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Captain America's Love

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: We Have A Name!
*2 months later*
It has been 2 months since I told Mack she was going to be an Aunt. I haven't told Peter yet, still trying to figure out if he actually is my brother or just some pshyco pretending to be my brother so I can stop searching. Still don't know if I can take the responsibility of being a mom. Steve keeps trying to do his best to help me in a way that a husband helps his wife when they are expecting twins. I still don't know if I can handle this, but Mack insists that I do. I can't go back home after the twins are born because I would have a serious meltdown. Life was starting to suck. Much to my surprise, Clint walks in followed by Anna and none other than Peter, my brother supposedly.
"You up for some company?" Asks Clint. I really wasn't, but Steve just answered saying that I was.
"What's with all of this baby stuff, Brenda?" Peter asks me. I wasn't in the mood to explain. I looked over at Steve. He must have got the hint because he started explaining everything.
"Well Peter, She is going to be a mom of 2 beautiful baby girls. I am the daddy. You're stuck with me now." Peter looked from Him, to me, back to him. He looks the way I felt when I found out. He looked sick. I thought he was going to barf. Just thinking about that made me want to barf and I did. When I looked back a Peter, he was the floor. 'Fuck, he did what I wanted to do when I found out.' Anna looked at Steve like 'why the fuck did you say that?'
"Anna, he said it because it is true. Don't mess with me right now or you will pay in the end. If you pay it will be your own stupidity that fucked you." I spat at her. I know I shouldn't have said that to her with Clint in the room, but she deserved it. I don't know why I had the Urge to protect Steve, but he deserved protection. He may be a pain in the ass at times but I have this strange connection to him. Like we were meant to be together. I figured I would ask him later.
*7 months after finding out I was a mom*
"Mommy, Mommy Rosalinda hit me." I didn't know who this kid was but she was calling me mommy.
"Rosalinda, Apologize to your sister right now or you don't get cake." I replied instantly. Why would I reply that? I didn't know this kid. All of a sudden I heard a door open. I turned around only to see Steve walk in.
"Hey honey, how was your day?" Did he just call me honey? ........
I woke up right then and there. I couldn't figure out what happened. It has been 7 months since I found out I was going to be a mom. I was starting to feel the babies moving around inside of me. I was silently hoping that I could do this, when Steve rushed into my room. "Brenda are you okay?" Was the first thing he said to me?
"Yes, I'm fine. Just a weird dream. I think I figured out one of our daughters names. You can name the other one." I answered him. He looked relieved and intrigued by my response.
"What name did you come up with?" He asked me.
“Rosalinda. Do you like it?” I didn’t know if he would like it or not, but I was sticking with it. Instead of using words he just nodded in agreement. We have a name.



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