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I woke up the next morning to find Loki not in the bed. I knew everything must have been just a dream, I knew he wasn't real and that I didn't really meet the REAL Loki! With my shoulders down in disappointment, I walked into the kitchen to make a cappuccino, but once I looked out the window, my stomach fluttered with butterflies. He is real! Outside in my garden was loki, petting a deer! I slowly walked out the back door with my mouth hanging open. I can't even get ten feet near a deer, and he's standing right next to one! He turned my direction once he heard me shut the door. He patted the deer on the head, and it slowly walked away. "Your Midgard creatures are so kind. I have a son at home, a wolf in fact by the name of Fenrir, and he isn't kind like that...um..."
"Deer? It's called a deer. So your son is real too?"
"Well, if I'm real, then he's definitely real. I thought you wouldn't mind me walking out. I have to leave today anyway and I wanted to thank you for letting me stay in your house--" I hadn't noticed, but I had made a very sad looking face. "Is something wrong?"
"No, it's just that I thought you would stay longer, that's all."
"I'm sorry to sadden you but it's very important that I leave immediately. My brother, Thor, maybe you've heard of him? Anyway, he came to Mjdgard about a month ago, and he hasn't returned home. Heimdall can't even find him. They sent me, being tricky and clever, to try and come find him. I might see you again sometime? Don't look so sad, it reminds me of when my mother gets sad." Obviously he doesn't know that Thor isn't his real brother. I shouldn't tell him, he probably won't believe me anyway.



@Brenda Parker
Why thank you! I didn't actually think it would be good... But I will make sure to update soon!

TheStoryTeller TheStoryTeller

I love this Chapter. I can't wait to see how this ends. Please update soon because I hate suspense.

Brenda Parker Brenda Parker