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The Last Sunrise


Life, Fate, Destiny, Love. No one can predict any of them. And it's only these things, which create every single magical or cruel moments. The Avengers have bonded so nicely now, that they consider themselves as a family. Family, which each one of them was deprived from. They live, eat, joke, create nuisance, set the tower on fire etc etc together. Most importantly, they save the world together.
But now, another avenger has been included in this mismatched little team. This girl is someone special, someone who'll change them in the best way. Someone they can trust with their lives. Someone who becomes a great friend of them. And someone, who'll even sacrifice herself for them.
And, the most astonishing part? One of the avengers has fallen for this girl. They experience a lot of adventures, pranks, crazy little stupid moments and danger together.
Will they be able to survive through the dangers together? Can they save the world when their own friends' and lovers life is in danger?


Isha Evans

Isha Evans

Isha is a mutant with a mysterious and painful past. But still, she's a girl who can light up the environment easily with her friendly, cheerful and lively nature. She can act like she's really tough but inside, she has a heart of gold. Her past and some shocking informations about her will be revealed later in the story.


  1. Teaser

    Its just glimpses of the coming story. So, here it goes.....


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