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Captain America's Love

Chapter 17

About an hour later, Tony came flying into the tower. I ran up to him because he motioned me over to him. He looked concerned.
“Brenda, Steve has been badly injured. You’re…. Jonny is bringing him up through the elevator and should be here in about a minute or so. He has to tell you something.” Then he walked away. About 5 seconds later, dad walked in. He was carrying Steve. He was limp but still breathing.
“Jarvis, alert Bruce. Tell him that Steve needs medical attention immediately.” I said.
“Right away.” Replied the A.l. I ran up to Steve only to find him just barely conscious. I didn’t want to cry right in front of him so I stayed strong. Natasha was with the girls, and Mack was talking to Thor, so I went with my dad and Steve to the medical ward. Bruce tried telling me that I couldn’t go in with Steve, but Steve, who was trying not to sleep, insisted that I go in there because it’s only fair that I do what he did for me. Bruce didn’t argue with him.
We went in, and Bruce immediately started checking him for broken bones. Steve kept screaming in pain. I was trying to stay strong for him but I couldn’t. I just started to cry because he was in so much pain, and I couldn’t stand to see him like this. I went up to him to try to take his mind off of things.
“Tony said you had to tell me something. Tell me right now.” I said. He just laid there and tried laughing, but just winced in pain.
“Never trust Tony to keep…… AHHHHH!” He started to say but then screamed in pain.
“Steve, stay focused on me, not Bruce. What did you need to tell me?” I told him. He looked at me with love and compassion. He looked at me like what he was about to say was going to ruin everything he worked so hard to get.
“Brenda,” He started, “I know you want what’s best for the girls, and believe me I do to, but we aren’t going to be able to protect them outside of the tower. I was going to…. To um….. To tell you…” Then he drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t stand to be there while he slept, so I went to go check on the girls.
When I got to their room, I saw my dad, and the lovely odd couple, Peter and Anna. Peter was holding the fussy Rosie, trying to calm her down, but failing in so many ways.
“She’s hungry.” I said as I was grabbing a bottle out of the diaper bag. He looked at me like he was trying to say thanks.
“How do you do it Brenda? You knew exactly what she wanted and I couldn’t figure it out. Well not only that, I wasn’t expecting to be an uncle in my senior year.” Peter responded humorously. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Brenda?” This time it was Anna.
“Yes Anna.” I responded. She looked scared. Like she was hiding something that she was afraid of saying out loud to Peter.
“I was wondering if we could talk. It’s kinda well…..” I cut her off.
“I understand. You don’t have to say it. Why don’t we go to a different room?” All she did was nod her head in response. We found a room and sat down on the sofa.
“I wanted to check up on Steve. How is he?” She asked. I didn’t want to talk about him just yet, but I had to tell someone.
“In a lot of pain, but I haven’t been to see him for about an hour and a half. Would you like to go and see him?” She just sat there shaking her head. I could tell that she was on the verge of breaking down. I was about to speak when Clint walked in.
“Brenda, Bruce needs you. It’s Steve.” He directed to me. My heart sank. What is wrong with Steve?
“Brenda, if you want I can come with you.” Anna told me. I think we were starting to become friends. I nodded my head to let her know that I would love her company. After I said thank you to Clint, we walked to the medical ward.
When we got to the medical ward, Bruce was rushing around trying to find what he needed. I could hear Steve screaming in pain. I couldn’t handle it, so I took off running to Steve’s room, Anna wasn’t too far behind.
When we got to Steve’s room, I just broke down. There was blood everywhere. Steve was screaming in pain. I couldn’t handle this image. I just kept thinking to myself ‘He’s going to die. The girls won’t have a dad.’ The next thing I knew, Anna was hugging me. She looked just as uncomfortable as I was, but she was making me feel better.
“Brenda, I was beginning to think that I would have to give him the sedative myself.” I couldn’t give him a shot. Anna must have seen the look of sorrow in my eyes because she took the needle, and told me to go and comfort, Steve. I walked up to him, and started talking.
“Steve….. Steve look at me. Do you remember where we left off? You said you had to tell me something.” He nodded to indicate that he did remember.
“What was it? What did you need to tell me?” I asked him.
“I needed to tell you that we were going to move back into the tower.” Then he drifted off to sleep. Move back? He was doing this for the girls. Well not only them, but he has something planned.
I told Anna that I was going to stay here and wait for him to wake up. I asked her if she could go and check on the girls for me. Then she left, and I was waiting until I fell asleep.



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