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My Prince Loki

Chapter 3

Loki helped me a lot then, the reason being that I can’t remember a lot from that experience or witnessing the event that made Mum leave finally. I don’t remember saving my Mother from my Dad’s blows or telling her to climb out the window to run away. I don’t remember much about staying in the hostile for those two weeks my Grandmother was on a business trip. I don’t remember sitting in lawyer’s offices nor do I remember living with my Grandmother for three days.

It was either him blocking or taking away my memories of those events or I hid them myself. Loki, from talking to my Mum, was the only person I would communicate with when I wouldn't talk to anyone else. Mum used to leave me alone and listen to me talk to Loki to found out why I was upset or why I wouldn't talk.

“It was scary when you wouldn't even talk to Loki. Sometimes you’d just stare into space.” Mum told me one day in tears herself.

Although with all of this, I can remember little things about the experience.

The counselling I was supposedly put into at the hostile I remember. According to my Mother the reason she took me was because at the time I wasn't talking or eating. I remember the counselor trying to draw with me to get me to talk, but I just pressed the pencils away glaring up at the old woman.

“It’s alright Louisa, you can trust me sweetheart. You’re safe here.” She had said in a patronizing voice smiling sickly, her monkey lips making me not feel safe at all.

“You don’t have to tell her anything Louisa if you don’t want to.” Loki’s voice had said to me next to my ear pressing me into him to rest on his shoulder.

I had sat like this for the rest of the counselling session looking at the old lady listening to Loki reciting my favorite books off by heart and with theatrical voices for each of the characters. It wasn't till Loki had got to; “Madeline and The Gypsies”was when the woman had cut the session off in frustration. It was also when I finally talked but granted this was not what the woman would have wanted to hear.

“You smell like cat wee.”

Another thing I remember was the cold night at my grandmother’s house. My Mother and I had apparently been sharing a bed for the past three weeks, but due to my tossing and turning she hadn't got a good night rest in a while. So that night she had left me to sleep on another mattress alone in another room with a hot water bottle. For me though the hot water bottle wasn't a good enough substitute. My Mum had been keeping me warm with her body heat so without her it felt like I was sleeping in an ice block. I tried hugging Madeline tighter and branching myself into a tight ball to absorb my own body heat but all these methods didn't work.

Loki was sitting next to me in his armored suit glaring at the door instead of sleeping, his normal routine I thought he did when I was asleep. So when he turned to me he’s green eyes were shocked and annoyed,

“Louisa you ought to be asleep.” He whispered.

“I’m cold.” I chatted with my teeth whimpering.

Loki pressed his lips together with a sigh getting up from his spot near the door.

Smiling I had watched him walk around to the other side of the mattress crawling in with me now dressed in plain black silk pajamas. I had turned and cuddled up to his chest feeling his long silked arm bringing me closer. We laid like this for what felt like an hour, Loki and I just talking till I slipped into a deep dreamless sleep.

We talked about things now that I can’t remember but just thinking of this memory makes me smile the most. I remember how the silk felt under my hands, how his heart beat was faster than my own. When I started to slip I felt his thin lips on my forehead and his mumble of goodnight making me feel safe and loved.

But the thing I remembered the most was the night my Dad had come to my Grandmother’s. I had answered the door thinking it was my Grandma home early from the meeting she was at only to glaze at my Dad. He had been smiling down at me from his obese height, my heart quickened with fright.
“Hello Louisa.”

“Louisa run.” I heard Loki’s panicked voice tell me, but I was stuck looking up to my Dad. I like to think the reason I had kept that door open was because of my arrogance to tell him he wasn't permitted here.

“Daddy you’re not allowed here.” I said with a little scowl, my blue eyes in little slits.

“Close the door Louisa!”

“I've come to take you home where you belong.” The asshole had said picking me up swinging me over his shoulder giving me no time to scream.

“NO!” Loki and my Mum had screamed at the same time running after my Dad.

My Mum’s begging was drowned out; all I could see was Loki running after me throwing big balls of coloured magic and feeling it pass me. The whole way down to the drive way I cried for my Mum and my Prince kicking and punching my Dad with all my might watching more sorcery fly past me. I was put in the car, my Dad trying to calm me down,

“You’re going home Louisa.”

“NO! I WANT TO BE WITH MUMMY!” I had yelled kicking the door instead of his stomach like I wanted to.

Loki was then at the window then hitting it telling me to open the door and run but I the child safety lock was stopping me.

“GET ME OUT!” I cried tears rolling down my face still trying at the door, my heart thundering hard in my chest. I watched my Prince crying as well hitting the window trying to break it, but all he was doing was scratching the glass.

“It’s ok Louisa I’m taking you home.” My Father told me slamming his door driving away, my scream of no matching the horror of Loki’s that shrieked into the night with my Mother’s.

The reason I remember this the most because when I was put into foreign bed by my Dad crying with him locking the door behind him, Loki was there. When he appeared in the room I was in I scowled at him, my tears shaking me and the bed I laid in.

He had bent down to my level apologizing, “Louisa I’m sorry I tried-“

I sat up pushing my Prince away making him fall to the ground, “Go away!” I yelled turning around to the wall.

“Louisa please! Hear me I really tired –“


“– but you know how my magic -”

I turn back around them glaring pushing him again,

“Your magic is stupid! I hate you!”

I broke down into tears turning away from my Loki again; his hand on my shoulder got shrugged off every time till I feel asleep on my tear soaked pillow with Loki’s hand resting there. The sound of him saying how sorry he was and the Asgardian curses to the All Father seemed to have sent me to sleep.

In the morning, when I woke he wasn't next to me, instead he was dressed in his armor with a golden horned helmet on his head standing near the door. I remember thinking as I glazed at him that the helmet made him look taller and meaner than I thought he truly was along with his long green cape. This was the first time I had seen him dressed this way, usually he wore the simple black and green armor. This armor made him look like he was ready to battle whatever was going to possibly come through the door, whether it was my Dad or not.

When he saw me awake he came over to me hugged me so tightly letting me cry more tears I thought I had run out of. And when I had stopped weeping I remember the two of us tiptoeing outside the room after Loki had unlocked the door out onto the road, his promise still loud in my ears.

“I promise you Louisa, I won’t allow anybody to hurt you that way again.”

I was later found by the local police officers after I rang them from a payphone. My Father was arrested and I was sent back to my teary Mother who squeezed me as tightly as I squeezed her.

My Father went to jail about three months later in a speedy trial for the abduction and for the violence my Mother I were subjected to. He was sentenced for a maximum of three years imprisonment at the state prison, a minimum of two. Although he never finished that sentence seeing he was murdered by specious means and circumstances a week into his sentence.

My Father was found dead by suffocation of his prison bed pillow, the pillow cannot be taken off unless a use of some sort of utensil. No corrections officers who were working that day were seen near him except for the officers standing guard and running the section that day.

The security footage of my Father’s room apparently showed him lying out on the bed comfortably looking at the ceiling. The footage then blacked out and was like this for twenty seconds. When the footage came back, my Father was lying with the pillow on his head, his bed sheets showing evidence of thrashing. The pillow that was used could not be taken off the bed unless you had the use of some sort of utensil and showed evidence of two foreign long fingered hands pressed into the pillow.
This very case is still being argued to this day on which officer on duty or prisoner was the cause. Some believe it was a mutant guard or prisoner; others say my Father did it himself.

The mutant theory is no longer thought to be true since the prison did checks as their intact questioner on whether they had the mutant gene or not. Not that any of the guards or prisoners would have a reason to murder my Father anyway. According to most of the guards and some of the prisoners that were heard in the inquiry hearing claimed my Father was a tolerable and did nothing to them that would provoke them to kill him. To quote one prisoner, my Dad was known as a, “fucking loner and a wanker” and, “was gone too quickly to get beaten up.”

The theory of my Dad doing it himself can’t be true due to the fact he was seen not to have anything on him nor was there evidence of the security camera being harmed. With that too the camera held no faults before the incident, according to the correction center where my Father was held, the camera that was in Dad’s cell was brand new and couldn't have just faulted like it did in the video.
The only theory that is right and the most accurate was my own.

“I promise you Louisa, I won’t allow anyone hurt you that way again.”


This chapter took about three drafts before I went with the ending I gave it. I was going to keep the Dad in to continue the violence but I decided against it. Mainly because I wanted him to get what he deserved. But at the same time I kind of don't like this ending mainly because of the fact, the abuse feels short lived.

I dunno, what do you guys think?

And yes I put Mutants in this because they're technically part of the Marvel Universe.


I love this so much. It is so good. :)

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I LOVE IT! Pretty please update xx

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Pleas update! I've read this so much, it's become a part of me. I feel like louisa is my long lost sister of sorts.

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I stumbled on this one night back in April and didn't stop until I finished reading all your posts at 5am. Love your writing, really looking forward to your next update :)

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Holy crap I've spent all day reading this story. YOU SIMPLY MUST UPDATE SOON!!

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