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No Second Guesses, No Regrets

Fireworks On The Fourth of July

Taryn woke bright and early and she dressed in shorts and a tank top in preparation for the work outside today. She hoped that she could make him breakfast for a change, but no, he was already up in khaki shorts and a tee. The more she thought about it, the more she figured that moment last night must have scared the hell out of him. She hoped that today would still be a good day.

He looked at Taryn sheepishly and immediately apologized for the night before. "I am so sorry, and I understand if you want me to leave. I have my bag packed and… I thought I should make you breakfast first…"

She raised a brow. "Really? You want to leave? Steve, I would have pushed you away if I didn't want to be kissed like that."

"Oh, well… I just don't want you to think I do that sort of thing all the time…"

She leaned in and kissed his cheek, and he visibly relaxed. She sat on the bar stool. "You know, I'm not a delicate flower. If I wasn't into it, I would have kneed you."

That got him laughing. "Okay, I get your point. But I promise to be more of a gentleman."

Taryn rolled her eyes at the back of his head as he was dishing out breakfast. She didn't understand how that was possible but she wasn't going to say any more.

They ate quietly and had decided that they would work around the house fixing any more loose shingles he found. She wanted to clean up her garden a bit, and Steve found a few more loose shingles to reattach. Steve was remembering how his parents were in the summer. Working out in the yard, mowing the lawn, planting flowers. He smiled as he watched her water the herb garden and was filled with nostalgia. This trip was such a good idea and a real breath of fresh air. He didn't think any of this would be possible in this time.
Taryn stood and wiped her brow with the back of her gardening glove, leaving a streak of dirt on her forehead. She caught Steve looking at her and she playfully stuck her tongue out at him. "Hey," she called. "I need to get something out of the garage attic, can you help?"

He nodded and set the hammer down and followed her into the garage. "Just be careful on those steps. They don't look very safe."

Taryn agreed. "I know… I just haven't gotten around to fixing them."

"What do you need up there anyway?"

"I've got some empty flower pots up here that I thought would look nice on the porch with some petunias or something in them." She made her way up the stairs and almost made it to the top when the railing came away from the steps. She lost her balance and tried to recover when a stair broke in half. "Oh, shit!" she cried and over the edge she went.

"Taryn!" It was like slow motion watching her fall. He ran to the stairs and managed to get beneath her just in time to catch her in his arms.

Taryn watched her life flash before her eyes. She knew the stairs had needed repair, but she hadn't thought they were that bad. She had no idea what she was going to do. There was nothing to grab for. She closed her eyes, hoping she wouldn't break anything and then suddenly Steve was there. He caught her in his strong arms and held her tight, a look of pure alarm in his eyes.

"Taryn! Are you alright?"

She dropped her head on his shoulder. "Yes… I just feel like an idiot. I'm glad you're a good catcher. What would I do without you around?"

Steve shook his head. "Probably break a lot of things… you okay?"

"If I say no, will you carry me around all day?" she joked.

"It's very tempting, but we wouldn't get anything done all day."

"Hmm I don't know about that…" she leaned in and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"You are incorrigible, Agent McKenna. Getting hungry?"

Oh you have no idea, Captain Rogers, she thought. "I could use some lunch."

She had to laugh because he refused to put her down until they got to the porch. "I didn't want you to hurt yourself."

They ate lunch, then did more work around the house until around 6. Taryn then went in to shower and get the grill ready. They had purchased some Delmonico steaks and she was going to put some potatoes and onions in the grill also. Steve showered and came out in a pair of camo shorts and nothing else. "So what can I help with?"

"Hmm… well I've got the grill on… Do you want to start cutting the potatoes? Just slice them up thin and place them on the foil over here. Once those are done you can start on the onions. Do you want some sautéed mushrooms with your steak?"

"Love some." He was getting into working in the kitchen and he loved being able to help make a meal. He hoped she would leave him to the grill though, he loved grilling.

Once the potatoes and onions were cut, Taryn spread those out onto the foil, added salt, pepper and butter and folded the foil into a packet. "Can you put these out on the grill on one of the sides?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he saluted playfully and took them out to the deck.

He came back in and she was slicing up mushrooms while some butter melted in a sauté pan. "The steaks are in the fridge if you want to get those out. We'll put them on in about 20 minutes – let the potatoes cook some."

Taryn threw some spices in the butter, followed by the mushrooms as Steve set the steaks out on the counter. She stirred the mushrooms around to coat them in the butter and he came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. He brushed her hair over one shoulder and leaned in to kiss her neck. "You be careful mister, or we'll burn dinner."

He laughed and inclined over and kissed her lips softly. "Won't happen. I'm too hungry."

She teasingly elbowed him in the stomach. "Then go put the steaks on."

It was a nice warm evening so they ate on the deck until they were stuffed. "That was delicious."

"Nice job on the steaks. Perfectly done, Grillmaster."

Steve chuckled, "Aw thank you, Ma'am."

Taryn threw her napkin at him. "I never thought Captain America could be so silly."

He laughed. "It feels good to laugh. Life can be way too serious."

She curled up on the chair. "Don't I know that… Oh, look, fireflies!"

"Did you ever run around the yard to catch them?" Steve asked remembering childhood.

"Once in a while… before I was a teen and before SHIELD. I used to love collecting them in a jar then releasing them all at once. There would be a big glowing cloud that rose from the jar… That was a lot of fun."

Suddenly he jumped up and ran out into the yard. It was comical to watch him try to catch a firefly. Suddenly he stopped with his hands clasped in front of him. He gestured for her to come out onto the lawn.

She chuckled and met him on the grass. He moved in close to her and opened his hand very slowly. Sitting on his palm was a firefly, blinking away. She smiled like a child, watching it move around, then it realized it was free, and it flew away. Steve smiled to himself watching her beam. It was a stunning sight and he could stand to be around it every day. She was laughing now, stalking the fireflies around the yard. "I caught one!" she squealed like a little girl. She released it and spun around within the glowing, blinking cloud. She began to dance within in them and it was mesmerizing to watch. He stood watching her, his arms folded across his chest, in awe of the loveliness of her. She dropped to the grass and lay on her back staring up at the starry sky.

Steve walked over to her and lay down next to her, their heads barely touching. She pointed out a few more constellations and they even saw a few shooting stars. "Make a wish," she said to him when they saw the first one. He reached for her hand and kissed it, knowing his wish had already come true.

The 4th of July dawned bright and warm and Taryn was excited for the day. She showered, dressed and made sure his gift was wrapped. She made her way out to the kitchen but it looked like he wasn't up yet. A knock came at the door and she went to find the bakery delivery that she ordered. She took the package and tucked it into the refrigerator for later tonight. She set the gift in a kitchen drawer just as he walked into the room.

"Oh, by the way. Happy Birthday!" and she kissed him on the tip of his nose.

"I didn't know you knew…"

"Well I did read the files before I joined up again, you know." She winked at him. "Shall we go to the Independence Day parade today?"

He agreed to go, and she followed him outside. He threw his leather jacket on as he mounted the bike, and she followed with a white denim. She got on behind him and wrapped her arms around him and they took off down the road.

They reached town about a half an hour before the parade, and found a good place on Main Street to wait. Taryn chatted with her neighbors that owned the farm near her with the horses, and she introduced them to Steve. They looked like they already knew they were a couple. Ellie had been sharing the news, apparently.

The parade soon began. It had a number of local marching bands, fire departments, even a bag pipe brigade from the city. There were a few floats and when the Flag bearers came through, Steve removed his ball cap and saluted. It was honestly one of the most moving things she had ever seen. He didn't release the salute until the flag was well out of sight. After the parade an older veteran came up to him and shook his hand. "You must be a veteran too, son. The way you showed respect for that flag was refreshing."

"Yes, sir I am. And thank you for your service."

The two chatted for a moment, and then the man's wife came to find him. Taryn recognized her as a volunteer from the local library. "Mrs. Conner so nice to see you."

"Oh, Taryn, dear. Lovely to see you back in town. And is this your young man?"

Taryn smiled proudly. "Yes, Mrs. Conner. This is Steve."

"A pleasure to meet you, Ma'am."

"Oh, my and such a gentleman. He's a keeper dear! We'll see you down at the fair!"

Taryn squeezed Steve's arm. "Yes, he is. See you there."

Steve patted her hand on his arm. "Do you know everyone here?"

"Well it's a small town, so yeah, pretty much. And everyone will know your name before the day is out," she laughed.

"So what is this fair she mentioned?"

"It's the 4th of July fair... like a carnival. Rides, games, food that's really bad for you but tastes really good…"

Steve laughed, "Well then, what are we waiting for?"

"Really, you want to go?"

"Sure, why not."

She shrugged and led him off to where the fair was held. They spent time roaming through the alleys of fair food and handmade crafts. He won an enormous stuffed bear for her by throwing a softball completely through milk bottles and the back of the booth. Then the three of them sat through a Ferris wheel ride. On the way off the ride, she noticed the local bar was having karaoke tonight. "Oooo wanna go?"

He raised a brow. "I suppose, but don't expect me to sing."

She laughed, took his hand and they walked to the Ale House. Music poured out into the street when he opened the door for her. They found a table near the stage and he ordered a couple of draft beers for them. She set the glasses down next to her and went to check out the songs available for karaoke tonight. Sitting back down, he slid her beer over to her.

"Anything good?"

"Hmm... maybe." She looked like she was up to something. He really hoped she was not going to drag him on stage.

They sat through a number of rounds of singers, and ordered another round of beer, and Taryn grabbed a bowl of pretzels from the bar. She finally got her courage up and decided to sing one song. The crowd encouraged her on and she told the man running the show the song she wanted to sing.

Moments later the music began to play. "This is one of my favorite songs. It holds a lot of meaning for me lately. Breathless by The Corrs." And with that she began to sing, visibly directing the words to the song at Steve. His heart raced as he heard the words and her voice, and there was no one left in the bar. It was just the two of them alone. He watched her with a smile on his face, and fell in love even more.

Go on, go on

Leave me breathless
Come on
Hey, yeah
The daylight's fading slowly
But time with you is standing still
I'm waiting for you only
The slightest touch and I feel weak
I cannot lie
From you I cannot hide
And I'm losing the will to try it
Can't hide it, can't fight it
So go on, go on
Come on and leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me
Until I can't deny this loving feeling
Make me long for your kiss
Go on, go on, yeah
Come on, yeah
And if there's no tomorrow
And all we have is here and now
I'm happy just to have you
You're all the love I need somehow
It's like a dream
Although I'm not asleep
I never want to wake up
Don't lose it, don't leave it
So go on, go on
Come on and leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me
Until I can't deny this loving feeling
Make me long for your kiss
Go on, go on, yeah
Come on
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I can't lie
From you I cannot hide
And I've lost my will to try it
Can't hide it, can't fight it
So go on, go on
Come on and leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me
Until I can't deny this loving feeling
Make me long for your kiss
Go on, go on
Come on leave me breathless
Go on, go on
Come on leave me breathless
Go on, go on
Come on leave me breathless
Go on, go on

And on the ending note, the crowd went nuts. They screamed and hollered, people we clapping Steve on the back, telling him what a lucky bastard he was and a few women were throwing daggers of jealousy at Taryn.

She hopped off stage with a laugh and accepted the complements. She was flush and thirsty and had meant every word of that song.

Someone else had gotten up to the stage and was singing some loud rock song, and Steve sat staring at her. "I love you," he said plainly, then was shocked he said it.

Taryn set her beer down. "What?" she yelled over the music.

Phew, he thought. He leaned in closer. "I said, I loved the song."

Grinning she whispered back. "I meant every word."

He blushed hotly and finished off his beer. They sat for another round of music then decided to make their way back to the cabin. Taryn managed to squish the bear between the two of them and still hold on. By the time they got home, it was only 10:30. Good, she thought, I can still give him his present.

Steve went into his room and dropped off his jacket and shoes, and came back out in his tee, jeans and socks. Taryn deposited her jacket on the side chair, kicked her sneakers off, and went to find where she stashed his gift. She only hope he liked it. It wasn't much, but she tried to put some thought into it.

Taryn sat at the counter grinning like a Cheshire with the gift in front of her and he walked back into the room. "Hey, what's up?"

She smiled, pushing the package toward him. "Happy birthday."

Steve smiled and sat next to her and opened the box. Removing the top, he found a beautiful watch with the American flag engraved on the face. "Taryn, its beautiful…"

She grinned. "Turn it over, it's engraved on the back, too."

He read the inscription out loud. "To my super hero, with love, Taryn"

Rogers sat staring at it for some time then looked up into her eyes. "Taryn…. Thank you… it's… it means a lot…"

Still smiling she bounded over to the fridge, and removed a box. Fiddling with it, her back to him, she took out a small cake and lit a candle. "Happy birthday, Babe."

It was a little red, white and blue cake. She knew it was corny but she couldn't resist. Steve blew out the candle and she cut small pieces for the two of them. They ate quietly, and Taryn was a bit startled by his silence. He finished his cake and got up, and surprised her by walking over to her stereo system. He fiddled with the stations and found one that was playing a slow song. He walked up to her and put out his hand. "May I have this dance?"

She smiled and put her hand in his. "You may."

Steve held her close and they swayed to the soft music. The song ended and he stepped back for a moment, looking deep into her eyes. "This has been the best birthday I have had in a very long time. And I am so privileged to have spent it with the woman that I… that I am in love with."

Her heart swelled at those words. "Oh Steve… I love you." Those were the best words he could have ever heard. He kissed her then, so ardently and so full of emotion. They stood in the living room, kissing and holding each other, and then in one motion, he swept her up in his arms, and carried her down the hall.

Steve set her gently on her feet and kissed her softly. He placed his hands on the sides of her face and he looked serious and almost concerned. "Do you want this? I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do."

She smiled up at him. She'd never wanted anyone more. "Yes, I want you Steve. The question is, are you sure?"

He looked at her, his blue eyes shining in the moonlight. "I love you, Taryn. I want to make love to you."

Smiling again, Taryn stood on her toes and kissed him. She took his hand and led him over to the bed and they sat down. "I'm assuming that you've done this at least once?" she asked, not trying to be facetious.

He felt the heat rise in his cheeks. "Yes, but I'm not that… I mean I haven't been with a lot of women…"

"Nothing wrong with that," she said softly. "I've not been with many men. But I have been with a few. If that bothers you…"

"No! No, it doesn't. I mean... in this day and age… not that I expected you to…"

She cut him off with a kiss. "None of it matters. What matters is you and me, here and now."
Steve smiled and gently put his hand on her neck, pulling her to him for a fervent kiss. Taryn ran her hands along his strong chest, feeling the details of the muscles beneath his tee shirt. She slid her hands under the fabric and Steve shivered as her fingertips caressed his smooth flesh. Taryn slowly worked the shirt up and over his head and she tossed it on the floor. Steve watched as she touched his chest, traced the details of the sculpted forms beneath the skin. She smiled up at him then leaned in, placing soft kisses on his chest, shoulders, neck.
Shivers ran up and down his spine at the exquisite feeling. Her touch was gentle yet determined. Her fingers traced his pecs and his sculpted abdomen. He could smell her perfumed hair as she bent her head to kiss his neck and shoulders. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, reaching out to entangle his fingers in her soft brown mane. He then took her by the shoulders and pulled her close. His lips met hers as he held her. Taryn parted her lips ever so slightly and gently teased his tongue with hers. He moaned softly and slid his hands beneath her shirt. He slipped it off with her help and she sat before him in a soft satin and lace bra.

Taryn watched Steve trace the straps with his fingers. She felt her skin break out in gooseflesh as his finger tip drifted over the lace that surrounded the swell of her breasts. He leaned in to kiss her again, and traced the line of her jaw with his lips, down to her neck.

Cupping her breasts in his hands he brushed his lips against the lace. Her head fell back and she gasped quietly and held her hand to the back of his head. Kissing her mouth again, he reached behind her, releasing her bra clasp.

Steve slid the straps from her shoulders and Taryn let the bra fall to her lap. She found herself suddenly timid as this was the first time she was naked in front of him. His bright blue eyes locked with hers and he drew his finger across her lips and chin, down her neck and throat. He traced the roundness of her breast then down to her nipple.

Cupping her breast again in his large palm he bent his head and brushed his lips against it. Taryn was breathing faster and gasped as she felt his tongue tease the hardening flesh. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, he turned his attention to her other breast, still teasing the first one with his thumb. "Oh… yes that's…. mmm…"

Steve's mouth claimed hers again, and he pulled her close, feeling her bare breasts against his chest. Rogers maneuvered her up further onto the bed and they lay there kissing, tongues dueling for some time. He would tease her breasts with his palms and she moaned under his touch. Despite the fact that he was a very strong man, his touch was feather light and exquisitely sensual.

Steve wanted to take his time with her. Take her body all in. To touch and kiss every inch of her. He wanted to remember this moment as if it were his last. Time was much too precious and in their profession, anything could happen. It was as if it was the first day of the rest of his life and he wanted to live it to the fullest. All he wanted to do, all night long, was to make love to her.

Taryn allowed him to discover her body inch by meticulous inch. He was driving her crazy – he gently touched her breasts and she nearly went out of her mind. She let herself go and gasped in pleasure. Steve smiled, knowing he was definitely on the right track. His nervousness dissipated and instinct had taken over. He started to unbutton her pants and she reached down to help, then slipped out of them. She then helped him with his and they lie their bare skinned in the moonlight that flooded the room.

Steve took her all in, and she felt the heat rise in her cheeks and her core. "I know I've said this before, but you are beautiful."

She blushed hotly. "I could say the same of you, you know." And she smiled as his cheeks flushed as well.

Steve brought his lips to hers and he ran his hand along her body, softly caressing her hips and thighs. Rogers ran kisses down her body and all she could articulate were soft moans. Taryn could feel him hard against her leg and she reached down and brushed her hand against him.

He gasped at the unexpected shock of pleasure as she ran her fingertips along his length. Steve felt her hand wrap around him and he moaned louder and kissed her harder. He wasn't sure how much longer he would last. Oh, God, he needed her, wanted her now

Taryn gripped the back of his head as his kiss became more urgent. She wanted him, but let him go at his own pace. She sensed him hesitate and suspected she knew what he was looking for. "It's okay," she whispered. "You don't need to worry about anything. I've got it covered."

"Are you sure?" he asked sincerely.

She smiled lovingly. "Yes. I am a modern woman after all," she winked.

He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Nuzzling her neck, he moved his knee between her hers and she wrapped her long legs around his hips as he settled between her thighs. Raising himself up on his arms, he looked down at her as if to ask permission. She nodded and arched her back and pulled him down to kiss her. Steve eased his way into her, not wanting to injure her. It was such an amazing feeling and he felt her dig her nails into his back trying to pull him even closer. He kissed her neck as he fell into a rhythm and held onto her as if he might float away.

She cried out softly and moaned in his ear. This encouraged him even more and he began to move his hips faster and she moved hers in sync. She couldn't pull him close enough. She wanted to feel him deeper inside her. Her nails raked across his back and that only stimulated him more. They moved as one on the bed. Taryn tightened her thighs around him and he kissed her fervently. He felt her tongue dancing with his and she reached down and grabbed his back side, pulling him closer. That did him in. He let himself go, and buried his head in the crook of her neck. Taryn felt herself fall over the edge with him and when he finished he collapsed at her side.

She could hear his breath in her ear. It wasn't often that he was short of breath. He shuddered as he rolled off of her completely. Taryn lay there wilted, perspiring and entirely gratified. She moved her head to look at him and smiled.

"Ok?" he asked genuinely.

She almost purred. "Mmmm, more than okay. You're not so innocent, Captain."

He smirked and ran a hand through his hair. "Well it helps to have the right partner."


He moved in closer to her. "Or shall I just show you again?"

She raised a brow. "Again? So soon?"

"Well, unless you'd rather sleep –"

"Not on your life!" she grinned and rolled over on top of him.



Very nicely written! I enjoyed the chapters so far.

GlowingCrimson GlowingCrimson