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My Prince Loki


Most days when I’m reflecting on my childhood (and just my life in general) I found myself comparing it to, Drop Dead Fred.

Granted my life isn’t as comical as Annabelle’s or I am engaged to a dickhead of man like she was. Nor did I have the luxury of the only woe of losing my job and my cheating fiancée leaving me. Annabelle and I only shared one problem ; the fact we both had friends no one else could see.

Every child at some point has an imaginary friend. A person who they can share their interests and hobbies with, someone who wants to listen to their chatter, someone who’s there for them and can protect them when others can’t and won’t. Most imaginary friends can show a quality of the child or what they’re going through in their life. If it’s stressful, the friend will probably be relaxed or fun and crazy like Drop Dead Fred was with Annabelle.

But most important, a person who they alone can sense, making this person special to them. You can never tell a child that their friend isn’t real, because to them they’re very solid people.

Annabelle could see Drop Dead Fred; she could interact with him and him with her. She probably could smell him and taste his scent on her tongue.

Because I could with mine, I could see, hear, touch, smell and taste him. I heard his laughter, I could feel and smell him and see his smile no one else could.

And like Drop Dead Fred, mine friend, my Prince, had come back when I was an adult.

But now everyone else could see him and wasn’t a figment of my imagination, nor was he here to fix on help me.

And to think all of this started with one strange frog on a park footpath…


First story on here! Woo!

Anyway its here if you wana read on tumblr too http://myprincelokifanfiction.tumblr.com/


I love this so much. It is so good. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I LOVE IT! Pretty please update xx

DaisyChain DaisyChain

Pleas update! I've read this so much, it's become a part of me. I feel like louisa is my long lost sister of sorts.

Arianna Arianna

I stumbled on this one night back in April and didn't stop until I finished reading all your posts at 5am. Love your writing, really looking forward to your next update :)

Golden Ebony Golden Ebony

Holy crap I've spent all day reading this story. YOU SIMPLY MUST UPDATE SOON!!

SerenitySpeaker SerenitySpeaker