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The silver's tears

My brother keeper

Defeated by the avengers after being beaten up by the green hulk, it was the time for the trickster to surrender. Thor kept staring at him and give him the "why brother?" look, he can't find a good reason for loki to ally with the chitauri, bringing destruction to the whole city not showing even slight regret ,taken out from his thought by the voice of fury asking for him "Yes" "Somehow your father sent you this package" "What?" Looking back to his brother who pretended not to care ,thor opened it quickly to find a letter and what seems to be a muzzle and handcuffs, he started to read the message without showing any reaction but shock at the end "So?" Fury asked "Those are for Loki" "What!!" Loki hissed "am I some kinda of animal" "Brother please I'm sure our father has a good reason for that" "Our father" Loki shouted in anger "no it is your father not mine" "Brother" "Don't you even dare to call me your brother" "Can we end this drama for god sake"stark said in boredom "Man of iron please don’t interfere" Thor said "Fine but for hundredth time it's not man of ir..." "Enough" fury said interrupting, "Thor end this now and do as your father said we won't him to deceive anyone with his silver tongue or magic" "Come on Thor after all he had done, you still calling him your brother and calming him down"Natasha said in disbelief
"You all won't understand "thor said in desperate "Thor I understand you but you have to do this you know that" Steve said, he finally nodded moving towards Loki who stood like a statue without any expression on his face "Sorry brother" Thor said putting his hand on the trickster shoulder who jerked back muffling in anger Thor moved back to his team discussing what they are going to do leaving loki alone with his thoughts and memories of the recent events cursing his fa…odin for humiliating him prince of asgard for what a pathetic prince he is, all alone now everyone hating him wishing him to die, "but I still love you loki you are my son and I won't stop loving you " friga's voice!! Loki flinched back slightly feeling weak and blur, everything went dark for moments, this terrible headache as if someone had hit your head in the wall, he felt pain invading every bone in his body but all of this seemed a joke against the real deal, how did he get here in the first place?! Even though he left his brother he didn't take his sight away from him when he noticed him flinching leaning weakly as he was going to faint there was something wrong he ran to loki but couldn't stop him falling to the ground. "Loki" thor shouted holding loki in his arms he was hyperventilating "What is wrong?"thor said in a shaky voice, loki pushed him away and crawled backward For a while they thought he was trying to escape but for a man who just found himself beaten up, handcuffed and has no idea where the hell is he, he has many things to do better than escaping, so to freak out was the normal behavior
"Is he trying to escape?... it's over dude you are done" Clint smirked "Let me just help you" Thor yelled at him grabbing him closer helping him to stand Loki groaned weakly , he looked away muffling angrily , he tried to remove the muzzle but he couldn't the chains blocked him "Stop it , you will just hurt yourself" Thor shouted at him but loki didn't stop he was shaking enraged trying to remove the chains in vain it only make his wrest bleed a little "You are acting childishly loki , stop this right now I'm warning you" thor shouted at him ,Loki flinched with his hands against his face ,he was afraid, afraid of me thor wondered, he moved towards him carefully but loki flinched again "You afraid of me! why?" Thor said shocked , he holds loki face with his both hands grabbing him gently closer to him so they face each other, loki tried to free himself from thor's strong arms but he couldn't he moaned weakly holding one of thor's hands tightly "Why?"thor whispered to him "What changed you that much?" loki moved away again turning his back to thor trying to unlock the chains again "This is not you" Thor shouted desperately "Keep running away from me , just be a man and look at me let me see your eyes they won't lie to me they never did" He looked at him in the eye pointing to the muzzle and muffled in desperate, begging him to remove it, he need to know why and how this happened "You know I can't , it is allfather order" thor said but he could see the truth in his eyes it was his fault they keep telling him Loki made a protesting sounds , thor didn't need him to speak to know what is he saying but he can't just release him , he is his responsibility and if anything went wrong not that he is afraid of disobeying the all father no , if anything happen to his brother he can't take it anymore he will never forgive himself
Loki knew thor won't listen to him he will never do , but something is wrong he can feel it , like there is someone who is watching him , he felt weakness controls him again and it was cold , very cold …strange, cold never was a problem to him , a muffled scream came out of his throat he stretches his hand to thor who seemed far away from him now clattering and everything went dark , thor crushed next to him shouting his name in fear He started to shake loki to wake him up but in vain as if his soul left his body leaving a cold body and more paler skin Everyone stood in silent shocked by what just happened Bruce leaned next to Thor checking the trickster for pulse "Is he dead or what?" Clint smirked "Shut up" Steve said He knew any word now about Loki would make Thor commit a murder, Thor looked lost and worried, the thunderer couldn't stop himself from lightning the sky and thunder went almost deafening them Bruce sighed "he is fine, I think he is just asleep" "You're kidding, right?" tony said almost shocked "No something is wrong I saw his face just before he fall, paused for a moment then said he was afraid of something" "Jarvis did anything weird happen? Voices, power, anything?" Tony asked Al "No sir, though I recorded strange Frequency forming around him" "When did it start?" "Just after Mr.odinson put the muzzle" "Should I remove it?" Thor said "Are you fucken kidding me" Stark snorted "Just put him inside until we figure out something "fury said It was the only thing we do for now so I carried loki ,put him on sofa ,I sat next to him he was cold and paler than usual ,did father make it somehow hurts loki !oh brother I wish I could help you but you make it very difficult for me how can I defend you and results of your action can be seen everywhere how can I just forget that you destroyed the city ,stabbed me ,control Clint's mind and almost killed stark . But he is my brother …my young silly insane brother "I don't care all of this shit, I said we'll have shawerma so we'll have it, right now" stark said "We're not going anywhere, are you out of your mind?" Steve refused "No need to" tony grinned "Jarvis make the order" "Ok sir" . "Thor, I wanna ask you something" Steve said calmly He looked hesitated and shaken a little, Thor was surprised but he nodded "Though all what Loki did you still taking care of him worried about him!!Why? I mean he is a killer, heartless, for god sake he hates you and already tried to kill you" "He is...my brother" Thor said and looked away "We know that he is your fucken brother but this is not an excuse for what this asshole done to you, to stark …to me" clint said in anger shaking his head trying not to remember what Loki did to him "He is my brother" Thor repeated it calmly "Thor, sorry but I don't understand you too" banner finally said something, putting his hand on Thor shoulder "There is another reason right?" Natasha asked Thor Thor looked worried he didn't wanna tell anyone about this, he was the reason for what happened to loki ,Steve noticed that he approached thor calming him and making him say what he hide Steve knew there is something big behind this and they don't know anything about loki in fact Thor sighed and said "I don't wanna to lose him….again" "What do you mean by 'again'?" Banner voice was shaking Thor takes his decision to let go all of his thoughts, fears everything he looked to Loki holding his cold hand "I'll tell you everything but no one interrupts me" They nodded sitting down curiously waiting for Thor to speak
"when I said you don't understand I really meant it no one ever understood loki except mother and me before all of this happened I guess, he was different he was the most quiet child you would ever met, other children used to bully him as he was small and weak the opposite to any asgardian child and for being too smart for his age was a problem too, so he preferred to be lonely surrounded by books reading all day than going outside, the most annoying thing that would happen to him is me being around him all the day, I was his only friend, when we were little older I started to take fighting and wrestling lessons loki too but a little as he was interested in another type of lessons "magic" it wasn't a surprise really as mother take in her shoulder to give all her knowledge and skills to loki it had been decided since this day mother growing up loki to be the greatest sorcerer and helped him in his studies about almost everything in the 9 realms and father making the greatest warrior preparing me with the knowledge needed to become the king of asgard that is was my first fault .." "How is that?" tony asked trying to make events more alive before he beg any one to shoot him in the face "I was selfish all I thought of is being worthy so father become proud of me I didn't realize that I turned my back on him, I ignored him leaving him to his thoughts and loneliness I was his only friend and I let him go" There was silence ,thor looked like he was going to cry he hold all these thoughts inside him for a long time that sharing it become unbearable all this memories. He just wished he can go back in time and change all of this. But this one memory when Loki was child crying after he had a bad dream cuddling to Thor tightly pleading him "Don't leave me alone please they will hurt me" was the trigger he breaks down in tears embracing Loki "I'm sorry I'm sorry…" Banner couldn't take it anymore rushing to his room , they shouldn't push on thor to speak .Steve moved towards thor he can't stand seeing thor break like that but fury stopped him and said quietly " stop, he need this , he needs to let it go " they just stood watching , Natasha holding Clint's hand derive strength from him or he derive strength from her it doesn't matter they understood how it like when someone is taken away from you how it feels when you have someone you always know you can rely on them …they had each other. stark knew how it like to be different to be alone to be afraid by everyone he needed a drink desperately, Steve ! he lost everyone he loved Peggy and Bucky, he used to say that even when he had nothing he had Bucky by his side but now it seemed like he had to continue to the end of the line alone . How much time they stood like this they didn't know but it must be hours since the sun has already shone letting warmness enter their broken hearts.



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise