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My Prince Loki

Chapter 4

Right up till I was nine, Loki did protect from things I believed were scary.

He became the person who checked for monsters, who watched my door at night and made me watch out for things I could trip over.

Nevertheless he kept me isolated as well. When I finished kindergarten my Mother was told I would have a hard time with Elementary due to the fact I had isolated myself from other children.

“But Mummy Loki says those other children are trying to hurt me.”

“Well does Loki know what they’re really like?”

“Yes.” He and I replied in unison to my saddened Mother. Like I said I trusted him; he kept me away from children he believed would hurt me. And given what I just went through, I didn’t want to be hurt anymore.

Although when I did start my first year of Elementary school, my kindergarten teacher was right. Elementary school was hard socially right from day one.

My first day of Elementary School, (like for most six year olds) was a scary but exciting time in my life. I was dressed in oversized dress, my new backpack and an enormous smile on my face. After a few photos with my Grandma and my Mum, I was walked up to my Elementary school holding my Mother’s and my Prince’s hand.

“Loki you have to let me make friends today.” I told him, a confused look crossed his face.

“But what if they want to hurt you?”

I remember pressing my little shoulders back grinning, “You can make them wet themselves again for me.”

The irritated look I got from my Prince didn’t seem to bring my moods down. I was determined to make friends, even though I didn’t know how to, I was going to try. And the encouragement I was getting from my Mum for telling Loki off only made my decision more gratifying.

When I went into my classroom after a teary goodbye from my Mum and a big wave from my Prince, I was told by my beautiful teacher to make friends with the people on my table. I tried to but I didn’t have anything I could talk to them about. Most of them were talking about their favourite shows like Captain America, Transformers and other shows I thought sounded boring. The television was never something I got into, I would always be reading or outside playing rather than sitting in one place watching a box. And it didn’t help that most of the kids on my table weren’t interested in books saying they were tedious.

Most of them talked about where their parents worked. Most of the Dad’s I heard about were builders or worked in some fancy office, I wasn’t about to tell them my Father had died in jail and my Mother worked two jobs as a waitress and a bar lady.

So the only topic I could really talk about was the God of Mischief.

“Who’s Loki?” One ragged boy had asked after I told them about the hide ‘n’ seek game I had won the day before.

“He’s my Prince. He’s got magic and lives with me and sometimes in Asgard with his family!” I told him and the children around me.

“That’s stupid, you’re not a Princess,” the boy gave my black haired head a scowl, “you don’t have a crown.”

“I am too; I change him from a frog!”

“You’re a lair.”

I slapped him then, my angrier peaking, “I am not! Loki’s my friend and he’s real!” The boy’s and the rest of the table’s frightened tears made my yell useless. I was moved to another table only to be met with scared faces. In my little me’s defence I didn’t know how else to act or to do with my angrier.

On my recess break Loki was waiting for me at one of the benches, a sad look on his face.

“Make any friends?”

“No…” I mumbled. “I got in trouble for hitting David.”

“Why did you hit him?”

“He said you weren’t real like Daddy used to.”

“Well I am real.”

“I know,” I said with a glare, “that’s why I hit him.”

An amused smile crosses my friend’s lips only upsetting me more. “It’s not funny.”

“It is a little.”

“Is not.”

A laugh escaped his thin lips, “Is so.”

I stormed up to him hitting him on his shoulder over and over, “Is not!”

He pressed me off him taking my little face in his hands, “I’m sorry, it’s not funny.”

I just huffed pushing him away, “Everyone’s mean here.”

“Are they -?”

“Who are you talking to?” I turned looking to the little voice; it was another boy from my class who I would learn to be named James, David behind him.

“Loki.” I told him, my voice was strong instead of whiny like it was before with my Prince.

“I can’t see him.” He had bit back looking around.

“No one can except me. He’s my Prince, no one else’s.”

“My Mum says that if you lie your nose gets bigger. You must lie a lot, your nose is fat.”

“It is not!” I covered my nose tears were building up in my eyes.

“And so is your ears, you look like a donkey!” James and David started laughing, tears starting to fall.

“They are not!” I yelled stomping my foot before looking up to Loki. He was glaring at James, his hand moving in the way I knew he was going to happen next. So much so that I didn’t have to look at the boys to know what was going on, James cries and David’s laughter were evident enough. But apparently that wasn’t gratifying enough for me, so I went up to James and pushed him so he feel down, kicking him. Loki’s cheers made me laugh, the sound of an angry teacher making the two of us run away.

Of course I got in trouble, a lot of trouble and from that day forward I was teased. I was teased as the ugly angry girl who talked to a person that wasn’t there. I was known by the boys as Princess-big-nose while the girls avoiding me like I was some sort of disease.

It wasn’t till half way through the year when I made my first friend, a girl named Billie Dohl. She had come halfway through the year from another school in another district. No one besides my teacher knew why this was; some people thought believed she was kicked out for not being able to fit in the doors. She had long blonde like my Barbie’s plaited into one long plait that traced down her back. Her grey eyes standing out from her chubby angel face, her blue school dress just fitting over her chubby body.

She had come down to where I sat on the oval with Loki on her third day of her new school, a small smile on her face.

I had been talking to my art teacher, Ms Pritchard about Loki that day. We had to draw someone who meant the most to us. I had told Ms Pritchard about Loki who just smiled and told me how lovely I had such an interesting friend. Billie must have been in ear shot when she heard me.

“I like it when you talk about Loki, he sounds nice.” She told me standing over Loki and I.

“He is. He’s my best friend.”

“Do you have any other friends?” She had asked.

I shook my head, “No, everyone teases me.”


“I have a big nose and I sometimes hit people.”

“I got teased for being fat at my old school. That’s why I moved.”

“Really?” I asked, Billie sitting next to me, Loki glaring at her presence.

“I was called BTB.”


“Billie the Blob.” A little laugh escaped my lips in unison with Loki, the look on her face shutting my laughter off.

“Do you want to be my friend?” I asked, she smiled a big grin nodding, my own smile spreading. I was so happy to have found another friend I hadn’t even noticed till the bell went that Loki had left.


Okay, I’m clearly not an American, so if I’ve got the education system screwed up, let me know.

The Captain America jab was originally going to be Batman, but I decided it be more, ‘marvel like’ to give the Cap he’s own show (Which I think he did in the comic books, but I might be wrong). I kept Transformers show jab mainly because I hate Transformers movies and the whole franchise together.

I’m sorry I didn’t update sooner, I’ve got university assignments due around this time and since I’m unorganised I’m cramming them in. So therefore the next chapter won’t probably be for the next two weeks because of this, sorry.

I’m also considering writing short stories for this story, mainly due to the fact I think I skimmed over a lot like Loki’s first day with Louisa and some of the Domestic Violence. I’ll be calling the collection, “I Remember When…” so watch either my profile for this site or the Tumblr that has been made for this story if you wish to read them.

Please remember to comment and tell me what you think of this update. Love Scratchet


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