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Captain America's Love

Chapter 7

After I left Peter’s room, I started roaming the halls of this strange place that I woke up In. I went into what I counted as 15 rooms before I stumbled upon the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen only to find Tony Stark sitting right before me.
“Well, I didn’t expect you to be wandering around the tower so soon. I was thinking it would take you a day or so before you got this curious. I guess never underestimate the power of curiosity.” That was all you came up with was my thought.
“You are a smart billionaire and that is all you came up with? I woke up in a strange place…… wait did you say tower?” was my reply. He said tower. Did he mean the Avengers Tower?
“Yes, as a matter of fact I did. Brenda, welcome to the Avengers Tower. If you need a guide I would be happy to show you around. Then I will show you to your room.” He replied back to me.
“You expect me to stay here? What about my family? On second thought show me around and then to my room.” I didn’t like the fact of telling the ‘rents everything. They can worry. He seemed happy with the fact that I was staying. He smiled and started showing me around. There was only one place I wanted to see.
“Tony, can you show me the hall of fallen heroes, please?” I asked him. He stopped dead in his tracks like I said something to offend him. He slowly turned around and looked me straight into my eyes.
“How do you know about that?” He asked me. That was a good question. How did I know about that?
“I don’t know…… I just feel like I’ve been here before. Which is weird because I have never been here before.” Was my answer. He looked at me the same way Nat did when I found out that I would blow up if I didn’t control my emotions. “Tony, have I been here before?”
“On to the Hall Of Fallen Hero’s” He changed the subject. When we got there I went straight for a picture of a woman dressed as a cat. The tag at the bottom of the photo said ‘cat woman, died protecting her family. Has one descendant with her ability. Ability only passed down from mother to daughter.’ I just sat there like how did I not know about this. Am I that fucking important to the people after me? What ability do I have that I don’t know about? I wanted to ask Tony, but figured I would wait.
“Alright, let’s get you settled. I am taking you to your room now, Brenda. Are you ready?” I wasn’t ready, but I just shook my head to confirm that I was.
We got to my room, and walked in. Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. I realized that I was here before because I saw baby stuff. Stuff for a baby Girl. Right then I blacked out.



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