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Cooking up Loki

Chapter 2

That night, I couldn't control my emotions. After all the cooks left, I was alone and free to cry. I cried so hard. I cant believe I made a complete fool out of myself! The whole room laughed at me, but I didn't know whether they were laughing at me or the fact that I sneezed in the mashed potatoes. It didn't matter now. I was still humiliated.
After picking up my things, I was ready to head home and maybe cry some more. It was my responsibility to lock up the kitchen for the night, being the last one. As I walked away, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see who it was, but they weren't clear enough. "What? Are you here to laugh at me too? Just get it over with so I can go home," I said to them.
"I'm not here to laugh at you," they said in a serious voice. Immediately i recognized who it was, and bowed. It was prince Loki.
"Excuse my outburst sir," I said, still hunched over. He walked down the steps, coming closer to me.
"You can stand up now," he said to me. I straightened up, and stepped back a bit, realizing how close he was to me.
"Sorry sir," I quickly said. He looked at my face. I knew what he was going to say.
"Were you crying?" he asked. I wiped away the falling tears. "Anyway, I came here because I wanted to thank you." What?! Thank me? What should he be thanking me about?
"I-I don't understand sir? Why are you thanking me?"
"Well, you didn't let me finish. My miserable father, he hasn't laughed in so many years. I don't think i can recall the last time the actually did. You though, you made him laugh! I don't know how you did it exactly, but you managed his cobwebbed lungs to give out a laugh. That is what I am thanking you for. My mother smiled as my father laughed, which made me very happy. Oh, and one other thing. My mother asked me to tell you she wanted to talk tomorrow, if that's alright?" He looked at me, and I couldn't help but look in his eyes. His eyes, they were so green they looked like two emeralds shoved into his eye sockets.
"You have such magnificent eyes," I said to him. Suddenly my eyes got wide, but he just smiled. Why in Helheim did i say that?! "I'm sorry, I have to get home. Tell your mother I will be there..." I picked up my feet, and quickly walked away from him.
"Bye," I heard him say quietly before I walked out the front doors. I didn't have time to turn around and respond. I had to get away.
Twice I have been humiliated in front of the royal family! Twice I've made myself look like an idiot! I ran all the way home that night, and when I finally arrived home, I was out of breath and crying. I walked in the house and saw my mother waiting at the dining table. "Why are you so late?" she asked.
"I'm sorry, but I made a complete fool of myself tonight!" I started up crying again.
"How about you come sit down?" She pulled out one of the chairs and patted the seat. I walked over and told her everything that happened. "You're lucky they didn't fire you right on the spot," she said while getting up.
"Yeah, but at least they thought it was funny."
"You're right. Now come on, you have to go to school in the morning, I don't want you being extremely tired." She was right. It was quarter to midnight. I went and crawled in my bed. Surprisingly, I fell asleep very fast.
The sun shone in through my windows. I have always hated getting up in the morning, and I will never like it. I felt extremely groggy, so I trudged over to my wardrobe, that wasn't even as big as me, and pulled out one of my dresses. I pulled over me, then fixed my hair. I said goodbye to my mother as I left the house, and started the mile and a half walk to the schoolhouse.
I finally made it, and I was glad because my legs were killing me! As I walked in, everyone was staring at me. Thanks guys, as if I haven't got stared at enough in one week... I walked more into the room, and found out why everyone was looking at me. Two guards from the palace were in the front, talking to the teacher. I tried to quietly make it over to my desk, but one of the guards turned around. He tapped the other one on the shoulder, and walked away from the teacher. Before I knew it, they were at my desk. "You need to come with us, the queen requests your presence." I followed them out of the school. I glanced back to see everyone, including the teacher, watch us leave.
As we got closer to the castle, I said, "I thought she would want to talk with me when I reported for work?" They didn't say anything back. We finally arrived at the doors. They opened them and allowed me to walk in first. I didn't willingly do it. They led me into a giant room, where both the king and queen sat in chairs. Loki and Thor standing beside them.
"Come closer," Odin's voice boomed. My legs felt like they were going to give out any second, but i managed to walk forward. "Do you remember the coincidence from last night?" he asked, while his voice echoed in the room. All eyes were on me once again, waiting for a reply.
"Yes," I squeaked out.
"Well, then you know what must be done." What?! Whats going to happen to me?! What must be done?" "I now relive you of your--" Loki then walked out in front of his father.
"Father, pardon my intrusion, but do you remember what happened last night? You're are going to relieve her of her duty, but you forgot that she actually made you laugh! How long has it been since you've done that father?" The king looked directly at him. I could feel the nausea rising in my stomach. Why is Loki fighting for me?
"No, I do not remember. What are you trying to say Loki?" He turned around to me, smiled, then looked back at his father.
"I don't think you should fire her. How about instead raising her up to a higher position?" What is he saying?!
"Like what do have in mind?" Loki bent over and whispered in his ear. The king then smiled. "Fine, it has been decided!"
"What? What has been decided?" I asked.
"Silence! You are now to be a maid for prince Loki and Thor!" I felt my heart in my throat. What did he just say? I'm going to be a maid for the two of them?!


Hey guys! Hoe you enjoyed this chapter! Surprised eh? Keep reading to find out what happens to Alexia! :) Sorry if it is too short, I dont like to go too long on my chapters!
P.S. There might be some errors, and I'm sorry for that! I just really want to eat lunch! Comment what you think!


Just ignore those comments

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Wow, I feel so stupid! I was suppose to comment this on another story! It pasted this on here and now i don't know how to delete it!

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller