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King Loki

Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Loki had sent word to have Cephera join him in one of the many large empty rooms. He had no use for them save for later banquets and dances he would hold once Midgard was bowed to him completely.
The columns rose high to connect to the vaulted ceiling, which was painted like one giant canvas depicting part of his reign and would be added to later.
Light green, sleek, sheer curtains adorned the open archways to the great balconies many exits, fluttering inwards from the outside breeze. Carved statues accented the walls near each doorway. A great carpet of gold and green bordered the rectangular area in the very center made for dancing. The floors shining of marble where the carpet did not hide it.
Loki enjoyed this room very much. He enjoyed the extravagance and elegance it added to the Spire. He was eager to see it used for its proper purpose, but that would have to wait. Celebrations were not yet something he could look forward too, but when he could he would enjoy the looks on each mortals face as they stared in awe at his masterpiece.
He stood in the center of room waiting for his guest, when at last he saw her round the corner he smiled and then narrowed his eyes in suspicion. The Loyal he'd sent to attend her was not in close pursuit as she was ordered to be at all times.
As if reading his mind, Cephera let a tiny smile play across her lips, she looked less stressed than before. She'd collected herself rather gracefully. "I don't appreciate having a babysitter," she said.
"And what has happened to yours?" Loki asked keeping calm himself. He didn't like being defied, but somehow he was more amused than irritated. Honestly, he hadn't expected much of a rebellion from her.
"Passed out on my room floor. Drained of the energy needed to stay awake," Cephera shrugged, "just as the next one will be if you choose to continue having me watched."
Loki's lips twitched at the ends. Her tone beheld resolute defiance and a hint of pride. He found himself amused in a much different manner than just early that morning. Apparently, he'd pushed a few too many buttons since his big reveal and she wasn't having any more of it.
"You forget your place," he warned her, though his tone held not an ounce of anger. He was trying to read her though she made it difficult.
He could not tell if she was simply acting, or if he'd judged her softness too harshly. After all, even as Lana he hadn't gotten to know much about her personality. She'd given him the impression she was more a follower, and a soft one at that.
Loki was curious to see what other buttons he could push within this odd woman.
"I don't forget anything. You want my power, you have it. Does it work? Ask your sleeping servant. You want my cooperation, you have it, but I refuse to become a pet on a tight leash." He saw her swallow deeply, an indication that she wasn't completely comfortable taking up this new position she displayed before him.
Her outward confidence was nothing more than an act. Perhaps she wished to intimidate him? He wanted to laughed at the idea.
"I see," he replied giving her no hint as to his mood. He stared back at her, his eyes gliding down from her face to the rest of her. His main purpose was to make her feel uncomfortable, but he couldn't deny he enjoyed what he saw.
It wouldn't be the first time he'd taken to looking at her in such a way and it wouldn't be the last. His lingering gaze caused her to shift in discomfort, her weight moving from one foot to the other and her fingers to curl into fists.
Pleased with himself he tore his eyes from her and stepped backwards outstretching his arms to gesture around him. "A magnificent room, is it not?" He asked her. His sudden change of subject certainly took her off-guard.
All her effort to approached him the way she did must have seemed pointless to her as he dismissed it so easily.
"I've seen grand rooms likes this before," she replied looking around and then up. He was certain he saw a slight hint of partial eye-roll as she spied the mural above. He gritted his teeth, but remained appearing indifferent. "Why am I here?" She asked.
"To test the strength of this power of your." He told her simply.
"And we needed this big room for that?" She responded.
Loki smirked.
Of course he hadn't needed it, but he wanted to use it, to show it off. "Come closer," he beckoned her closer with a wave of his hand. She approached with slow movements, cautious most likely.
"How would you like to test me exactly?" She asked looking around as she walked. There was no one else there, they were alone.
He didn't reply, he waited until she was a couple of steps in front of him. "With myself." He finally replied. "You will be using your power on me. Let's see how much damage you can cause to my energy." He smirked at her surprised expression.
"You're going to just allow me to use my power against you?" Her surprise remained fixed across her sweet face and Loki's smirk grew into a smile.
"I am confident that you are not strong enough to defeat me, so yes." He reached out his hand, an offer for her to start whenever she was ready. She stared at his hand as if waiting for a trick to happen. "It does work by touch, does it not?"
She snapped from her surprise and suspicion. Her eyes flared with determination as she grabbed his hand regaining her previous confidence.
Loki purposely curled his fingers around her fingers. Her skin was soft, her hand small, delicate. By the looked of her hands he could tell she had seen an easy life. No hard labour had marred her flesh with calluses.
Loki waited to feel something. He kept his gaze steady on her while feeling with his senses for any changes in his body. He felt a tug at his chest, almost taking his breath away. He hadn't expected it to feel intense.
He inhaled and set his jaw to avoid looking worried, but he soon realized he had nothing to worry about. He felt weary, tired. His muscles relaxed further of their own accord and he suddenly felt like he needed to sit down.
Her face had grown red. It was clear she was reaching the point of her limit. Her hand slacked in his grip. He allowed it to slip from his fingers and fall to her side. She was most certainly disappointed.
"I'm impressed," Loki couldn't help but praise her. After all, she'd affected him more than he'd expected, but he was glad to know she hadn't the power to completely subdue him, that was assuming she hadn't held back and wasn't playing a mind game of her own.
He doubted it. She looked far too taxed to have been pretending.
She was silent, her head tilted downward and eyes cast to the floor. Loki leaned down so that his face was close to her hair, she'd bathed in the scented oils he'd had placed in her bathroom. The scent of cherry blossoms wafted off her soft brown and pink tresses.
"Don't be so down trodden. Surely you didn't think you really had any kind of chance against me." He told her. "I am King for a reason, and now that you know that you're no match we can avoid any ideas you may have had for betrayal."
She turned her head from him slightly and before he regained his previous composure he inhaled her sweet scent one last time like a guilty pleasure.



Hahaha. You are not the only one in this boat. :p

Yasumi Yasumi

Then anticipation is killing me lol I know you like to build up to it and I love that but I keep reading and thinking "oh god just realize you love her already" lmao

fraychan fraychan

I had not realized, I shall fix it. :0

There were so many more variables to look at that I hadn't considered until I began writing. :p

Yasumi Yasumi

Lol u realize u labeled chapter 3 as chapter 4 right? And ya I can see that. Its such a vastly different phenomenon that its hard to imagine precisely how itd be, realistically

fraychan fraychan


I have returned indeed!
I'm liking this so far as well. Trying to create a new world in which Loki rules is not as easy as I thought, which makes it super fun. :)

Yasumi Yasumi