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Captain America's Love

Chapter 12

Tony just stared at me like I just stabbed him where his life source is. I could hear him asking himself what he should do. After a while he finally said, “We didn’t send Steve at all. He missed out on most of his high school experience, and he was 16 when he was frozen into a hero cabob. So you guys met coincidentally.” I just sat there thinking to myself ‘Now you come up with brilliant things to say’. I just nodded my head like I believed that bull crap.
“Where is Mackenzie and Thor?” Everyone in the room fell silent. No one answered me on where they were.
“I think it’s time we tell her.” Steve directed to the others in the room.
“Tell me what?” I replied angrily. I didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about but knew I would soon find out.
“Ugh, I guess I have to man up and say what we need to tell her.” Tony spat at everyone. I am getting really annoyed with his attitude.
“Brenda,” He went on, “Mackenzie is Thor’s daughter. They are in their rooms still trying to process what they just found out. With Thor it will take a while.” I just sat there, not knowing how to handle this news. ‘My sister/best friend is an Asgardian Princess.’ Were my thoughts.
“How could you keep this from me? You practically raised me, but you kept this from me.” I spat at my parents. I felt like I was going to go up in flames, so I walked out of the kitchen and into a room that said fire proof. I was in there for 5 seconds before I did catch fire. ‘I have to calm down. I have to stay safe for my girls.’ I thought to myself.
*30 minutes later*
I finally calmed down after a half hour of being angry with my parents for not telling me the truth. I walked out of the room, only to find Thor waiting for me outside.
“So, Tony was wrong, it didn’t take you a while to process the info you just found out. I take it “Skye” is in her room?” I spat at him. He looked at me like he was going to cry. I couldn’t blame him I wanted to cry myself when I found out.
“I’m sorry, Thor. It’s just this is a lot to handle, and to top it off, I am still a hormonal wreak.” I said to Thor. After all, I wasn’t being very supportive.
“No, Brenda, you had a right to be angry with me. I should have guessed that this was bound to happen. May I take you back to the kitchen? Steve is having a hell of a time with the twins. They are practically driving him to the ‘moon’ as we Asgardians say.” He sat there and laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. I should have realized that he would have problems with the twins. I just nodded letting him know that he could lead me back.
After we got back to the kitchen, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me.
“What are you guys staring at?” I asked.
“We have to tell you something, Brenda.” Clint said. I didn’t know if I could handle more news that I didn’t know about.
“Okay go on.” I told him.
“The ability that these people are after is why they are after you. You have a special power.” Tony told me.
“What ability do I have?” I asked everyone in the room.
“You have the ability to control the elements and the same one that the Flaming Torch, you can light on fire and fly.” Said Director Fury. I didn’t hear him walk in.
“Was that what my mother had?” I asked Fury.
“Your mother controlled the elements, your father was the flaming torch.” I wasn’t expecting that. ‘Not again’ I thought to myself before I blacked out.



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