, as she is wearing a golden belt

The belt is hangs off her curvy hips, as the belt is most made of dangling golden coins like a gypsy

She is wearing a golden halter-top, which goes with the shirt as it wraps around her neck and ties in the back

There is a plunging neckline that makes her lush chest area looks more than tempting, as she is wearing golden arm bracelets

Her hair is down in loose curls, as she is wearing dangling gold earrings with her Asgardain features making her seem naturally beyond stunning

“Queen Frigga asked me to come and be part of Thor’s celebration, giving me the position to be her tutor. I suppose that mean I can spank you when you are acting naughty, Prince Loki” Adrika has a sense of humor about it with a warm smirk, never thinking that Queen Frigga would do such an act of kindness for a mere servant of a prince

Before Adrika is able to say another word, Loki’s lips crashes onto her lips with dominance that he has been trying very hard to keep bottled in

Loki kisses her deeply and passionately, just like he has been craving to, putting his large hands on her lush curves

He pulls her close to him with a tug, as he keeps kissing her

She wraps her arms around his brood shoulders, both taking in the moment with everything around them seeming to melt away

“Mine,” Loki pants with a husky growl to his tone, as he plants desperate open-mouthed kisses on her neck and her cleavage of her fulfilling chest area

That makes Adrika gasp with delight, as she tries to not be too overly loud

Loki takes one of her hands, as he wants her to feel how hard he has quickly become

“Grab me, you mewling quim” Loki wants her to while whispering on one of her ears, as his tone is demanding and deeply powerful

Adrika does just that, as she gives his large, throbbing bulge a good squeeze

That makes Loki moan and whimper with pure need, taking in her scent of sweet lavender that naturally lingers on her skin

“Bedroom. Now,” Loki grabs one of her arms, as he has them make their way to his grand bedchambers

They soon come to Loki’s grand bedchambers, as Adrika finds herself on the large golden bed with a dark green bedspread made of the finest silk

Adrika is lying on her back, as she is naked from head to toe

Loki comes on top of her, as he is wearing his green tunic and black leather pants

His armor is off of him, as well as his golden horned helmet

Adrika has her knees rise up, as she opens up her legs for him with his strong arms by the sides of her head

Loki is still taken back that such a beautiful Asgardian woman, wants him and him alone

Adrika doesn’t want Thor and has no desire to be courted by him, but doesn’t have the same connection that she has with Loki

She can see the good that Loki carries, even if most don’t care to see such a thing when it comes to Thor’s little brother

Loki gets off of her for a moment, sitting up on his knees

He smoothly takes off his tunic, and then tosses the item to the ground
Adrika sees that Loki isn’t as bulky or full of muscle like The Mighty Thor, but is more cut and lean like a deadly panther with hidden strength

Loki has confidence that has never really known before surging through his body, his emerald green eyes full of raw desire for the servant girl
Adrika sits up, as she unlaces his leather pants by using the skills of her mouth

She can see a little trail of raven black hair starting below his belly button, as the hair reaches to his very massive cock area

Loki is already breathing hard, as he keeps his eyes on her and yearns for her to willingly take him in her mouth

Adrika gets his pants fully unlaced, as she pulls them off his toned hips with a gentle motion

His large erection springs free of his pants, as he is already leaking at the tip and swollen with pure need

Adrika playfully smirks, as she bats her lashes and looks him with her hazel brown eyes

She kisses the tip of him, as she can hear him hiss and whimper for her touch

Adrika smoothly takes his large girth into her skilled mouth, as she sees that Loki is far thicker, longer and overall bigger than Thor by a long shot

Loki weaves one of his hands in her hair, as he gasps with his mouth dropping open

Adrika is able to take him deep throat style, as it doesn’t cause her any discomfort and more so turns her on

She plays with his large balls and gently massages them, seeing a layer of sweat starting to form on Loki’s skin
Adrika has a hand trail to her lower area, as there is a little patch of dark brown hair even if she has found ways to keep such an area well groomed

Loki has her stop sucking him off, as he yanks her up by using the method of the hair on her head

“That quim is mine to touch and to pleasure, my pet. You are mine, girl” Loki snarls with possession that he has for Adrika, as he shows his teeth to show his dominance

Loki opens his eyes, as he wakes from the dream and gets an odd sensation that is it part of a long lost memory of someone he knew once

“Abby…” Loki finds himself saying her name, speaking the name of Steve Rogers’s lover and tender companion

He shuts his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath to relax his sleepy mind

Loki thinks of Abby’s lush curves, her rumbustious chest area and her divine hourglass figure

He thinks of her full lips, her light brown skin and her piercing hazel brown eyes

He thinks of her angelic features, a moan of hidden arousal slipping from his lips

Loki can sense a large bulge growing between his legs, as he very much endowed like a true Frost Giant when it comes to the goodies of the lower area

Loki deviously snickers, as he doesn’t care if they security cameras are watching him

But, he decides to use magic with the flick of his wrist

He makes it him on the camera that he is sleeping, and staying content when really it is all a mere illusion

Loki undoes the laces of his leather pants, as he pulls his large erection free of their leather cage

He has his pants hang off his toned hips a little bit, feeling the cool breeze of the air conditioning on his skin

Loki makes small circular circles on the tip of his cock, by using one of his thumbs

He gasps with delight, as he can feel his cock twitch with pure need for Steve Rogers’s female lover

Loki can imagine suckling on Abby’s lush chest area of fullness, his cock sliding into her warm quim while stretching her much more than Steve could ever do

He has the leaking fluid of his arousal, spread to his swollen cock as he starts to stroke himself

Loki shuts his eyes, as he is panting and whimpering with his face contorting in pure pleasure

A layer of sweat forms on his skin, as his armor seems much to hot for his body

Loki grins with a giggle, as he strokes faster and harder

Oohh….yesss….hmm…..” Loki’s moans and panting gasps become louder, as he knows he is close to climax

“ABBY!” Loki screams the name of the one he secretly desires, as the pleasure become overwhelming

He spills his load into his hand, whimpering while biting his lower lip

He uses magic to clean himself, as though nothing happened, with him soon tucking his cock back into his leather enclosure and lacing his pants back up


The morning light comes, as Steve and Abby are at Stark Tower in New York City

The city is still trying to clean up the mess that Loki created when he tried to take over Midgard not too long ago, but most the damaged buildings have been redone

Abby and Steve are in the main living room, which is part of the top floor of the tall building, as Abby is looking out the large windows

Abby is wearing a sleeveless aqua green bodycon dress, that hugs her lush curves and ends a little bit above her knees

The dress has a plunging neckline, as she isn’t wearing a bra under it

Her cleavage is showing, as it is still classy

She is wearing light makeup with her lips a rich red color, but she has on dangling amethyst chandelier earrings

She has on plumb color open toed high heels that aren’t too high, as the high heels have design on golden crystal beads on them with her toenails painted a deep red color just like her fingernails

Her hair is down in loose curls, as she has on golden bangle bracelets to make her attire look simple and lady like

“Tony is letting us crash at his place for as long as we want, but I only offered to stay for a week or two. I want you to officially meet The Avengers, my beautiful dame” Steve speaks up, as he goes behind her

He moves her hair out of the way, planting a gentle kiss on her soft light brown skin

Steve takes in her scent, as he is captivated by how she smells naturally like sweet lavender

Steve wraps his hands around her hourglass curves, not caring if she isn’t a size two and finds her curves to be one of the sexiest things ever

Abby decides to tease her lover, as she has her plumb bum brush against Steve’s largely impressive groan area

Steve has a moan of yearning heat slip from his lips, having his wondering hands trail to her bum and give her a soft smack of punishment

Stop that, woman” Steve growls with a demanding tone, as he whispers in one of her ears

Abby can feel a large bulge already growing in his pants, knowing he very much aroused and trying to be a gentleman at the same time

“There is the beautiful woman that Steve keeps talking about,” a man speaks up, as it is Tony Stark

He is wearing one of his sharp suits, as he has never really met Steve’s girlfriend and is even surprised that Steve even has a girlfriend to begin with

“Mr. Stark, it is nice to officially meet you” Abby holds out one of her hands with a warm smile, as Tony takes it and gives her a tender handshake

“You are one lucky man to have such a beautiful woman, Steve” a man speaks up with a soft smirk, as Bruce and Thor show up for the gathering

“My lady,” Thor gently grabs one of her hands, kissing it as he is a gentleman about the introduction

Abby feels like she had met Thor before from long ago, but doesn’t know from where to be exact as her past is a blur to her

All she knows, that her name is Abby as Director Nick Fury soon took her under his wing only weeks ago

Hours go by, as they are soon sitting on the vast couches in the living room area and talking

The Avengers wants to get to know Abby, as Steve and her are sitting close to each other

Steve gently has his hands on one of her knees, as he is making gentle circles on her skin by using his fingers

“I understand many dialects of the human language, but my specialty is understanding the Asgaridan equipment along with the language that they hold. That is why Director Nick Fury had an interest in me from the very start, thinking that I could become a good source to help out with S.H.I.E.L.D” Abby doesn’t mind the perks of it all, as even most of the S.H.I.E.L.D tech people that don’t understand Asgardian equipment like she does, often come to her for help

“I am going to head on to bed, toots” Steve kisses Abby’s head with a warm smirk, as he is already growing tired and exhausted

“So soon?” Abby sees that it isn’t even eight o’ clock yet, puzzled as Steve stands up

“That is because I happen to be an old man that can’t stay up late, but I surprised that I don’t have a cane yet. Along with loads of back problems,” Steve laughs, as he has a sense a humor with how old he really is, even if he doesn’t even look like it

Hours pass by, as Steve is already fast asleep and snuggled into the warm bed that he shares with his girl

He is wearing his blue boxers and a white shirt, as he took a shower not too long ago

Abby is next to him, as she is wearing just her dark green silk cheeky panties and her short sleeve V-Neck Captain America themed shirt

She isn’t wearing a bra, as she is sleeping on her side

She can feel Steve’s strong chest against her back, as he has his large arms carefully wrapped around her

He often has his body nuzzled close to her body, as he feels utterly content and safe that way

Steve finds that he can sleep a lot better, with Abby by his side

The bad dreams of the war have seemed to melt away every since Abby came into his life, finding her smoothing tone to be more like a lullaby of tranquility

Loki comes out of the shadows, as he used magic to transport himself to Stark Tower and into the particularly large bedroom that Steve shares with his female lover

Loki goes over to the bed, as he gently sits down on it and by Abby

“How you have made a fallen God, come to you during the night that the moon shines brightest. How you remind me of a lover from long ago, a lover named Adrika….” Loki gently touched a piece of her hair, as he softly smirks and gazes down at the sleeping maiden with adoration

After Loki has fallen off the BiFrost Bridge, he has never fully known what has happened to Adrika

Most of him thinks, that she has long forgotten about him and has found a noble husband to take her hand in marriage

Loki believes, she must have had children with her loving husband, and has long forgotten about his mere existence

“How I crave to feel your skin against mine, dear girl” Loki leans in with a solemn tone, as he plants a gentle kiss on her head, the tip of her nose and her full lips

Loki gets off the bed, as he stands up and starts to walk back into the shadows

Loki soon comes outside, as he is planting on the circular landing platform that Iron Man often takes when entering the upper levels of the tower

He gazes at the vast starry sky and the endless city lights, finding it ironic that Midgard isn’t all that bad to look at

“I remember how you always used to stand on the BiFrost Bridge, Prince Loki. But, how you used to gaze at the night sky and wonder if anyone could see you from one of the other realms” a voice speaks up, as it is Abby

She decides to borrow Steve’s dark grey sweater pants, finding that they are keeping her legs warm as she is wearing a basic pair of black slippers

Loki turns around, as he looks at the girl sharply and can see it is Abby

“How do you know such things about me, girl?” Loki is suspicious about her presence, keeping his gaze on her

“There stands, a young prince whom likes to create mischief” Abby goes over to Loki, hugging her arms with a tender smirk

Loki looks at her carefully, as the odd sensation comes back again
Then, it hits him like a ton of bricks, as he sees a flash of Adrika before him

“It can’t be….” Loki is left utterly speechless, his tired and exhausted mind trying to register such a revelation of someone that he has deeply missed

It all starts to make sense to Loki now; as to why he has found such eyes that Abby has is more than familiar

But, someone of his past from long ago as he knows Adrika is centuries old, and has been given the gift of a very long life like most Asgardians

His simple touch and kiss that he managed to give her, while she was healing held its own magic as it somehow helped her remember parts of her past life

She remembers that her name is Adrika, and how she once started as a mere Asgardian servant girl for Prince Thor and Prince Loki

“You tend to judge others with such swift methods, but somehow refuse to take a look into your own soul. It puzzles me why you still carry such a heavy heart of anger and rage when your true form is more than beautiful, Prince Loki” Abby gently touches one of Loki’s cheeks, as there is warmth and sympathy in her piercing hazel brown eyes

Loki has his eyebrows cave in, as all the emotions of his rage, bitterness and sadness seems to break open

Tears swell up in his eyes, as his pale skin starts to change into a blue hue

His green eyes start to become a deep red color, as his royal Jotun markings can be seen

“Do I frighten you, fair maiden?” Loki desperately hopes she does not turn away from him with horror, as so many have before

“Are you mad? I find this form to be very handsome, my prince. You will have no trouble finding a beautiful girl to love you for who you are,” Abby plants a soft kiss on one of his cheeks, giggle with a tender smile

“Why did you come to Midgard of all places, my lady?” Loki quickly goes back to his normal form, his piercing green eyes and pale skin showing up again

“That will have to discussed over a cup of Midgardian coffee, my prince” Abby gives him a playful wink with a snicker, as she soon starts to walk away to go inside and snuggle with Steve



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