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Look back in Anger

God Damn it, Stark

After the days events, I decide that 10 is good time to head to bed after a bit of light reading first. I'm undoubtably screwed now as I've openly saved the city. There will be some footage that SHEILD will get hold of and come find me. There's no point in complaining, there's no point to anything the grand scheme of things. I'll just hide out here and read till such a time comes as I need to disintegrate all of them. I pull out a book and begin reading to try and take my mind away from coming events and try to calm myself as I felt my mental state rising.

I didn't get very far as about 6 pages in, there was an erratic banging at my door. If they'd have knocked any harder it could have come off the hinges. SHEILD move fast it seems. I brace myself and edge towards the door, opening it slowly ready to blast whoever it was.
"hey HEY!" the person shrieked, throwing their hands in the air. God damn. Stark.
" I thought you were SHEILD." I hiss.
"hey well, sorry to disappoint." he tuts.
" get in here" I grab him and pull him inside the flat.
" wow, moving a bit quick. I mean we've only just met and I don't even know your name." he joked.
"anyone can be out there." I inform him, looking thoroughly,unamused at his joke.
"wow,you're paranoid."
"shut up. How did you find me?" I spit.
" getting directly to the point, me and Professor Banner were able to trace your specific type of dark energy. We simply traced it back to your known location. Here. And I must say this apartment is wonderful." the last part was heavy with sarcasm.
"fair enough, what do you want?"
" alright, we don't know who you are. We can only assume you're one of the good guys as you helped us. Please don't prove me wrong."
"you haven't got to the point so I don't know why you're pausing"
"I was hoping you'd expand. Tell me who you are and that." he continued.
"well keep hoping."
" me and my team would greatly,appreciate your--" I cut him off rather abruptly.
"I'm not joining you and your rock band."

"I thought you'd say that. How about this. SHEILD don't currently know a thing. We told them that the portal was a malfunction that must have happened back at the mothership and the rest went back to fix the problem. They don't know about you." he said.
"wow. They really bought that crap?" I asked in disbelief.
"not my best story but it worked. But I can easily tell them to start track g dark energy and that will lead them to you."
"wait wait wait, you're manipulating me? Are you going to blackmail me?! I could kill you right here before you even knew what was happening." I had to stop and take a few breaths.
" you know, you could have killed me already. The moment you saw me or the moment I said that. You even knew I was going to say it. I dare say someone of your caliber can read minds. But you haven't." he tried to reason with me.
"so I come and join your super posse and I dont get taken in by SHEILD?" I ask.
"yeah. That's about it. Because let me tell you, all the fun SHEILD could have with you. HYDRA we're the ones who perfected human experimentation but SHEILD would have field day trying to find out what you are." he tried to threaten me but it wasn't working.
" you pathetic humans think you have a patch on me? I could wipe out your entire planet and think nothing of it. You really don't see how tiny I find you. Now, I'd be thankful if you left me alone." I pointed him in the direction of the door and walked towards my room.
"you didn't spend all this time hiding from SHEILD just to let me tell them where you are."
"you just don't give up." I sighed.
"no. I guess not. Raven"
"what?" I snapped.
"so it is you. Thor was right for once." Stark smiled to himself.
"it is you. And I wager now you know we know who you are you'll go pack your bags and come with me."
" you will explain, in full how you know who I am when we get there. But after that I am walk straight back out your doors and walking away, understood?" I reasoned.
" course you will"
Stark didn't seem to believe me, I wasn't in this for the long haul.


So slightly earlier today, might go again later. I'm aware this might not be the absolute best story out there and certainly not the most well written but I'm trying it out. Thank you.


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