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A Death To Call


It was silent.

Abagail Ehart was sitting there for a while.She shifted with unease, wondering if anybody would discover.But still, no one came.


"I thought the rest were some where else."She looked up to see Blake.They have been off-duty since S.H.I.E.L.D collapsed.After Project Insight was destroyed.

"Since when have you been like this?Solemn. Quiet."She turned her head towards Blake.

"Why do you want to know?"

He smiled a little."I'm just curious."

Abigail shoved a notebook on the desk.Blake looked confused for a second, before picking it up from the desk.

"If you read, you'll understand."

"Alright then...When did you start keeping a journal?"

"Since i was 8.Helps me feel better a little."

He picked up the notebook and started to flip through the pages, taking time to read each one.She sat there, patiently waiting for him to finish.Not a nerve of excitement was in the air between them two.

I don't understand.Since when has she been interacting with the Avengers?Blake thought, letting his thoughts ring through the still room.A few people get specials privileges, all right....

Blake put down the notebook on her desk, and left without a word.It was silent again.

A tear rolled down Abigail's cheek, pain engulfing her heart at the brink of depression.

My parents are gone, will anybody care for me like they did?


The italics are the thoughts of the characters.
And also, i will update every weekend or so.

Have a good one!



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