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thor's girl.

the truth.

A few days later Thor came home but took me back to asgard with him." My parents wish to meet you." He said." What." I asked." I have told them of you and how you make me feel and they wish to meet you." He said." Okay." I said." But first meet my friends." He said and pushed me to a group of four people." Thalia." Sif asked." Do I know you." I asked." You you're my sister." She said then memories hit me like a bullet. Memories of my childhood here with them all even Loki." Is this true." Thor asked me." I think." I said." Loki." Thor said." He hid our memories he was mad because you picked Thor over him he hid all our memories of you but he forgot the one about me being your sister." Sif explained." He banished me to earth and then took away my memory and replaced it with lies." I said." Ah so this is Thalia." Thor's mother shouted coming through the door to the training field." Thalia where have you been." She asked as if she knew me." Do I know you." I asked." When you were younger." Thor cut her off." Loki hid our memories she's not sure what's going on." He said gently. Lost memories flooded in my head and I fell to the floor." Oh dear is she okay." Someone asked." I'm fine." I said and I heard Thor growl. I woke up in a hospital bed with king Odin next to me." Where's Thor?" I asked." He is training I need to talk to you." He said." As you wish." I said and he stood me up. I looked down I was in a long black dress." Who changed me." I asked." Sif and frigga." He said." Okay what's wrong." I asked." I wanted to know if you found out your goddess self yet." He asked." What?" I asked." Yes you had found out but before you could tell me what it was Loki banished you to earth for picking Thor." He said." If I find out I will tell you my king." I said and he smiled." Oh do I remember the little prince's faces whenever they heard your name or saw you. To them you were a goddess." He said and I smiled." I feel bad for hurting Loki but I love Thor truly and I cant lie to my heart." I said and he smiled." Still wise." He said." Yes." I said and he smiled. We walked to the training ground and I saw Thor fighting." Ah lady Thalia." He said.' Thor watch out." I said but Sif hit him and he fell to the floor. I ran to him and mad a wall of water over us so they couldn't get to us." Are you okay." I asked and he smiled at me." So beautiful so caring." He sat up and stroked my cheek." Are you sure you're okay." I asked and he smiled." I am fine." He said. The water vaporized and sif helped me up." Good to have you back sis." She said." Good to be back." I said. I heard some one about to attack me so I spun round and kicked whoever I was in the throat." Fandral I am so sorry its a reflex." I said looking at him chocking on the floor." God she can kick." He finally said." She can punch too." Thor said." How do you know." Sif asked." I broke his nose on midgard. He came up behind me and I kinda punched and broke it but I healed him I healed him." I said and sif hugged me." Its in the blood to kick ass." She said. A roar thundered around the training field and a black dragon flew down in the distance the others looks scared and took cover but I stood my ground." Thalia get back it may attack." Thor shouted and grabbed my arm. The dragon hissed and whacked Thor with its tail." Do not you the goddess of dragons you are not worthy." It growled." I'm what." I asked." You my dear Thalia are goddess of dragons." It said." Not possible." Odin said. I felt tingling on my back and when I looked there was a pair of black feather wings." Thalia." Thor moaned. I ran to his side and placed my hand over a cut on his face. Sparks fell out of it and the cut healed. The dragon flew away and my put my wings away which happened to be a tattoo on my back." This is amazing." Thor said and hugged me." I swear to god if you're hurt and not telling me." I said and he sat up." I'm fine." He said and ran a Han through my blue hair. I helped him up and we walked into the palace." Who what the voice before I fell under." I asked and Thor frowned." It was Loki." He said." So I'm the goddess of dragons." I asked and he nodded." It is very rare of someone to be goddess of such powerful creatures." He said." I feel different like i have known you my whole life." I said and he smiled." That's because you have." He said.
Loki's pov.

Once again my brother took the gorgeous girl i loved as a kid the girl i wish i could call mine. I watched her from a distance after i banished her. I watched her at the agency. When they found out about her powers. She was so shy only ever talking to two of the team. One of them the iron man he seemed to show an interest to her but she never responded. I watched as she bumped into Thor that day. And now she's back in asgard and remembers everything." Oh dear is she okay?" I asked as i came into view. Thor threw mjolnir at me and i saw her get carried to the infirmary by Sif and my Mother. I teleported to the room she was in and saw her laying there. I turned invisible as Odin walked in I was welcome here after perusing my time in the cell my imprisonment was loosened so I can stay in my room and roam the palace. I went to my room thinking of Thalia when I fell asleep.
" Thalia wait for me." I shouted as she ran into the forest." Come on Loki I you want me you have to catch me." She replied. I followed her and she made me scared. Oh how I longed to feel her body against mine. She made me smile just her name made me have butterflies in my stomach." Loki help!" She shouted and I ran to were she was. She was in a net crying." Loki please help me." She cried. I jumped up and cut the net. She fell to the floor but I caught her." Are you okay." I asked and she smiled and kissed my cheek." Thank you my prince." She said and stood up. She put pressure on her left ankle and cried out in pain." Here Thalia." I said and picked her up." Loki I'm fine." She said." No you're not." I said and she smiled at me. Her pale skin matched her amazing blue hair perfectly. Oh how I desired to hold her close and call her mine." Thalia are you okay Loki what happened." Thor asked running to us." She was in a net I helped her out and she hurt her ankle." I said and he took her off me. It was obvious Thor liked her just as much as I did but I was determined to make her mine. A week later I was walking to the library when mother came to me." Hello Loki how ore you my little prince." Mother giggled." I'm fine." I sighed I wasn't I hadn't seen Thalia since the net incident because she was training with Thor." Thalia wanted to thank you." She said and my heart skipped at beat at the mention of her name." She did." I asked smiling." Has someone got a little crush on her." She asked and I reddened." No what do you mean by that." I asked and she walked away smiling." Mother." I shouted and she carried on running." Hello Loki." A sweet voice from behind me said. My body tensed and I turned to two red eyes and blue hair." Hello lady Thalia." I said and my heart thundered in my chest." I never got to thank you properly for saving me." She said and hugged me." Thank you so so much id you didn't save me I may have been killed." She said and looked me in the eyes." I was only doing what anyone would have." I said and she smiled." But you did and I thank you for that." She said before giving me a quick kiss on the lips. She walked away and my body started tingling." She kissed me." I whispered to my self." Oh Loki I forgot." She said and I turned back round." What's wrong lady Thalia." I asked." Nothing I wanted to give you this. Thor has his hammer every prince needs a weapon. And I thought id give you this." She said and handed me a small dagger with Loki carved into it." Thank you lady Thalia." I said and hugged her not wanting to let go." I must return to the training fields and train with Thor good day my prince." She said and planted a small kiss on my cheek. That was when we were only small children. It was her sixteenth birthday today and she would receive the gift of almost immortality. I had made her a small locket with a picture of all of our friends inside." Loki how are you ." Thor asked." I'm good brother how are you." I asked." I'm fine." He said. I smelt vanilla and it instantly made me think Thalia." Hello Princes." A kind voice said." Lady Thalia." Thor said and hugged her." Hello Loki." She said and I smiled." Hello lady Thalia you look amazing today." I said and she smiled." Thank you and you both look extremely handsome." She said and her sister pulled her away from us and down the hall.
end of dream.
Thalia's pov.
we sat down for lunch and Thor wrapped his arm around me. Loki entered the room and I smiled at him." Hello lady Thalia." He said." Hello Loki." I said and Thor hugged me tighter." Sister may I speak with you." Sif asked." Of course." I said and she pulled me out of the room." So how long have you and Thor been going out." She asked." A while." I said and she smiled." I would like to catch up just me and you tonight." She said." Id love that." I said and we walked back inside the lunch hall." What was it you talked about." Frigga asked." We were just saying me and my sister should catch up just me and her." I said and frigga nodded." So goddess of dragons truly remarkable." Odin said." I still cant believe it." I said and Thor put his arm around me." She's the goddess of dragons." Loki asked." Yes she is." This said before kissing me softly." Aren't they just adorable." Fandral said." I'm sorry about before I shouldn't have kicked you in the throat." I said and everyone laughed." Already training." Frigga said." Well actually Thor and I were sparring and I caught him off guard she rushed to his side before making a barrier of water so we couldn't get to them and then went she moved the water Fandral was going to hug her when she kicked him on the throat." Sif explained." All I knew was someone was behind me." I said." She broke my nose on midgard because I was behind her." Thor chipped in." Sorry bout that." I said and kissed him softly again." So what will you be doing tomorrow." Frigga asked." Training I guess." I said and pushed my plate forward having ate it." May I be excused?" I asked." Do you remember where your room is." Frigga asked." I'm not sure." I said and sif stood up." I'll show you." She said. We got to my room and it smelled of vanilla." When you got sent to earth I was so worried I kept everything how you liked it." She said and I walked over to the black flower on the window sill. I remember it. Thor had given it to my sixteenth birthday. It was to never die. The essence of a fallen star created the seed and grew it near where mjolnir was found." Moon light." I said and it opened showing it's beautiful petals.



Not trying to be mean or anything, but it's kind of confusing to read when they are all talking in the same sentence. The quotation marks are also confusing too. I mean it's a good story and all, but it just needs a few tweaking, that's all.

Why did it submit it so many times?!!! I'm sorry it did that, I don't know how to delete them...

Not trying to be mean or anything, but it's kind of confusing to read when they are all talking in the same sentence. The quotation marks are also confusing too. I mean it's a good story and all, but it just needs a few tweaking, that's all.

Not trying to be mean or anything, but it's kind of confusing to read when they are all talking in the same sentence. The quotation marks are also confusing too. I mean it's a good story and all, but it just needs a few tweeking, that's all.

Not trying to be mean or anything, but it's kind of confusing to read when they are all talking in the same sentence. The quotation marks are also confusing too. I mean it's a good story and all, but it just needs a few tweeking, that's all.