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My Prince Loki

Chapter 7

Sure enough when Steven had recovered a few days later my possessions were taken away with him to his house. Of course I was upset but I took it well enough as my Mum allowed me to keep Madeline and I started borrowing books from my school’s library reading them instead of my own. This clearly frustrated Steven as I still wasn’t admitting to him or to anyone else that Loki wasn’t real.

I still talked openly to my Prince when I was at home and around Steven although in public I didn’t. I started whispering to the God when we were out, the concerned looks went unnoticed by me.

My Mum was getting worried too about Loki. Up until the bell pepper incident the idea of Loki never really bothered my Mother. Mum thought Loki was a good influence on me as I had learnt things with him such as my ABC’s, how to read better than anyone in my class and my timetables. She also believed that my creativity was border then other children’s with most my reports from my art teachers saying I had a, “deeper and more unique imagination then the other children in my class.”

But after Loki and I nearly killed her boyfriend twice, she started to worry and even be a little scared when I mentioned him. If one of my sentences started with, “Loki told me…” or “Loki said…” She would tell me in a rush she didn’t want to know and walk out on me.

So much so that one night after school I had found myself in what felt like a doctor’s waiting rom. The appointment, I was told by Steven, (who had organised it on, “behalf” of my Mother) was for me to talk to someone. I was clearly distressed and confused because I kept telling my Mum I wasn’t sick, she just reassuring me that this was the thing I had to do.

“Why are we here?!”

I asked looking to Loki, who at that point was pacing back and forth in front of me, his full armour on paired with his golden helmet. This of course only made me more distressed because this usually meant he was getting ready to fight some sort of threat.

“I’m trying to figure that out!”

He had snapped with his face set in a glare, the sight frightening me.


He rolled his emerald’s at my apology and started stalking again only to be startled at the yell of my name followed by what I thought was as a female ‘doctor’, coming down the hall.

She looked kind and had a beautiful dark skin tone with the brightest smile I had ever seen. Her dark almond eyes warm along with her posture as she stood with her red clipboard.

“Louisa Miller if you’d like to come with me.” She told me softly and motioned towards her, her gesturing soft.

I crossed my arms over my chest,

“I’m not sick; I don’t need to see you.” I told her, Loki agreeing with a murmur.

I would have liked this doctor to have smiled at me and then walk back calling for another person but she didn’t. Instead she waited patiently till my Mum had to walk me into the office, Loki following with heavy footsteps.

“But I’m fine!” I protested as my Mum sat me down in the ‘doctor‘s’ ultra-clean office at a red table. This table had drawing utensils scattered across it with two blank pieces of paper opposite to one another on it.

My Mum sighed heavy kissing my head,

“Just behave and talk to this lovely lady. I’ll be just outside if you need me.”

She gave my hair a stroke and walked out, Loki watching her with a judging look. As soon as the door shut the doctor asked me with a sweet voice if I would like to draw with her drawing my eyes away from my Prince.

“How will this help you know whether I’m sick or not?” I asked the woman watching her start to draw. Loki at that point passed my view to read the framed qualifications hanging on the white walls with eyebrows creased.

“Because I’m not sick.”

She pressed a empathic smile,

“I’m not that kind of Doctor Louisa, I want to be your friend and get to know you that’s all. And your Mother says you love drawing and telling stories.”

“I do.” I answered with a bit of arrogance; Loki had turned then looking worried.

“Louisa there’s something I must tell –“

“Well what about you show me how good of a drawer you are?” She interrupted my Prince, the counsellor clearly noticing my excitement to show off,

“What’s your favourite thing to draw?”

“Louisa, remember that woman in the hostile? I think –“

“I like drawing Loki; he’s been my best friend since I was little.”

“Well what about you tell me what Loki looks like and we both can draw him?”

The doctor (or as I got to know her) Samantha drew with me then as I told her about Loki and what he looked like not hearing him trying to warn me. She asked me about Loki questioning things like what was my first memory of him and our favourite game to play together. She also asked how he felt on my five senses wondering how clear his voice was, if I could feel and smell him like a solid object.

After I had finished my picture she ended the session asking me if I’d like to come back next week to draw with her again.


“Yes please.” Loki snapped as I replied smiling over to the woman leaving her.

That night I didn’t listen to Loki’s hints about Samantha, I repeated what she had told me at the start of the session, ignoring him trying to get my attention.

The next sessions went like this over the six weeks I went. She asked me about Billie and Jenny, my Mum and her boyfriend and school. She did this while I was occupied on the task I had in front of me, which ranged from drawing to playing some sort of board game. Majority of the time though she asked me about Loki, asking me about what kind of person he was and how he helped me.

“He said that he’ll always look after me and won’t anyone hurt me, like my Dad did.”

I told her and that started another discussion on the violence I was subjected to and how Loki helped me through that time. I told her about him being able to lock un-lockable doors, his magic making it easier for me to run away and even my theory that he killed my Dad in prison.

“Do you like that Loki did that for you?” Samantha asked me after I told her that, I looked up to Loki who was just glaring across at the woman, his helmet lowered like he wanted to ram her with his horns from what I now considered his far corner in the room.

“Sort of. I like that he won’t ever come back to hurt me but I miss having a Dad sometimes.”

“Doesn’t Steven count?”

“No.” Both Loki and I snapped in unison, his coming out like a snarl.


“Because I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Loki said so and I believe him.”

I was unaware that I was getting assessed as she talked to me, the questions all linking to a disorder. After what I think was around six to eight sessions later my Mum went in with Steven instead of me leaving me outside, Loki looking distressed and extremely upset as we read the children story books together till they came out.

What felt like hours upon hours my Mum and Steven finally came out. I was shocked to see my
Mum crying as she exited the office, Samantha handed a piece of paper to a stern looking Steven while holding up two fingers.

“Mum what’s wrong?”

I had asked panicked rushing over to her, my Mum bringing me into a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry sweet heart,”

She cried into my ear soothing my hair,

“Oh my poor baby girl…”

She sobbed turning me away from Steven and Samantha. I found Loki’s eyes over her shoulder; he was glaring up to the doctor with hatred I recognised him giving to my Father and to Steven. He then sighed smirking at me, his eyes sad.

I had no idea what was ahead of me at that moment, I was so concerned and unsure. What had Samantha told my Mum to make her cry? What was on that piece of paper? What was going on?


I love this so much. It is so good. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I LOVE IT! Pretty please update xx

DaisyChain DaisyChain

Pleas update! I've read this so much, it's become a part of me. I feel like louisa is my long lost sister of sorts.

Arianna Arianna

I stumbled on this one night back in April and didn't stop until I finished reading all your posts at 5am. Love your writing, really looking forward to your next update :)

Golden Ebony Golden Ebony

Holy crap I've spent all day reading this story. YOU SIMPLY MUST UPDATE SOON!!

SerenitySpeaker SerenitySpeaker