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Cooking up Loki

Chapter 4

"You have powers!" I said to him. He walked in my room and shut the door.
"Yes, and if you keep quiet, I can show you what I can do with them. I've been practicing ever since I found out." He twiddled his fingers and more blue sparks snapped between his fingers. "What would you like to see first?" he asked.
"I don't know, anything you want. So, how many girls have you shown this to?" I asked him. He looked up at me with a confused look. "Just wondering?"
"Just one," he replied.
"And who would that be? I probably know her..." He smiled wide.
"Of coarse you do! Everyone knows her! Her smile brings warmth to you, and when she gives you her happy look, it's so cheery to see. She makes me laugh and everyone else! Can you guess who I'm talking about?" Yeah, I think I got the hint.
"Would it perhaps be me?"
"Correct. Now, watch your ceiling as I do something magical." I laid down in the bed and looked up. What was he going to do? I had to know. I looked over at his hands, and suddenly my room went pitch black I couldn't see a thing at first, but then yellow started to glow from his fingertips. I watched as they floated up onto my ceiling. The glow then turned into animals! They chased each other across my ceiling, and I watched in joy as two kittens played with a ball of yarn. I could hear Loki silently laugh while the puppies fought with each other. How is he making this possible? Am I the only one who knows about his magic? Probably not. My eyes glued to the animals as they continued to run free all over my ceiling. I suddenly felt a presence near my head. I turned my neck to look over, and I found out that Loki had laid down also. His arms were extended outwards, and his hands moved around. The animals then disappeared and the room was illuminated with light again.
"Wow," I said sitting back up. "I could watch that forever! That was truly fascinating!" He smiled.
"Well I'm glad you liked it. Now, for another one of my tricks, I'm going to need you to put out your hand and close your eyes." I did as he instructed. Something touched my hands. "You can open your eyes now," he said. I opened them to find a beautifully blossomed rose. For some reason, it felt like it had just been picked.
"Where did you get this from? How did you just pick this?"
"Oh, so you noticed it was fresh? Well, I teleported tothe royal garden picked this, teleported back here, and gave it to you."
"You teleported to the gardens! That's incredible! I wish I could do that, so I didn't have to walk almost two miles to get to school, and from here. You are very unique Loki, and I like that." He smiled.
"Thank you, I never got complemented like that before. So, where do you want to go?" he suddenly asked.
"What? Go where?" I was confused.
"Remember I can teleport? I can bring you anywhere as long as you're touching me. So, where would you like to go?" I thought for a moment, then it hit me. I had never been there, so I guess there is a shot of going there?
"How about the rainbow bridge? I had never been there, but I'm sure you have..."
"Plenty of times, but I will enjoy it more with you there." Is... Is he flirting with me? I've noticed it for a while, but now it's becoming real obvious. Does--does he like me or something? I want to ask him, but that would be too forward. I should wait.
"Yeah, I'm excited to go! I have always wanted to see it!" He extended his arm out to me.
"Alright, then take my arm." I slowly put my hand on his arm, and suddenly I wasn't in the room anymore. I was standing on an almost clear bridge with colors seeming through it. I crouched down and touched it. "Yes, it is very real," he said to me.
"I know that, I just wanted to feel it. It's very beautiful different from what I imagined it to look like though." I then turned around to find a dome shaped building with what seemed like a birds beak sticking out of the top. "What is that?" I asked. He looked at me with a strange look.
"Don't tell me you haven't heard of the bifrost?! I would think everyone knew what it was here. How do you not know about it?" I started thinking for a moment, but I couldn't find a logical answer.
"I don't really know. I guess my parents just never told me about it..."
"Well that's fine, now you know."
"Can we go in it?" I said while stepping towards it. His hand laid on my chest stopping me from going any farther. "What's wrong?" I looked over at him and his head was down, shaking side to side.
"We can't go in there. One, I'm not allowed. Two, I threatened to send Thor to Jotunheim and freeze to death. It was just a joke, but my father didn't find it funny. So I'm only allowed on the bridge. But the view is nice." He walked over to the edge and looked down. I walked over also and slowly looked down. It was like a giant ocean. One mistake and you'd be gone for good. I get a bad feeling in my stomach when I look down from high up. As I looked, I saw a giant monster. I had no idea what it was, but it was scary looking. "I see it too. I know what that thing is, but the name always slips my mind. How about you go ask it?" I was about to turn and ask him what he meant, but I felt his hand push me over the edge. My feet fell out of from under me as I began to fall faster and closer to the water. I couldn't believe this was happening! Why did he do this to me?!
I watched as the monster jumped out of the water, so close to me that it could have eaten me whole. I screamed so hard, but then, I was back on the bridge. My legs were under me, and I was crying in my hands. My head tilted up out of my hands, and I was relieved. I stood, and looked over the edge, the monster slammed back in the water, disappointed. I had just realized that it actually happened. I slowly looked over at Loki, I was furious. He was laughing to himself. "What?" he finally asked.
"YOU PUSHED ME OVER THE BRIDGE!!!!!" I screamed. "I was about to become that things meal! Why did you do that!"
"Calm down, you didn't die, did you? It was just a joke..."
"Putting my life at risk is NOT a joke!" I walked near him, ready to strangle him any moment. He noticed and started walking backwards. Suddenly, I saw his foot slip from the bridge. His whole body fell back and I watched him fall down. "Loki!" I yelled. I extended my arm to him. Suddenly he disappeared with a green light surrounding him. A finger tapped my shoulder, and I turned around to find him standing there. I turned around and slapped his face. He didn't flinch, and probably knew he was going to get it. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He grinned. "Do you think this is funny to do to people?!"
"Yes, I actually do. You should have seen the look on your face! You were so scared!" I suddenly got embarrassed. I care for him.
"Yeah, cause I really thought you were going to die..."
"So, you care for me?" How did he know that?!
"Just bring me back to my room," I said, holding my arm behind my back. He touched my shoulder, and we were immediately back in my room. I went over and sat on my bed. Loki started walking over to me, but then I looked up at him. Tears in my eyes. "Just leave," i said with a hoarse voice. He understood and left.
That night, I slept great. I was so tired, from falling earlier. Why did he do that to me? Twice! I cant believe he thought it was funny! I guess i never really knew him that well. I wonder how tomorrow?

That morning, there was a knock at my door. I wasn't even out of bed, so I waited for them to leave. Whoever it was, I guess they were sick of waiting, so they left, like I knew they would. I finally got up, and opened my door. Right outside on the ground was a little blue box. There was also a not attached it it with pink ribbon. Loki, I knew it must be him. I picked it up and brought it inside, shutting the door. I went back over to my bed, and sat down. I held the box in my hand. I took of the note and read it. 'I'm sorry about last night... Please forgive me...' I smiled. At least he apologized for almost giving me two heart attacks. I set down the note, and opened the box. Inside there was a blue diamond ring.


Hope you liked it! Continue reading to find out what happened! Please rate and comment, I love to recieve both!


Just ignore those comments

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Wow, I feel so stupid! I was suppose to comment this on another story! It pasted this on here and now i don't know how to delete it!

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller