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Cooking up Loki

Chapter 7

"For what reason should I come with you?" Loki snapped back. I adjusted myself back on the bed. So Thor really told the king it was Loki who stole the ring and not me? Odin glanced at me then looked back again at Loki.
"Are you not aware of what you have done? You stole your cousins ring! That is a crim my son, and you have to pay for what you did." Loki then stood up. He was obviously irritated.
"But she got it back father, there can't be any punishment towards me if she has it back?!" Odin then pointed to me.
"You also framed your maid, that is another crime. You will serve one night in the dungeons, then the next day you will be have no meals throughout the day." Odin turned to leave, but Loki quickly walked up behind him.
"So your going to starve me? And you think that's a good punishment?" Odin then turned back around.
"I didn't decide that punishment, your mother did. I had something way worse planned for you, but she insisted her way. Now come on, the dungeons await." Loki quickly turned and smiled. How is he happy about going to the dungeons? Well, maybe he wanted to show me that he wasn't angry at me? I'm not sure but I believe that's it. Also not eating for a whole day? Who does that to your own kid? I know I couldn't survive a day without anything to eat, so I'll bring him something tommorow, but small enough to sneak in. Probably when I do the laundry, I can sneak like a biscuit in there or something? I think he would like that.
The next morning, I had a really sick feeling. I feel like I'm going to be sick. I think something got to me when I was in that cell?
I had to do everything that day. Laundry, drawing water for Thor to have a bath, getting stuff for Loki cause he was locked in his room. I don't know but that's kind of a childish way to punish a teenager.
As I left Loki's room, I slammed into someone by mistake. My vision blurred for a second, but then went back to normal. It was Eerika. "Watch where you're going peasant!" she yelled at me.
"I'm sorry," I staggered out. She walked past me and stood in front of Lokis room. "You can't go in there," I said quietly. Obviously she heard. She whipped around and grabbed my wrist, twisting it. "Ow!" I yelled out.
"How dare you speak to me! I am a princess! And you are a good for nothing maid!" Suddenly, she froze. Her hand uclenched my arm. Her eyes stared off, clearly something happened to her.
"Open my door Alexia," I heard Loki say in his room. I did as he said, making my way around Eerika. He looked at her, once I opened the door, and sighed. "She was always such a brat. I could never control her before I knew I had my powers, but now, it's so much easier to get peace when she's around." He then snapped his fingers and she disappeared with shimmery green lights.
"Where is she now?" I asked.
"Oh somewhere, but I don't really care."
"She cares about you an awful lot though..."
"But I do not care for her. You see, she has been trying to date me for all I remember, but she has forgotten that we are cousins. It irritates me whenever she is near, or talks to me. I'm sorry you had to walk into that little fiasco earlier. I didn't know she was going to kiss me, and that my double let her! They were just suppose to talk, nothing more." I then remembered my laundry basket behind me. I left his room so I could get it, but that's when I bumped into Eerika.
"I have something for you," I said while digging in the clothes.
"Laundry, why would I want-" I then pulled out the biscuit. He looked at it with hungry eyes.
"We should go in your room in case Odin sees me feeding you. I know I wouldn't have survived without eating anything for a whole day! So I brought you this." He smiled and took it. He didn't hesitate to eat it.
"I admire that you care for me," he said, crumbs flying out of his mouth.
"Thank you," I said. My face felt hot. I must be blushing. He finished his biscuit, and before I knew it, he leaned in and kissed me. I backed away quickly, cheeks growing more red.
"What? Have you not been kissed before?"
"I-It's not that, I just didn't think I would be kissing a prince. It's a lot to take in for a moment. If anyone here, you'd kiss me?" He put his hand softly on my shoulder.
"Cause you're the only one here that I can really talk to Alexia. I know you might not like me back, after all I did to you. I get it."
"I don't hate you, I just wish you didn't do those things and just have told me what you feel. But Thor said you only show your feelings in actions." Crap. Loki got a little angry.
"Then he must have told you what I did to Sif then? But don't worry, I wasn't planning on doing that to you. When I get out of here tomorrow, I want to bring you somewhere. It's not to the bridge, if that's what you thought. No, somewhere better."
"It's a good thing you said tomorrow, I get off. So I guess I will see you. But will anyone worry that you're gone? I could ask Thor to say some-" He put his finger over my lip to silence me.
"Why do you keep bringing up that idiot? I don't really care if people worry that I am gone. As long as I am with you Alexia, then I don't have a care in the nine realms."
I soon left his room, after we planned out we would meet. I had never done this before, nor did I think I ever would! It sounded...fun.
The next morning, I woke up to my door being slammed opened. My eyes were then directed towards the person at the door. It was Thor. He came striding in, but quickly. "Lady Alexia," he said hovering over me. "Where is Loki?" I sat up. "You were with him last night, weren't you? Do you have any idea where he might have gone?" I have no idea what he's talking about. He was just suppose to meet me in the gardens like we discussed.
"Did you check the gardens?" He looked puzzled.
"Yes...That is the first place we looked. My mother is starting to worry. They think he ran away, they're are going to start a search party if he doesn't return. But if you do see him, tell me." Thor then left, leaving me in a cloud of confusion. Why would Loki just disappear? Did he go to that place he told me about? This isn't good.
Suddenly, I heard moving from underneath my bed. I slowly draped over the side of my bed to lift up the skirt. I screamed and sat back up. Loki crawled out from underneath my bed. "How long have you been under there?!" I yelled. He then stood, cricked his neck, which made a gross popping sound.
"I don't remember. You snore loudly though. And you talk in your sleep." What in Helheim did I say?! "Don't worry, it wasn't anything embarrassing. You just talked about your parents."
"Do you not find it weird at ALL that you were under my bed?! The whole kingdom is having a search party for you and you're stashing out under my bed?! I'm sorry but that's just weird to me! I thought we were going to meet in the gardens?"
"Well, there are guards every where. Her little princess must be protected at all times." I covered my mouth.
"Eerika was in the gardens? She would have ruined it if she saw me with you! I have a feeling she doesn't like me."
"You're not the only one she doesn't like. Every single lady here she hates. She just wants me to only like her. Gives me the creeps. Anyway, instead of meeting in the gardens, I thought I could just transport us there from here?"
"Transport yourself where Loki?" I turned around towards the door to find it open, and an angry Thor standing in it. Uh oh.
"Why should you care brother?" Loki said to him. Thor walked quickly into my room and grabbed Loki by the neck. Loki just laughed, and they were suddenly gone. Thor could kill him for all I know. I watched the door as another figure showed up. Eerika.
"Loki my love! Are you in-oh, it's you again. Where is my rose?"
"Not with you," i snickered. She walked in more with a pouty face.
"You think it's funny picking on me peasant? Cause I don't find it very amusing myself. Now, where is my honey?"
"Do you not get that you two are cousins? It's gross of you to love him." She walked closer, and grabbed my hair, with her fist, and pulled it back. I didn't scream or do anything.
"We are not blood related maid girl, but I bet you didn't know that?"
"What, are you adopted or something?" I managed to say without screaming as she pulled my hair back harder.
"I'm not, but he is." I had nothing to say. "But don't tell him that. Daddy said he can't know. And if I see you around him again peasant, you won't live to wash the laundry again. Am I clear?" Her grip tightened. I would do anything to get out of her tightened hand. I nodded. "Good," she said while letting go. She then walked out of my room with her gold curly hair bouncing. I swear if I had a sword right now...
Never mind. I can't believe Loki is adopted! Well he is the only one who has black hair, but I just assumed it came from like his grandparents or something? I can't tell him though, he will hate me for saying it.


So how did you guys like it? Please comment and rate! Both are accepted! Do you hate Eerika? Tell me!!!! And did you like how I incorporated that Loki is adopted? Does Thor know too?


Just ignore those comments

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Wow, I feel so stupid! I was suppose to comment this on another story! It pasted this on here and now i don't know how to delete it!

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

Awesome story! Love the concept! It's not like she's in love with him right away, but their building up their relationship! Second best story on here! And they're not too long.

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller