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My Prince Loki

Chapter 15

As soon as I turned eighteen I moved out of The Other’s home and into a small run down flat near Columbia University, the university I along with Jenny and Mike were accepted in while Billie went to Genesee Community College to study to be a vet.

I enrolled into the Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia University into the Master of Science Degree, an area when I was in both junior and senior high I excelled at. I became involved in the school newspaper at first so I could stay a few extra hours away from The Other and to spend some extra time with Billie and Henry, a guy both she and I fancied. But after a while Billie grew bored of the newspaper and Henry, I however, while I also grew tired of Henry, I did not get bored of the idea of investigative writing.

I loved writing in the paper about school activities. Yes granted the school was small and there wasn’t much to write on in the way of activities but I still enjoyed writing about big topics to the student body.

My work ranged from the toxic materials the janitor was using to clean the halls to the rats that were prevalent in the cafeteria, with both articles winning me awards I was proud of along with my supportive friends.

I guess I liked the idea of looking at things around me and nutting them out. I could give the world my opinion on what the world looked like to me along with giving it facts I thought it deserved to know. The other reason was that writing could also be my thing and not have to worry of The Other getting jealous and taking my hobby away like she did with drawing.

By the time I was in my senior year I wanted to continue in this field, I wanted to be a journalist more than anything else in the world.

And when I got to CUand into the course I enjoyed every minute of it. I was at every lecture and was usually the first one to put in my assignments. Like with most of my schooling career I was one of the many at the top of the grade.

But I still had fun like any other college student going to parties and having wild nights on the campus. I was known as, “the hot nerd” among strangers and my fellow classmates who was the campaign at beer bong and had a knack for hooking up with the law students, something that used to really piss off Mike (who was a law student) in a big brother way.

I was known for my freshman year for being the, ‘easy lay’ something I’m still not proud of but a huge part of me didn’t and still doesn’t really care. I didn’t really care what people thought nor did I really stop to really hear what they were thinking. I was too busy moving forward with my head held high not bothering really to look behind me.

I was enjoying learning everything about journalism from about the articles are written and the learning about the ethics legislation on journalism. I even enjoyed essay writing which I even think was a bit strange because while everyone was stressed I was calm and collected with my head in a book, my hand scribbling on the paper next to me and telling a law student that I was busy that night studying for finals and to leave me alone.

This might have been one of the reasons I never really made any new friends at CU because I kept to myself so much. I kept to Jenny and Mike and saw Billie on the weekends or in my breaks. I like to think that Jenny, Mike and Billie were the only thing I really didn’t want to move forward and away from. Jenny and Billie were there when Loki was around sure but they were supportive and there for me after he left. And I still wanted that support to stay with me no matter what. I didn’t want to have to deal with the idea of new friends.

But that seemed to change in my junior year when I met Cameron Harding.

Cameron had blonde tousled hair that always looked like he had been stuck in a wind tunnel, his dark blue eyes while bold were always shy. Which many, including me really didn’t understand as it really didn’t match the stereotype that went along with his build. He was strong and rather built being part of the CU’s football team and was always surrounded by other athletes and rather attractive women.

Like everyone else I thought he was pretty attractive and loved watching the home games so I could look at him in his element. Because Cameron off the track was quiet and never really said anything unless he was talking to his small group of friends. But when he was on the field he was loud and a crowd pleaser (when he wasn’t being tackled). Everyone’s eyes were on Cameron and he was perfectly ok with it until he walked off the field and was back to being stuck in his cell.

Cameron was like a puzzle no one could never really place together. And to be perfectly honest while that annoyed everyone else, it really didn’t bother me all that much. I think it’s because I was like this in college, my head was either in a book or being extremely loud and parting like my life depended on it. People seemed to believe then and even now that these two traits shouldn’t really intertwine with one another.

I was always a watcher of Cameron, never really approaching him. I found myself staring at every angle and shape of his body and loving the sound of his deep rumbling voice and his bark of laughter that seemed to make my heart soar. And it made me glad to know that Cameron was always a watcher of me. There would be times when would catch the other in the act making both of us duck our heads. This used to annoy my friends because my shyness didn’t really make any sense.

“With any other guy you’re a flirtatious and a sexual beast but with Mr-shy-footballer you’re a blushing moron.” Jenny said once over a coffee date with Billie who was partly paying attention as she studied.

“Well maybe Louisa wants to get to know him before she does the nasty with him. Either that or she’s turned over a new leaf and is deciding that it’s time she trusted herself in a relationship.” Billie said looking up to smile softly at me before frowning at Jenny,

“Besides you can’t talk because you’re finally decided to give Mickey a chance after flirting with him on and off giving him mixed messages. You’re both horrible at relationships; take a snippet out of my book.”

“Yeah cause seeing your substitute professor Troy McLain, which is against you’re college’s rulebook and could have him fired is SOO much better than having a crush on a shy football player and dating a close friend.” Jenny said cutting off my laughter and wiping Billie’s cheeky smile.

“As a matter of fact he’s not really a professor, he’s more a scientist and could be working alongside Sta–“

“Whatever excuse you wana give Billie it’s a fact you’re dating your professor.”

Both of them frowned at each other before Billie looked at me with her warm smile,

“Work at your own pace Louisa whether it’s your fast pace or slow one. Don’t let bossy pants tell you otherwise.” She told me gesturing at Jenny with a head nudge.

And that’s what I was going to do until one of my Professors had assigned me with Cameron to be his tutor moving the process forward. Because of his football commitments, Cameron hadn’t really found the balance of work and play and was falling behind not understanding fully the lecturers.

Of course when I finally met him he was a shy nervous wreck blushing deeply not really sure how to answer my questions unless I edged him on. Nevertheless as time went on we were able to get past his shyness and I was able to talk the Cameron Harding only his family, friends and fellow athletes saw.

I found out Cameron was actually a guy from the country and was from a small family with just him, his baby sister Anne and his Dad Alan running their little farm. He had other family who lived Florida who he no longer visited; something to this day is still a mystery to me as to why. He had been home schooled till senior high which he found a completely different experience.

“Personally I preferred talking to a cow or a horse rather than a person back in high school.” He told me rather honestly one night as we studied ducking his head,

“That was until I started getting into the football and even then it’s just shouting numbers or ‘over here’ not really having that connection that people have when they’re talking to one another. That’s why it’s so easy to get involved with the crowd because there’s still this wall that divides you against them.”

“Is that why you like writing? Because of the wall?” I asked completely entranced by his words, the text book forgotten.

“Kind of. I like the idea of being a journalist because I get to show the world what I think of it without worrying about people really judging me. Because to me, there’s still that wall, but that wall can be broken and I can actively tell that person what I think without worrying about being shy.”

After that I never understood why people would say Cameron was stupid because to me he was the most smart and insightful man I had ever met.

The tutoring lessons every week then started developing into dates where Cameron and I would explore New York together. We would either take the tourist tours or he would let me show him my favourite places in the city.

I still remember ducking around corners with him at the National Museum just before it closed purposely pissing off the security guard.

I still remember sitting on the little hill my Mum and I used to sit on in Central Park near the lake, my chocolate ice cream forgotten next to me when he kissed me for the first time, his full lips tasting of his strawberry milkshake.

These dates then became passionate nights where I couldn’t keep my hands off him and neither could he. From that point on, I was glued to him as he was to me through our university days with one another. Every moment I was with him I felt so happy my heart would burst and every moment away from him dragged on and on. I wanted to know everything about him, get to know all his hobbies and maybe even learn to love them too.

I found myself enjoying football games more and his taste in music which had more old music than new. I learnt about the farming life when I finally met his family out on their farm – something that became like regular monthly visits.

His sister Anne and Alan became the father and sister I had only dreamt about. I would spoil Anne rotten with gifts from New York while she would educate me on things thirteen year olds liked (which I didn’t like it) and her vegie patch. While Alan would have lengthy debates with me ranging from Politics to the American Criminal Justice System as well as educating me on Cameron’s embarrassing infant years chasing ‘mows’ and riding ‘norse-ies’ with his late mother who died of cancer five years before.

But Cameron and I were still able to spend some time alone in the paddocks with a picnic or in what Alan called our shack. There no assignment deadlines or job pressures could find us. It was peaceful and a place I could honestly stay forever.
I was hopelessly in love with him.

And it felt like he didn’t judge me or even look at my differently when I did eventually tell him about Loki.

It had come up originally one day when we were out once with Jenny, Billie and Mike. We were talking about all the crazy shit we did as children and Billie had mentioned Loki to Cameron in a drunken state.

“As in Loki the God of Mischief? That guy?” Cameron had asked his beautiful smile on his face that I didn’t return.

“Yes. Him.”

“Why him?”

“She doesn’t know, apparently he just CAME to her after she kissed a frog.” Jenny giggled.

“And you didn’t get sick?” Cameron asked laughing.

“Can we drop the subject please?” I snapped glaring at them all.

After that Cameron left it alone, he didn’t bring Loki up once until I told him about the God of Mischief along with my childhood, something I decided to keep separate from him.

He didn’t laugh; he was extremely supportive and let me unload a lot I had kept inside. He was the first person I told about the cat instant, something I told as I cried into his shoulder.

“Hey, when you’re in situations like you were in, we usually turn to the most ridiculous ones. You felt safe with him and that’s ok.”

He kissed me softly taking a deep breathe in,

“But he’s never coming back right?” He had asked looking deep within my eyes.

I nodded my head trying my best to ignore the hollow-ness and heart break I was feeling deep inside me,

“Yeah, Loki’s gone.”

I finished my degree a year later at the top of my class and an internship with The Daily Bugle while Cameron went to The New York Times. We were shoved as graduates into the era where Stark Institutes went from being a weapon company to disturbing clean energy. An era where Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy without a care in his perfect world was now known as being the new ‘superhero’ known as “Iron Man”. Times were changing and I wished secretly that mine would continue to change as well.

Change where I didn’t have to worry about loss and grief following me, only happiness. That the good years would continue and I could spend my life being a journalist hopefully for The Daily Bugle with Cameron on my side. Start a new life with him never once looking back on where we came from.

Change did happen though, but not in the forward direction I wanted it to go.


See? Louisa can have some good years without death or shitty human beings following her!

Again, Sorry for the wait. This chapter again like most of my chapters was revised, re written, added to etc. till I deemed as perfect to read.

The most revising was with Louisa’s Boyfriend character Cameron Harding. I wanted to make sure that he was a character you guys could fall in love with as much as Louisa did along with keeping him complex. I did write a short story with him and an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. interviewing him. This explains a lot further then I have in this chapter. With this said I MIGHT put it up for you guys to read.

I would also like to note that after doing my research on CU I found out the course Louisa was enrolled goes for two years, not four. So again like with the pills I gave her in chapter 8/9, I’m making it so it’s four years instead of two. I know it’s taking the lazy way out but I’m sorry.

If any of you are doing this course I’m sorry if I’ve offended you and I apologize to you and the university. I did look at Louisa doing the Master of Arts degree there but she needed at least three or more years’ experience – which she doesn’t have in the story (she has two from High School).

The next two chapters will be up sooner than this one cause I actually wrote these two chapters WAAY back when I was writing the earlier chapters.

So see ya then!!

Scratchet xo


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