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Coulson's niece Eden (affectionately called Denny by her family) returns after her presumed death at a crucial time; dark beings called Shades are using humans as hosts to bring about their beginning and mankind's end. But to enact their plans they need Eden dead, actually dead, and are more than happy to use her relation to Coulson against her. When Coulson is no longer around to protect her from the judgment and suspicion of the Avengers, Eden must find it in herself to save a world that she has little connection to.


Eden R. Turner

Eden R. Turner

Distant relation to Agent Phil Coulson. A niece, but not by blood. After her disappearance at a tender age she was largely forgotten by her last living relatives. Eden has psionic and questionably magic-oriented abilities, though it is unclear where her power comes from.


  1. Chapter 1— A Light in the Dark

    An unusual crime is the opening act for an unexpected arrival.

  2. Chapter 2— Cryptic

    A killer's vigilante death sheds light on the "resurrection" of a long "dead" relative to Agent Coulson.

  3. Chapter 3— Tittle-Tattle

    Coulson investigates the disappearance and presumed death of his niece.

  4. Chapter 4— Muddled

    Dark forces prey on the living, and make mighty disruptions in the world of science.

  5. Chapter 5— Clippings

    Coulson sifts through his niece's belongings and remembers events long forgotten. The Avengers aren't happy about having Loki around.

  6. Chapter 6— Picture Perfect

    Coulson lays out the law for Tony. Eden is following him.

  7. Chapter 7— Conjecture

    Coulson brings Hawkeye and Widow in to help search for Eden.

  8. Chapter 8— Haven

    Eden allows herself to be taken in.

  9. Chapter 9— Crossed

    Eden delivers unfortunate information.

  10. Chapter 10— Report

    Fury demands shit get done. Natasha keeps an eye on Eden. Steve is suspicious of Eden.

  11. Chapter 11— Convergence

    After a miscommunication Loki is retrieved. Natasha and Coulson work out a special arrangement for Eden.

  12. Chapter 12— Progressive Evaluations

    The spies take Eden on a ride that ends with an unexpected encounter.

  13. Chapter 13— Suspicious

    Eden has suspicions about the specialized Unit organized by SHIELD.

  14. Chapter 14— Flicker

    Eden explains why the Shades want her dead.

  15. Chapter 15— Unanswered

    It is decided that Eden is best to be returned to her grandfather for safekeeping.

  16. Chapter 16— Heading South

    A collective road-trip is taken and Eden makes friends with Darcy.

  17. Chapter 17— Unexpected

    Eden is left alone at her grandfather's house and makes an unpleasant discovery.

  18. Chapter 18— When the Sun Goes Down

    Coulson senses trouble

  19. Chapter 19— Burning Bridges

    Things are heating up

  20. Chapter 20— Boiling Point

    The Shades are a fast-growing problem, and added to the Avenger's list of woes is SOMU.

  21. Chapter 21— Tutelage

    Loki strikes a deal that earns him some freedoms if he can help Eden master the flame.

  22. Chapter 22— Glass Cage

    Coulson runs into trouble at Everlast Genetics.


Hey guys! This is Eriathwen's Rose ; for some reason I am unable to access the main account that I posted this story on, and I haven't been able to contact any page admins over the issue. But I just posted a new chapter on FanFiction if people want to read Chapter (23)! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9999713/1/Shades

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