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Captain America's Love

Chapter 10

I couldn't fall back to sleep after the dream that suddenly woke me, so I got up and wandered around the tower. Yeah, Bruce may not like it, but I had nothing else to do. After a while Peter was walking with me.
"Can I ask you something, Brenda?" I wasn't ready to hear questions about anything, but I realized that if anything happened to me before daybreak I would have someone who could alert the others besides, Jarvis. I just nodded to let him know to continue.
“Do you believe that I am your flesh and blood? I mean, do you believe that I am your brother?” He asked me. I was about to answer when I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Peter looked concerned. I could hear what he was thinking and I told him to have Jarvis alert Bruce. He did exactly that while taking me to the medical ward. Bruce was there when we got there and immediately took me to a bed. As soon as I laid down, another sharp pain came. I then realized that I was in labor. I didn't have to say anything when Steve came rushing into the room.
"Bruce what's wrong?" He asked. He looked at me concerned.
"Well Steve, you could A) go over by Brenda and help her deliver your children, or B) sit here and ask stupid questions. Your choice." was Bruce's reply. After hearing that he came and stood by me. I felt another pain when Bruce told me to push. I pushed, but it didn't help. I kept pushing for exactly 5 hours until both of my girls were here, and the placenta was delivered. After the delivery I slept for what Steve told me was 10 hours. I must have been that tired.
I woke up to the scenery of my bedroom, only it didn't look the same. There were boxes everywhere, and Steve's uniform and shield were in the corner. He must have seen that I was awake because he came and gave me one of my girls.
"Which one is which?" He asked me. He must have meant who was Rosalinda, and who was the other one that he gets to name.
"This one is Rosalinda." I said referring to the one that I held in my hands. After I said that, he told me that the other one is, Rosie. I loved them both. I thought to myself 'how could I ever think of giving them up?' That's when my parents walked into the room.



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