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Cooking up Loki

Chapter 5

Where in the 9 realms did he get this? I took it out of the little blue box, and slid it on my finger. It was beautiful! But why a ring? I'm not that into jewelry, but it was pretty. I have to go say thank you to him! And also ask him where he got it from.
But before I did any of that, I had to go to the bathroom so bad. There was a door on the left of my bed. I opened it to surely find out it was a bathroom. There was a little white toilet, along with a stand up shower! In my house, we just had a big tub to sit in, but here, it was a wooden rectangular box with an open front! I quickly got out of my nightgown, and stepped in. Immediately the water turned on! It was so relaxing in there that I didn't want to leave! The feeling of hot water was nothing else like I had felt before! The water in the tub at my house would go could very fast, but here, in this shower, it never went away!
I was then done with the shower, and I had to go pick out one new dress. There were so many colors to choose from, but I decided on yellow. It was very silky, and when I walked, it whipped around my legs. I went back over to the desk and put the ring back on. But where could he be now? In his room? The dining hall? I don't know, but I'll try to find him.
I left my room, and went to search for Loki. Sometimes, I couldn't concentrate on where I was going cause I kept glancing down at the ring. I guess now I should forgive him for sending him out of my room last night. I mean, shouldn't you be mad at someone who tried killing you, but then after said it was a joke? You'd be mad too, even thought it was the prince and everything, also a god too now that I think of it...
But that really shouldn't matter. We all feel the same. Like his apology, we all apologize.
I didn't realize it, but I found myself in the Main Hall. But I wasn't alone. I froze in my tracks as I noticed something big was going on. It seemed as if EVERYONE in the castle was attending it. I looked up at Loki, and he signaled for me to come up next to him. I pointed a finger at my chest, to make sure it was me. Hurriedly i walked up and stood behind him like all the maids were required to do. "What is going on?" I whispered to him. He turned around.
"My uncle, Vili, is visiting for a week with his daughter Princess Eerika. I told you to wake up this morning and get here in time, but you just had to make yourself look like a fool again, didn't you?" Why is he being mean all of a sudden? Is it something I said?
"Was it also you who gave me this ring?" I asked, holding it up to him. He quickly took my hand and put it down. "Whats wrong?" I asked.
"If you don't want to get killed, then I would keep that ring hidden. Yes, I did give you that. Now, be quiet, here they come." The giant gold metal doors opened up, and in walked a man similar to Odin, but clearly he didn't have an eye-patch. Beside him was a long browned hair girl who had a long red dress on. On top of her head sat a crown with a bird spread out. They both smiled at everyone as they walked in. Then I noticed she looked directly at Loki, and made a bigger smile with a little wave. I looked over to see Thor wave back to her, but clearly she was doing it to the prince in front of me. They both finally got to the stairs and bowed before Odin and Frigga.
"King Odin," he said while straightening back up. "It is so good to see you again brother after... How long has it been? Well, I don't remember. Frigga, still looking as beautiful as ever!"
"Thank you Vili," she said back. Then the princess looked up too, looking at Odin and Frigga for a second, then of coarse back over to Loki. Does she have something for him? Well it wouldn't work out for her anyway cause they're related. Wow, am I being over protective? Is that what is happening right now?
"Ah, my two nephews! Come see your uncle Vili!" His voice boomed like Odins, but it was more cheery, and less scary. Loki and Thor walked away from me, so I just stayed put. Loki shook Vili's hand, but Thor gave him a hug. They then went over to Eerika, and BOTH of them hugged her.Thor hugged her first, but once she hugged Loki, I could see clearly she didn't want to let go. I didn't mean to stare for that long, but Earika caught my eye. I laid both of my hands on my stomach, then the look on her face changed from happy (probably from hugging Loki), to furious.
"Who is that!" she yelled, pointing her finger at me. My eyes got wide. What did I do wrong?! "That is my thought-to-be lost ring she is wearing upon her finger!" I looked down at it. How is it hers?! Vili then looked at me, and my face got extremely red i could feel that my cheek were on fire. Being noticed by another royal is not a good sign.
"You, girl! Come down here!" Now it sounded like Odins voice. I walked down the stairs, scared out of my wits. "Take that ring off immediately!" I did as he said and took it off with shaky fingers. I handed the ring over to him, not sure what exactly was going on. He looked inside the ring, and I could tell he found what he was looking for. He then handed the ring back to me. "Look inside and read out loud what it says," he ordered. I turned the ring so I could read what it was said.
"To my beloved creation, love dad," I said so the whole room could hear it. Eerika then snatched the ring from my hand and put it on her own.
"This is definitely my ring father! How did you get it!" she yelled, looking right at me. I looked over to Loki. He shook his head slowly. He didn't want me to tell her he stole it! But what if I did tell her? Would he hate me and never talk to me again. My mouth then started to move! I couldn't control the words I was saying!
"I stole it your majesty," my mouth suddenly made me say. I looked over at Loki, and he covered his mouth to hide his smile. My eyes then started to tear up. What was going to happen to me now?!
"It's true father! I saw someone in my room last night, then I woke up and it was gone!" The tears then started falling faster out of my eyes. What the HELL is going on! I turned around to see Odin stand up.
"Guards, take her away!" Two guards ran out from behind Odin, and came at me. I then looked to Loki, who wasn't as happy as before.
"You ass! You knew this was going to happen to me! That is why you gave me the ring! Cause you were mad at me! This isn't the way to get your anger out! I will NEVER forgive you Loki!" The guards the picked up both of my arms, and carried me away. I proposed I was going to the dungeons, and I was right.
They pushed me into the cell, and locked the door. It wasn't like those other prison cells that the most evilest things are put in. Nope. Stone surrounded me, and my only exit was a wooden door with a window with bars in it.

I stayed in there for God knows how long, until I heard the rattling of keys unlock my door. I thought it was going to be a guard giving me some food, but it wasn't a guard. It was Loki. I turned the other way as I laid in the bed.
"I don't want to talk to you," I said.
"Alexia, please listen to me. I had no idea you were going to end up here! I'm sorry, but I'm trying my best to get you out." I then noticed someone behind him. It was the princess. Earika. She wrapped her rich hands around Loki's waist.
"Come on Loki, be done talking to this thief! I want to go eat in the garden!" He took her hands off of his waist.
"I told you Eerika, I'm no going in the gardens with you, not like how you acted before. Go back to your room, go find Thor or something." She fake-whimpered and walked away. "I'm so sorry," he said before walking out.
A few minutes later, someone else walked in. I thought it was Loki again, so I said, "Go away! I told you I didn't want to talk!" I turned around to find Thor. I sat up quickly. "I'm sorry, I-I..."
"No need to apologize. That was a freaky scene of what happened before. I don't believe you stole that ring. You didn't leave your room at all that night. Unless you have powers like my brother and that you can teleport anywhere, then that's different." He knows also? Loki lied about me being the only one who knew then! "I know you were framed, so I want to help you. But first, we need to talk."


It took me a lot of research to get the idea of bringing Vili into the story. Well, I hoped it payed off! BTW, Eerika isnt real, I just made her up!


Just ignore those comments

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Wow, I feel so stupid! I was suppose to comment this on another story! It pasted this on here and now i don't know how to delete it!

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller