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A visitor from above

Chapter 1

My name is Amelia. I have lived alone for two years in Ohio. Today is my birthday, which I will be celebrating by myself. My parents Iive in California, so they won't bother to come all the way out Hereford just one day. I know I wouldn't. They just send cards and presents. It's not like I don't accept that, I just hate being alone.
I do have neighbors cause I live in a Coldesac, but I'm not really close with any of them. It will be over soon. But I did buy myself a cake--how sad is that? When you get a cake for your birthday, you're not suppose to know what it looks like. But I do. It kind of looks like a boy's birthday cake. It has the Avengers all over it. I'm a huge fangirl of all fandom a, but The Avengers is my strongest. If I could, I would make my whole house Avengers themed, but sadly, I'm not a billionaire, like Tony is. I would love to meet them one day, they don't know I even exist though ;(. Anyways...
Its getting dark out now. Soon I can eat my little birthday cake! I'm not so fond of sweets, but a little cake now and then won't hurt, right? I didn't think so. Sweets are definitely the best during you-know-what. But enough about that.
Finally! I can sing Happy Birthday to myself. Eat this cake! But right before I took a bite out of it, there was a crack of lightening and thunder noises. The first one made me jump. I don't like the sound of thunder, it's scary sounding. I walked over to the window to see how bad it was. It was bad. But to my surprise, it started to make a cylinder shape. I stepped back away from the window. This can't be a Tornado! No, but is it.... Of coarse not! That is so ridiculous! This is real life, not a comic book or a Marvel Movie! But, it does look like that tube Thor came out of when Jane hit his car. I have to go see what it is!
I walked out of my house, shutting the door tightly behind me. My medium lengthen hair started whipping around in my face. I tried looking at the funnel before me through my hair. There were red and blue streaks going through it. Okay, this can't be happening! Especially on my birthday! I walked down on my steps to get a better look. I then was pushed back by the harsh wind onto my butt. I could feel my butt bones hit the porch. "Well that hurt," I said while getting up. When I got back up, the storm started to die down. I walked down the steps closer. I was now in my driveway. I looked around at the houses in my Coldesac, but no one was coming out. Am I the only one who can see this? Probably not, maybe they're smart enough not to come out. Before the tunnel went completely away, there was a loud *Thud!* noise from inside.
My legs started to shake once I saw something in there. Or someone. "No," I whispered to myself. I started walking for the circle. Someone's in there! They then stood up. I gasped. Could this be...Thor? My heart raced. I never had anything like this happen to me! But their not suppose to be real! They're just legends, myths, Gods. The storm then completely disappeared. I don't think that is Thor. Or he could look different from the Movies? With my legs terribly shaking, I walked closer towards the circle. Whoever it was, they didn't notice me yet. I then noticed the grass that used to be there, was gone and replaced with strange looking symbols. "Just like in Thor," I kept repeating to myself. Finally I was right behind whoever it was. It was too dark to see what they looked like. "Um," I managed to squeeze out. My heart felt like it was in my throat. The person turned around and saw me. They stepped forward into the light. My body shut down. This... This wasn't Thor. It was his step brother. Loki.
"Where am I?" he asked me with a different accent than what Tom did. It must be real Asgardian. "Are you deaf?" he scoffed.
"No," I answered back. "You're in Ohio. Are you..."
"Now why would he put me in "Ohio", he said to himself. He then remembered I was still there. "Mortal, where is your residence?" Does he mean my house. I couldn't say anything so I just pointed to where it was. "Excellent, I will be staying there until I harness my powers back." The longer I looked at him, I expected him to resemble Tom Hiddlestons Loki, but he did look different. He still had the raven black hair and green eyes, just a different face structor. Well I didn't expect him to look exactly like Tom, but maybe this real Loki is a bit cuter. No offense to Tom though. Love you.
He walked past me and started to head for my house. I stayed where I was for a moment. I don't know if I'm scared or if I'm happy? It's mixed emotions going on right now.
I walked out of the circle and noticed he was standing on my porch while I was in my driveway. I made it onto the porch. What is he doing?
"Open the door," he commanded.
"What? You can't open it by yourself?" He turned around and gave me an angry look.
"Open the door," he said again through gritted teeth. Okay, I'm starting not to like this real Loki. I moved around him and found the door handle. I twisted it and the door opened. In he went. I waited on the porch for a second. Then I went in and shut the door behind me. I noticed he was drawn to my dining table, where my cake was sitting. "What is this?" he asked curiously.
"Well today is my birthday, so--"
"Did I ask that?" He got angry again. I was shocked. I was going to say what it was, but he rudely interrupted me.
"It's a cake," I said mildly. I was about to go in the kitchen to get away from him, until I heard a smashing sound. Lokis right hand was covered in frosting. The middle of my cake had a hole in it. I ran over and looked closer. That did it. I started to jab my pointer finger in the middle of his chest.
"What the hell did you do that for! You can't just barge into my house and destroy things that aren't yours!" I hadn't realized that I was getting louder.
"Why does it have my brother on it?" he asked while lifting my finger away.
"Thor? Well he is widely known as a superhero on Earth, or as you call it Midgard. You're known too." He then started to laugh. I wasn't pleased by his sudden outburst. "What is so funny?" I said keeping a straight face.
"Oh just the fact that my idiot brother and I are known on Midgard! But how?"
"Let me show you," I said feeling a little more loose. I went over to my cabinet under my TV and dug out the Avengers movie. I popped it in the CD player. He stood for a moment, then sat down on the couch. It then got to the part when Loki steals the Tesseract.
"Is that suppose to be me? And what is that thing I'm stealing?"
"Yes, that is suppose to be you. You're stealing a cube called a Tesseract." Now that he knows, I should probably take it out. I got up and went over to the CD player. I was about to hit "reject", but Loki jumped up flailing his arms.
"No! No! Don't stop it! I want to watch more of it!" Okay. He won't like how he loses though...
It was finally over. I looked over at him and he had his hand on his chin, but his pointer finger on his lower lip. I then saw as his face transformed into anger. Here we go again. In a quick second, he picked up the remote, and chucked it into the TV. The glass shattered. I jumped up and faced him. "What did you do that for?! Another thing broken! Now I have to get it fixed!"
"Why is it over! I wanted to watch more! I demand it to continue! And why did I have to loose?! I could have killed ALL of them!" Really?
"Well, it can't keep going cause it's a movie! Movies have endings!" I heard him then get up and walk over to me as I opened the door to the DVD player. His hand rested o my shoulder.
"I'm sorry I killed your...whatever you call it. I promise when I get my powers back, I will fix it for you. You know, I don't think I caught your name?"
"Amelia," I said trying to stay calm.
"Amelia," he repeated.
"Well, you haven't told me why you're here in the first place?" I said while standing and looking him right in the eyes. Those eyes are still gorgeous though.
"My father, I guess he was sick of my tricks so he banished me hear for timeout. Childish really. Who banishes their own son to another realm?"
"Well, you could say it happened before..." I smiled.
"Huh? Nevermind. Amelia, you have been kind to me when I have not been to you. I want to thank you for letting me stay in your house. You don't know the feeling of being on another planet. Thank you." He does have a way with words I have to say.
"No problem. But now, I have to get to bed. I have work tomorrow. You can sleep on the pullout bed in my couch? I don't have a spare bedroom." He smiled. Yay! First one of the night!
"That's fine. Better than sleeping on the floor."
After setting up the bed, I gave him my old boyfriends pajamas that he left on accident. They worked fine. He got in, so I went up to my bed. "Um, goodnight Amelia!" he yelled up.
"Goodnight Loki," I yelled back. Thought I would never be saying that!
The real Loki is on my pullout bed! This will be a great story to tell to the girls tomorrow!


Hello! I hope you like my new story! I worked really hard on it! Read my other story too: Cooking up Loki! Please comment and rate! Love to receive both! :)
BTW, Amelia is a fictional character, it's not my real first name.


@Brenda Parker
Why thank you! I didn't actually think it would be good... But I will make sure to update soon!

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

I love this Chapter. I can't wait to see how this ends. Please update soon because I hate suspense.

Brenda Parker Brenda Parker