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Captain America's Love

Chapter 13

I woke up in my bed yet again. Why do they have to keep so many secrets from me? How can I be a mother and a super hero? I figured I might as well get Steve in here to ask questions. ‘What was the name that Steve said? Ah it was Jarvis’
“Jarvis, can you ask Steve to come to our room please?” I said, hoping it would answer back.
“Right away Brenda. I applaud you for remembering my name as well.” It replied. Did I just get praise for remembering the A.l.’s name? After about 5 minutes of laying in my bed, Steve walked in. He looked concerned.
“Are you okay?” I asked him. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know what was wrong, but I had to.
“We need to get you out of here, so you can live a normal life. You have already graduated high school according to your adopted parents, and I will still go to high school. You’re coming home with me.” He told me. Why did he want me to live with him all of a sudden? I couldn’t just leave my family to live with him. Yeah, I did want to live with him……. who am I kidding I am living with him.
“All right, I’ll help you pack up my things…….” he stopped me by putting his hands on my chest. He saw my cheeks fluster a bright red, and immediately removed his hands.
“Stay laying down and rest a little, I got you’re things. Brenda?” he said.
“Yeah, Steve?” I responded.
“I love you.” Did he just say that he loved me?
“I love you too.” Did I just reply that? What is happening to me? I mean, I did love him, but I couldn’t have found true love on the first try. Could I?
*3 hours later*
After 3 hours we finally arrived at what would now be considered my home. I wasn’t upset, because now the girls would have a home to come to instead of the tower. Steve unlocked the door, and led me inside. We walked through what used to be his workout room, but was now filled with baby stuff for the girls. I kinda like this new Steve. He’s more sentimental.
“Wow, you gave up your workout room for the girls?” I asked him.
“No, I just moved it to the basement. It’s much safer for the girls that way.” I just laughed at his response. He was a different man, even if he was a super soldier.
*1 day later*
I woke up to a loud crash in the living room, and the girls screaming. Steve must have heard it too because he shot out of bed and grabbed his shield. I quickly ran and grabbed the girls, with Steve’s help, and went to the secret room that he set up. I immediately called the Avengers and told them to come and to hurry. All I kept thinking to myself was ‘What’s going on?’



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