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Captain America's Love

Chapter 6

"Why did you give up your search for me?" was the question Peter had asked me moments before. I was still processing my explanation when I started to explain why.
"I gave up because I knew it was hopeless. I was searching for someone who I didn't even know was still alive. Yeah, I saw you walking on the street about 3 months ago, but didn't believe what I saw because it wasn't true."
"Why didn't you think it was true?" He interrupted. I hate it when people do that, but just let it slide.
"Because you looked exactly like dad. I knew it wasn't true because dad is dead."
"So that is why you thought that I was your brother?" He asked.
"Yes. I didn't have the facts except that you are 2 years older than me just like my brother. I don't even know my true last name. I don't know my Aunts name either." I started to cry. I didn't like to cry in front of people, but I couldn't stop myself. I didn't know why I started crying, only that I did.
"Brenda, did you know about my secret also?" He asked me like he was worried that I would tell someone who he was.
"You mean that you're Spiderman? Yeah I knew. 3 months ago when I saw you on the street, I saw you run off in a hurry like you heard something. I followed you only to find Spiderman in the same alley you ran into. Only you didn't have your mask on quite yet. And don't look so scared, I didn't tell anyone your little secret. Who would I tell? I don't have any friends." I said just as I was getting up to leave.
"Where are you going?" He called after me.
"I am going to go and see where the fuck I am." Was my reply.



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