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Captain America's Love

chapter 5

"Brenda, why don't you have a seat and we will explain everything." was Steve's response to the little outburst I just had. How could he keep this from me? Not only that, but Peter as my Brother! I seriously doubt it. He showed no signs of trauma that made me believe that he lost his family and has no idea where his sister is. I didn't know if I should trust Steve after he lied to me.
"Why should I trust you after all of this? Do you think that I am stupid? I can assure you that I may be a lot of things, but I am not fucking stupid." I spat at him. He looked hurt, but I hurt even more.
"Brenda," a familiar voice said right behind me, "we aren't trying to hurt you. We are trying to protect you." I realized that it was Anna's voice. The same Anna that came to me for advice.
"What are you trying to protect me from, Anna? I am the one that this threat is after, I deserve to know." I replied rather harshly.
"Brenda, we would love to tell you, but we haven't an idea on whom or what is after you. You must trust us if we are to help you." A blonde god looking guy said. I assumed it was Thor.
"Thor, I presume. How can I trust you.....?" I started to say but was rudely interrupted.
"Ahh, Steve you found yourself a feisty one.” Of course. Fury.
"That I did, Fury That I did." Steve coolly replied.
"You see we needed you, Brenda. It was important to our operation that we had you under our surveillance...."
"Why do you need to know where I am 24/7?" I interrupted him.
"Because, we don't want the same thing that happened to your parents to happen to you." He stopped right there because Steve punched his arm. Peter and I both looked at him like ‘what the fuck are you talking about’. Clint and Natasha must have seen the looks on our faces when she said "Clint you take Peter and I will explain to Brenda."
"Why do I have to take Spider-Boy?" Clint Protested. Before Natasha could answer I harshly responded
"Would you rather take him who is part of S.H.E.I.L.D. or me who could easily bit your head off because of this nasty secret?"
"Point taken. Let’s go Peter." Well that settles that. I turned to Natasha and said "Explain, now."
*****************************************************************************************"So you’re telling me that my Mother was a super hero. I hardly believe that." I was angry.... well technically I was rather pissed off. I mean, should I take this news, that my mom was killed by some guy named, Loki, trying to protect my dad who possibly wasn't my real father only in the end to lose him as she was dying, with open arms and just cry like I believe all of this Bull Shit. I don't think so.
"Brenda, I know it's a lot to process, but try to control your emotions for just a second....." she started but couldn't finish because of me. "Why Nat? Why do I need to control my emotions? It's not like I am going to blow up......" I stopped suddenly as her expression went from concerned to one that says ‘Fuck, she is too smart for her own good’. Then I grew worried. "Will I blow up if I don't control my emotions?" I asked. She just nodded her head in agreement. I blacked out then.
When I woke up the next morning I didn't know where I was or why I was there. I started looking around and noticed that Steve was sleeping in a chair right next to my bed.
"Ever heard of beauty sleep?" I said loud enough to wake him from his slumber.
"Ever heard of good company?" He shot back. I just sat there and laughed. "Good to know that you're awake. Jarvis, let Bruce know that our second guest is awake." He said. I didn't know who he was talking to until a voice answered him from somewhere. "Right away sir." I thought to myself that having something like that was really cool. I kept looking around the room wondering where I was when Bruce (I believe) walked in.
"Hello Brenda. It's so good to finally meet the woman that Steve can't stop talking about. How are you feeling?" He said. I wasn't sure how to reply. In the end all I said was "It's nice to meet you too, Bruce. I am fine. My head hurts a little, but I think that is because I hit the hard wood floor." He just sat there and laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked. He looked at me like I was nuts.
"I expected that reaction to the news that they brought you. So how bad was it? I mean, how bad of a job did Steve do explaining it to you? I know Peter was there. I will have to ask Clint what his reaction was before he blacked out......" I cut him off.
"Peter is here too?" I asked
"Yes he is, and you can go and see him once I make sure that you don't have a concussion." He answered me back.
Once he cleared me, he told me where Peter's room was. I walked in not realizing that he had company already. Can you guess who? The one and only, Anna Barton. I turned to leave when she spoke out.
"No please stay. He should wake up soon, and he needs to see you. He has a few questions for you." I decided that she was probably lonely and just wanted some company so I stayed.
After about 15 minutes, Peter woke up. It took him 5 seconds to realize where he was, and shot straight up into a sitting position. Anna noticed that he looked worried and went straight to him.
"Peter, its okay, your safe." She said to him. When he noticed her, he relaxed a little realizing that it really was her. He then looked over and saw me sitting in the chair right next to his bed.
"I heard you had questions for me?" I said to him. He looked over at me like he didn't know what I was talking about but then seemed to remember.
"Yes. Yes I do have questions for you. Well one to be exact." He replied
"Alright, ask. I will try to give you an answer." I shot back.
"Why did you give up your search for me?" He asked. I wasn't expecting that question. I also didn't know how to Answer.



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