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Secrets in the Stars


Star is an ordinary girl--which is unfortunate, due to being raised in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She lives her life in the company of some of the world's most extraordinary people, feeling alone and left out because of her normalcy. At the age of fifteen, she is sent away from New York by her godfather, Charles Xavier, as he feels Star is not safe in his care. Five years later, she comes back to the school, and discovers that they were wrong all along--something incredibly powerful has been dormant inside of Star for all of her life. Even worse, secrets about herself and her family were kept by the one person Star loved the most--Charles himself.

Along the path to discovering the truth, Star is thrust into the world she never thought she would, or could, be part of--a world of heroes. Once there, she gets caught up in the binds of love, war, and even worse--fate.


  1. Chapter One

    Stark Memories

  2. Chapter Two

    Home Again

  3. Chapter Three

    Something Dangerous

  4. Chapter Four

    To the Tower

  5. Chapter Five


  6. Chapter Six

    A New Home

  7. Chapter Seven

    Just Us


Interesting story! I'm really curious to see what happens next, especially when she gets her powers. I like all of the effects she's gaving on the Avengers.

Jonk128 Jonk128