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Captain America's Love

Chapter 16

“Jonny, take Brenda and the girls downstairs and stay with her. She can’t control the flame power that she inherited from you yet.” Steve said. I wasn’t going to argue with him because I almost killed myself the last time I did.
“Help me pack a bag so I have enough things for the girls.” I directed to my father. We were rushing around for at least 2 minutes before dad pushed me and the girls out of the way. I landed on an invisible shield of some sort when I fell, and my girls were floating above it. I looked in the doorway to see Invisible Woman standing there. Dad helped me up and I grabbed the girls and went with Invisible woman downstairs.
When I go down there, I saw Natasha setting something up in the next room. It looked like a baby supply room. I felt stupid for packing a bag, but how was I supposed to know. I walked into the room, and Nat closed the door behind me.
“Is it alright if I stay with you?” She asked me. I nodded my head to let her know that it was fine. After all I did need some girl time after so much guy time. By guy time I mean “Steve” time.
“I appreciate you staying with me Natasha. I do need the company of another female. Too much “Steve” time.” I said.
“Steve is just trying to keep you safe. He really loves you. He keeps telling us that he wishes he could do more for you than just getting you out of the tower, and into a real home. He also keeps saying that it was probably a bad idea, and that you guys should have stayed in the tower.” She explained. I did know that Steve was trying to keep me safe, but I was just meaning that I needed more females over once in a while. Even if they were Super heroes. I was just about to explain what I meant when I heard footsteps on the stairs, and a knock on the door. I didn’t want to answer it until a voice called out.
“Brenda, open up it’s only me. Doom is being distracted by the other 3. Steve told me to take you and the girls to the tower and to tell Jarvis to put the tower on lockdown on his request.” It was only my dad. I looked over to Nat to tell her to pack a big bag of diapers, Wipes, and everything else I might need, but she already had that done.
“Come with me. I really need some help, and my dad is going to need it too.” She got up and led me to the Quinjet.
When we got to the tower, Nat told J.A.R.V.I.S. to put the Tower in lockdown by Steve’s Request. He did exactly that. I didn’t know if I would be safe anywhere that I went because of my stupid fucking ability that these people are after.
Apparently Skye, once named Mackenzie, was still in the tower when the tower went into lockdown mode. She came out and saw me but no Steve.
“Brenda! Oh, Thank God. I thought you were dead.” She said rushing towards me, but I told her to stop and walk slowly towards me so she didn’t wake her nieces.
“I missed you too, Mack. I can still call you that now that you are a princess and all, right?” I replied. She told me that I could and took me to the living room. When I go there, two cradles were set up for the girls. Apparently they kept the ones from when I was here. I didn’t care because me and my girls were safe.



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