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My Prince Loki

Chapter 5

Loki and I decided from that point on that he would become my “home friend.” This meant that while I was at school he could go to Asgard while I was away at school. Although, he didn't just agree on first instance with my proposal, we did have an argument about it.

Loki was mainly worried and concerned about my safety at school, especially with James and David still teasing me. I on the other hand put up an agreement that if I was in a particular physical peril, he could come and defend me if he thought it was necessary. Also, if Billie was away, he could come to school with me, but only at recess and lunch time.

We agreed on what I put on the table and honestly our friendship was better because of it. He was able to go to Asgard during school hours and would come home telling me what was going on up there and I would tell him what I learnt at school the games Billie and I played in the playground. Both of us would be excited to tell each other of our days, Loki always giving me tight embraces like I hadn't seen him for weeks rather than hours.

I would also look forward to weekends more than anyone else in the class. Mainly because I got to spend two full days with my Prince playing games and talking in our little cubby in the backyard till I was called in for dinner.

But regardless of all this, Loki held jealously for Billie. It was very event when Billie would come over a play date where Loki was told to go to Asgard again, a glare aimed in Billie’s direction muttering something in lengthy Asgardian as he disappeared.

While I had a friend at school, the teasing that was happening at school didn't change. In fact in some ways it only got worse. Billie and I got teased as the, “big twins,” because of her big body and I had the “big” nose. At first both of us didn't like the name and would both end up in tears to our teachers or in petty arguments that would always get me into trouble.

Though a year on Billie stopped being the Blob and had slimmed down dramatically. This was mainly because she got involved in rock climbing with her Dad and became a competitive swimmer on the weekends. Her grey eyes and her blonde hair soon became her most striking feature. Soon she was called, “Rapunzel” by her admirers while I was called, “Asgard”, which I didn't complain about (that much).

My nose by then was secondary to my blue eyes that both Mum and my Prince agreed was becoming my defining feature with my strawberry lips. And even though Billie and I were getting more boy admirers (which in seven-year-old-land is being called names) Billie and I still stayed together just on our own enjoying each other’s company.

By the time I was eight Billie and I had made friends with another girl. Her name was Jennifer Cruz but preferred to be called Jenny. Jenny was an interesting looking girl compared to the rest of my class. Jenny had bright crimson hair and hazel eyes that stood out from her narrow face. Jenny furthermore was the tallest girl in our class reaching over the tallest in our grade by a couple of feet. With this she was also the skinniest giving her the nickname, “stretch” later on in junior and senior high.

She had moved over from another school with her father and her younger brother Keith to be nearer the general hospital. The reason being behind this was not only because her Father was a nurse, Jenny was also a type one diabetic.

“Usually people don’t get type one till they’re older, but I guess I’m lucky.” She had said smiling at the class when she was showing everyone her needles. Jenny was never really ashamed about her early onset of the condition as a child; she used to say that it made her unique.
Jenny enjoyed her sports and quickly became the best runner and soccer ball player in our year. She also had a striking sense of humor and amazing sense of wit I still envy to this day.
When Loki heard about Jenny he was extremely interested in her medical condition. We had a whole discussion that went way into the night about what I knew about diabetes from what Jenny had told us.

“I hope I never get it.” I told him under the tent I had made with my covers looking at him lying there next to me.

“You won’t Princess,” he told me touching me lightly on the nose,

“Your pancreas is working fine.” He poked me then where the organ is making me giggle.

Jenny was less interested. While Billie liked hearing about Loki and what kind of person he was, Jenny was uninterested. This was mainly due to the fact she knew about Viking mythology since (like me) her bed time stories were about the Asgardians.

“But he’s the bad guy…” She told me one night when she had come over for a play date.
“He’s not, without Loki heaps of good things in Asgard wouldn't have happened.” Which was true according to the mythology, Loki either started or helped the other Gods out of trouble. Of course, regardless of how smart I was, I never really looked up the mythology to learn about the troubles that Loki’s mischief had caused till later on in life. I just believed on face value that Loki was right saying the stories were false and everyone else, like Jenny, was wrong.

About this time while I was making strong friendships, my Mum was starting to get back into the dating scene. Every Friday I would found myself at home being looked after by my Grandmother (and Loki) while my Mum went out. She usually didn't have much luck, due to the fact that most of the men were using the nights as (what my Mum described to my Grandmother as) “a service stop.” And most of the men who were there were usually twenty plus years older than my twenty-nine year old Mother. Although after the three weeks my Mum struck, “luck” with a man named Steven Dent. She and Steven would have dates mostly every weekend for about a month, my Mother always happier after seeing him.

And because of this I was intrigued to meet Steven just as much as I was frightened. It had been my mother and I for two years and for a man who wasn't the God of Mischief to introduce himself into my life was a scary idea. Also I didn't really understand why my Mother needed anybody else,

“She has me and her Mum, why did she need him to make her happy?” I had asked Jenny and Billie the second week into Mum’s relationship.

“Well why do you have Loki?” Jenny had asked making me glare at her stopping from pacing back and forth in the playground.

“That’s different, Loki’s my friend!”

“Well maybe that’s what your Mum wants, a friend like Loki.”

I pulled a face with Billie. “But Louisa doesn't kiss Loki,” she stared puzzled at me,

“Sometimes –“


“- On the cheek!” I finished scowling at them before continuing,

“And he kisses me every now and again –“


“NOT in that way!” I yelled shaking my head in disgust.

“Well in what way?” Jenny asked as Billie gagged.

“Like a parent would when they tell you they love you or when they are comforting you. Loki loves me his way, not in the way Mum wants from Steven. She wants to have a ‘partner.’ ” I had said re-using the word my Grandma had said the weekend that had just passed.

“Loki isn't my partner, just my friend, like you and Billie.”

“So are my Mum and Dad in a partner relationship?” Billie asked confused, Jenny and I nodded.
Billie looked confused, “I thought they were married…”

“That’s a type of partnership dummy.” Jenny said rolling her eyes, Billie scowled.

“I didn't know that, I’m not as smart as you and Louisa.” She then started another discussion on who on our grade we wanted to marry moving us away from Billie’s confusion.

The day I finally met Mum’s boyfriend I had been outside with Loki on my swing set. Loki had been sitting on the slide instead of pushing me listening about my day at school.
That day Billie, Jenny and I had found (what I was describing as) a, “lizard” at recess wanting to keep it and for it to be our, “friendship pet.” Although our grade two teacher made us put it back into the “wild.”

Loki nodded listening intently as usual watching me swing higher and higher off the ground,
“When did you start swinging so high?”

I smiled remembering my play date at Jenny’s the day before. She and I were on her swing set and she had told me the technique of pushing harder giving you full strikes with your legs to reach higher heights. I imagine this was common knowledge to other children but to me it was brand new. This was probably because I always had someone pushing me like Loki or my Mother and had never really tried doing it on my own.

“Jenny taught me!” I told him and decided to show him how I could now jump off the swing too.
Loki reacted the way I wanted him to by applauding. He lowered one eyebrow with a questioning look,

“Did Jenny teach you how not to be ticklish too?”
Before I could even give him a, “huh?” look he was up on his feet racing towards me. I squealed finishing it with a giggle running away from my Prince around my backyard. He caught me not long after picking me up tickling me as I thrashed and laughed. We fell to the ground then, though he still tickled me under the chin, my armpits and poked my sides not hearing my giggles to stop.

What stopped this innocent moment was a bark of a laughter startling Loki and I. We jumped away from another looking up to see who had made that noise.

Up ahead Loki and I saw my Mother and a medium height broad man coming up to us, Loki’s eyes changed to judging slits.

“Who’s that?” I whispered shifting into Loki’s arms watching my Prince.

“I think that’s the man your Mother is, ‘dating’…” He said not glancing at me once. Nodding shortly I looked back to Steven with curiosity.

When my Mum had described him to me a while back, I had pictured a him with a dark hair ragged haircut and blue eyes, his body broad like some sort of Prince charming character. The only thing I was right about was the broad body. Steven had a strong face, his eyes more of a midnight sky blue and his dark hair was shaven to a military haircut. That day he was dressed in a dark blue suit shirt and black jeans.

He knelt down to my level on the ground, “Hello Louisa.” He greeted trying to make his low voice sound less booming. I hid into Loki’s shoulder, his arm had wrapped around me tightly, his velvet voice in my ear,

“Say hello.”

I could feel his eyes not leaving Steven’s, like he had been facing off with him finding out his weaknesses with a look.

This gave me courage to mumble a small hello into Loki’s armored shoulder giving Steven a glance before hiding back into Loki. Loki gave my shoulder a reassuring squeeze, almost like a well done.

Now to everyone else I would have looked like I was cowering; flinching away from this stranger. This was probably the reason why I felt my Mum brushing my cheek softly causing me look at her.

“Louisa this is Steven. Y’know the man I've been telling you about?”

I nodded at her still not looking at Steven. Her small smile spread,

“He’s been looking forward to meeting you all day today haven’t you?”

“Yes I have.” I heard him say, “The fellas at the station have heard all about you.”

“He’s a cop.” Loki told me feeling the tense confusion in my little body. I looked at him confused,

“Does that mean he catches criminals?”

Loki nodded tightly with a short glance to me before glaring straight back at Steven.

“Is Loki here?” Steven asked with an amusement tone to his voice. I had given Steven the same look Loki was giving him. A glare mixed with a, “who else do you think I’m talking to?”

“Are you going to introduce Steven to your Prince?”

Steven then did the most arrogant thing an adult could do to a child with an imaginary friend. The officer at that moment with a smirk put out his hand out next to me shaking it like he was shaking Loki’s hand. Although that was nothing compared to what he did next,

“It’s nice to meet you Loki, don’t worry, I will look after Louisa just as much as you have.”

Now as an adult I see why Steven did what he did. He wanted to get to know me more and so he thought, by interacting with Loki, I would be more open. But from what I've read, you should only interact with a child’s imaginary friend when the child says you can. Because then you know it’s ok to do so and the child will trust you in turn.

Steven ignorantly skipped that step and that was one of the reasons Loki pushed him over with a magical gush of wind taking my Mother down with him. Loki then proceeded to swear at him in his Asgardian dialogue calling him what I interpreted at that age as being stupid and small.

Steven picked himself and my Mother up laughing nervously.

“I’m so sorry Sarah, must have been a gush of wind…”

“It’s not windy.” I arrogantly said, Loki chortled.

Steven sighed heavy, “Why don’t you come inside with us? I brought chocolate cake for afternoon tea.”

“No thank you, I hate chocolate cake.” I had lied and got up out of my cowering position back to my swing set; Loki following behind snickering.

That night Steven stayed for dinner and tried talking to me again.

“So, Louisa, how many friends do you have?”

“Three. Loki, Billie and Jenny.” I answered bluntly. I remember watching my Mum move around her seat clearing her throat.

“What do Billie and Jenny like to do?”

“Billie likes rock climbing and Jenny likes playing soccer.”

“Rock climbing?”

“Yeah, where you climb up a wall.” I answered; Loki snickered again next to me, my Mother clearing her throat with Steven.

“Is she a cub scout?”

“No, she’s a rock climber.”

You idiot, I remember thinking, Loki just kept laughing.

“And Jenny is a soccer player, just to clarify.” I said giving him a bitchy smirk I had seen Loki doing earlier in my life. Steven, seemly not being phased by this just gave it straight back. He didn't break eye contact as he talked to Mother, just as I didn't look away from him.

“Louisa sure is cheeky isn't she?”

“Yes, especially tonight.” My Mother had replied with irritation in her voice.

Steven pressed his lips together, “So what do you like to do Louisa?”

“Drawing and writing stories.”

“What’s your favorite story you've ever written?”

“I don’t have a favorite, I like them all.”

“What do you like writing about?”

“Everything I can.”

I recall feeling extremely uncomfortable, not only because my Mother was cross at me, but also because Steven was looking at me like I was some sort of criminal. Like I was some crook he wanted to bust. And because of that I recall finishing the mash on my plate in one huge fork full running off to bed dragging Loki with me.

The rest of Steven’s meetings went like this and each time it made me anxious to be around him. I guess he was trying to get to know me but I always felt like I had done something wrong.
I didn't really understand why this was till Loki said something. Loki had a theory that he didn't like me very much.

“Why?” I had asked the day he had brought it up. That day I wanted to pretend the two of us were secret government spies looking at two threats. The threats were made to be my Mum and Steven. We were watching the two of them cuddling up on the couch behind the sliding wooden doors that closed off the living room to the main corridor. The barrier giving Loki and me perfect views of the leather couch and let us listen to them.

“…I imagine he feels you obstruct his relationship with your Mother.” He told me as we watched.
“How do I do that?” I had whispered back to him. I looked back at that moment to see Steven’s hand slide across the front of Mother’s body intimately, she giggled kissing him a little longer than I had ever seen in TV shows.

“Eww,” I sneered a little too loudly and the two jumped away startled.

“That’s how.” Loki whispered in my ear, Steven’s glare making my Prince’s theory all too true.
However Steven still tried his best to get to know me. He had even given me a nickname. By the time my Mum’s relationship had reached three months I was known to Steven as “Louie.” The only thing I liked being called besides from Louisa at that age was, “Asgard” when I was at school or, “Princess” with Loki. Louie just made me feel like a boy, not cute or grand like my two other names I went by so clearly I wasn't a fan of the nickname.

Steven also didn't seem to like Loki very much either. When I was talking to Loki around Steven he’d always make some sort of noise. Usually it was a grunt or he cleared his throat. Did it stop
me talking to Loki?

Not in the sightless.

By the time their relationship was five months in Steven started asking for Loki and me to be quiet or to take our conversations elsewhere. By the time the relationship was at seven months Steven was starting to lose his temper in a passive aggressive way. Meaning, if I was talking to Loki, he’d start humming or singing.

Steven always used to sing old sixties songs, something that annoyed both Loki and I. So we started singing back but with Viking songs Loki had taught me over the years as we walked around the house. This clearly frustrated Steven, especially when I started singing in the old dialect.

By nine months, when I had just turned nine years old, Steven had enough of it.


REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry I didn't update sooner guys!! I have uni commitments at the moment and I'm really under a lotta pressure!

But still I gave you 3, 187 words to read so at least that's something right??

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and I hope to give you another update soon!

Scratchet xox


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