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Look back in Anger

You really got me

I packed up a few of my books and shoved some clothes in a bag. I was leaving tonight. There's nothing else here for me. My plan of attack was to roll up to Avengers tower, walk in like I own the place, possibly rumble a few feathers, give them enough information to be scared but by no stretch of the imagination tell them the whole picture or explicitly outline what was happening. That would keep till later.

I teleported to just outside the main entrance and walked in.
"I'm sorry, you can't be here Miss" one of the receptionists tried to stop me, I stopped, turned my head and pulled down my hood. What happened next what what I like to call my medusa effect. I didn't turn her to literal stone but she was certainly speechless and frozen. The power of having a few tentacles of dark energy spring wildly was amusing. I continued on to the elevator and selected ons of the top floors. It was fairly late at night so not many of the team may be around. One will be though. I'll just get them to rally the troops.
Upon reaching the floor I tried to figure out where I was, someone was walking down the corridor so I pulled them aside.
"would you happen to know where that room with the bar is?" I asked.
"next floor up. Do you have permission to be up here?" he asked, getting ready to radio in there is an intruder.
"I wouldn't, son." I hushed and signalled for him to keep quiet. Giving him a stare with my glowing white eyes seemed to give him the idea I was meant to be here. I wasn't but...let's not worry about that.
Instead of taking the lift again, I decided to be a rebel and take the stairwell #maverick #3edgy5me. On my way I passed several people, none of which the people I was looking for, who all gave me dirty looks. The squad must have been busy telling everyone about me. Turns out I was in luck, the majority of the team, minus Starfire, Natasha and Clint, where all there, looking like they were about to turn in. Perfect time to crash the party.

"is this the only place you guys ever hang out in?" I say, walking in and down the stairs. All other talking stops and all eyes turn to me.
"Raven?" Thor asks, already knowing the answer because its fucking obvious. No the other person who always wears a hood and talking in that same emotionless tone.
"yes, the dirty half breed, isn't that right Thor?" I say.
"we thought you were gone." Steve said with a hard expression. Almost like he wasn't pleased to see me. By now I had reached the middle of the room and placed my two bags on the couch, sitting down next to them and putting my feet on the table.
" What do you think you're doing?" Steve asked rather infuriated. To be fair I would be if someone walked into my gaff and acted liked they owned it. But that won't stop me.
" I've come to sign on. But I have a few terms." I smiled.
"the offer has passed." Stark said and tried to kick my feet from the table.
"Tony! Hear her out." Thor said, giving Stark what I think they call s 'bitchface.'
"thank you filthy Asgardian. Okay I think I came across wrong just then. I'm not really signing up. More like I feel there is, how to say, safety in numbers." I explained.
"what is this? Some sort of riddle? Are we supposed to guess what's going on?" Banner interjected and have a half hearted laugh.
"no, I wouldn't expect you to guess. Your tiny human minds won't be able to comprehend the gravity of coming events. In fact no one can. There are two people who know what's to come."
"can you stop being so mysterious? We get it, you don't like us, why have you come back?" Stark seemed to be getting very fed up by now. Probably just tired.
"okay, I'll tell you this. You know my dad?" I began.
"not personally like" Stark mumbled
"The bad guy?" Steve asked
"Trigon. What is it?" Thors voice raising in concern.
"that's the one, yeah well some pretty heavy stuff is about to go down. I thought, being the considerate dirty half breed I am, 'hey I'll let those Avengers tools know and help them out so they do t get annihilated.' here I am." that is no way giving them everything. It's enough for them to let me in and to be scared. What ever they do will effect what's to come none but it can't hurt giving them a barely fighting chance.
"still a little vague there." Banner said, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.
"I told you it would be too much for you. Go on, you get off to bed. All of you." I said dismissively.
"oh, how kind" Tony sarcasticly said, rolling his eyes. He nodded at the others and walked off. Steve signalled for Banner to go too.
"you tell us everything tomorrow." Steve said through gritted teeth, leaning down over me.
"on the contrary, I will tell you nothing." I said. He huffed and screwed his lips up.
"fine. Then dont expect us to help you." he spat.
"it's not me who will be their ass handed to them by powers they can't control" I cooed. He said nothing but remained still very close.
"my god you're hot when you're pissed." I laughed. He huffed and puffed a little more before storming off. Great, now the so called god of thunder to get rid of now.
" go on then. Run along." I cooed, laughing. I don't think he takes well to being patronised.
"Trigon is doing something, you know what. Explain." he said.
"that's right, break the sentences down into little bits if it helps you." I laughed.
"do you think this is funny?" he shouted. I just smirked and remained as defiant as before.
"yes, if I'm honest. Seeing you all rilled up about something you can't stop and demand for me tell you what. I'm in charge now." I smirked.
"if we cannot stop it then why come to us?" he asked, still rather infuriated.
"I'm giving you a less than fighting chance. I'm coming to you to warn you and maybe teach you how to survive 5 minuets against what's to come." I stood to move directly infront of him, uncomfortably close.
" tell me what it is and we'll stand a slightly better chance then." he pleaded.
"why would I tell you? The man who called me, and by the way im never letting that go, and who gave me false pity. I do not need to be treated like a child. I am more than capable of destroying you." I hissed.
"Raven, what I said was wrong--"
"yes. It was rather. The first and last of whatever I am, dirty, alone. I am aware of what I am and do not need to point it out for me." I cut him off and answered in the same sour tone.
" if you let me apologise. But you did say that you'd wipe my race out of existence. I saw it as more than reasonable to forgive you." he countered. I was stuck for an answer now, to be fair.
"it was just banter." I hesitantly said. He smiled and laughed.
"you know Raven, you would do yourself a lot of favours if you stopped pretending like you're better than everyone else." really? He was trying to give me advise?
"I dont pretend. Its not that i think im better, i just dislike you all so much it comes across that way. And besides, who are you to lecture me on arrogance. If I'm not mistaken, didn't you go into one of the nine realms and try to wage war? You even got cast out by your own father." I laughed.
"and on earth I--"
"let me guess, you saw the error of your ways?" I mocked.
"yes, actually."
"now you're pretending your better than me." I smirked.
"I am not!" he defended.
"heh, I feel as though we got off topic here."
"sooner or later you will tell us what is happening. For now, goodnight." he smiled and felt the need to touch my shoulder to which I flinched, my hood falling from my head.
"don't touch me." I hissed.
"bloody hell, okay sorry!" he backed up, if I didn't know better I'd say a little intimidated.
"just when I thought we were getting along better. It's alright, just, don't do it again." I pulled my hood back up and saw him more at ease.
" the dirty half breed and the filthy Adgardian getting along? Is that what that was? Heh, goodnight Raven." he laughed and walked off. I smiled while his back was turned. I still hated him but out of all of them, I think I hate him the least.


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