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The silver's tears

A Shadow

it was a quiet morning peaceful one, they were all sitting around the table in the kitchen while Steve with some help of Friga were making them breakfast they were close to each other now more than any time before like any normal family except in this one normal is a word deleted from their dictionary they were anything but normal
After breakfast Natasha offered to make them some coffee and banner went to help her
Friga went to her room and came back after a while carrying some books
"I brought these books for loki those are his favorite when we wakes up he will be bored without his books" she said softly
"Oh mother you always care about him so much, he will be glad with them" Thor said smiling at her
"The only thing I can do for him now, I'm afraid I have to go back to Asgard your father will return from Vanaheim soon and he must know what happened"
"Is the bifrost completed? Thor asked
"No, still needs more time"
"So how did you come here?"
"Loki helped me"
"What? But how?"
"well not loki himself , after you left I used to spend time in loki's room when I found his diaries " she said showing it to them it was small and mixed colors of black and dark green "loki enchanted it so no one can read it except him "
"So how did you read it?" tony asked
"I think Loki knew something would happen to him he kept some hidden messages inside it only people who have a message can read it and read only their part, he left me a message and a map it shows me some hidden passage between here and Asgard only"
Was it good message?" Thor asked
Friga sighed and smiled sadly "yes it was but in Loki's way, you know how he was very secretive about his feeling"
"Yaa, about good ones only but hating me wasn't that difficult for him to express" Thor scoffs
"No, didn't you get it? He only said this to keep you away you know how he thought about himself he only wanted to stay alone so no one can hurt him and no one be hurt by him "Friga said enraged
" but he failed he hurt me saying that he hate me that I'm not his brother , he forgot everything that we raised up together played together fought together just that simple as it was nothing " thor irked
"That wasn't the only thing he said to you Thor right? What really hurt you was his answer heimdall told me everything "Friga said quietly looking at Thor in the eyes
Thor didn't answer he knew she is right he was the one who hurt Loki who pushed him to say this from the beginning
"Thor when you asked him if he remembered all of this, do you remember what he said? He said ' I remember a shadow living in the shade of your greatness. I remember you tossing me into an abyss' this was his answer right? So who do you think really hurt the other?"
"He also said that he should be the king" Thor yelled
"You know very well that Loki never wanted to be a king, it wasn't Loki who said that, the real Loki told you on the bifrost that night remember? He only wanted to be your equal to be treated like you, and that what we all failed to make him feel this "Friga said sadly
"You always take his side every time" Thor parked
"Because he only had me Thor only me "she cried leaving the room
"Good job thor you really fucked everything up" banner said going after her
"Even you see that I'm wrong?" Thor said
"Yes thor you said it before Loki trusted only her and I can see the reason why" Steve said admonishing him
Few minutes later both Friga and banner came back
"I'm afraid I must leave now , banner please take care of loki until I return it looks like his own brother won't be able to do this and I trust you to look after him well " Friga said avoiding looking to thor " in my room you will find loki's books and I brought him some clothes too "
Thor stood in front of her "mother forgive me I was blinded by anger you are right I'm sorry, don't worry about Loki I'll take care of him " he said regretting what he said earlier, she smiled hugging him tightly" I know you will do my dear son, Loki loves you Thor this is the only thing you need to know don't think about anything else" she said kissing him
"And you all have my thanks and gratitude" she said smiling and a blue mist appeared around her then she was gone
"Woow how did she do this? Now she is in asgard?" tony said impressed
Thor smiled and just said "loki"
Banner holds a book from the package he was always curious about books
"What is this language? I can't read a single word "banner said disappointed
"It is our old language most of our books are written in it, what did mother bring him? Let me see"
Thor started to empty the package "some magic books and scientific ones, look those are written in English" Thor said handling them to banner
"Oh, science and literature he has a good taste though" banner said quietly
"Thor look your mother brought you some clothes too it is ...what you called it? Yes midgardian clothes "tony said showing him the clothes "of course no need to know that anything not black or green is for you "tony smirked
Thor laughed "yes I don't remember seeing him wearing anything not green or black he loved these colors very much"
"You know green eyes and dark hair he has his reasons" Steve said laughing
There was some noise like someone was fighting or arguing then Clint and Natasha entered the room, Natasha looked angry and Clint was shouting
"You son of a bitch, we thought you dead fuck man I even cried for you asshole " Clint parked at someone outside the room
"Everyone is her so if you have some guts left in you step inside" Natasha said enraged
"Hey what did I do? You should be angry with fury not me I just woke up from a coma "culson snorted
"Holly shit" Steve gasped
Thor said some words in a strange language but from the look on his face they were sure it wasn't nice one
"What thor said" banner said enraged too
"What's up guys why are you shouting" tony said entering the room "Jesus, ghost" tony yelled dropping his drink "it is only my second drink and now I'm seeing culson better stop before I see Howard"
"For god sake tony it's me not a ghost" culson said
Tony yelped "you're alive? But how fury said Loki killed you "tony said shocked
Thor started to fidget nervously when tony mentioned this, the man that his brother supposed to have killed him is now standing in front of them
"I was injured badly but I didn't die" culson said
"Why are you here now?" Steve asked coldly no one grieved more than him
"Uhm fury send me he wants a full report about Loki's condition and everything happened" Phil said quietly he was sad and hurt by how the captain treated him
Thor hugged him almost breaking his rips "son of cul I'm glad you are alive"
"Uhm thanks Thor I'm also glad to be alive to see all of you again " culson said blushing and everyone laughed forgetting every thing
"A party then" tony shouted blustery
"Are you serious?" banner wondered
"Yes 100% culson is alive and this creepy voice is gone so hell yaah"
"I'm totally in" Clint said
"Me too " Natasha said
"Come 'on guys don't be tiresome" tony whined
"Ok I think we deserve to have some fun guys" Steve said
"Yes" tony yelled "thanks man"
"What about loki?" culson asked
"Leave him to me" Steve said "come culson I'll explain everything to you just hope I get it right cause it'll literally blow your mind" culson was confused and they all were chuckling
"God be with you my boy" tony smirked
"Don't be mean on the poor guy" Natasha said giggling
Banner was about to leave the room when tony stopped him
"Brucie where are you going?"
"To check on Loki and don't brucie me"
"Why brucie " tony said teasing him
"Cause its bruce not brucie antony" he said with wry smile
"Hey don't Antony me " tony whined
"You don't like it Antony" Bruce mimic him
"Yes" tony yelled
"Good" Bruce smirked heading to Loki's room leaving tony boiling
"Jarvis give me updates, how is he now?" Bruce said checking Loki's pulse
"Heart rate is fast and his body temperature is low sir"
"Normal then, good"
"How is can be called normal sir?"
"Simple he isn't human" Bruce smirked
"Jarvis call me if anything happen ok"
"Right sir"
He was leaving when Thor suddenly run into him and he fall to the ground
"Sorry didn't see you coming "thor said helping him to stand
"Never mind where were you going any way?"
"To see loki"
"No need to, come"
"Come 'on Thor don't worry Jarvis is there he will tell us if anything happen, come the party will start soon "
"Did you think you can run both of you, come and give us a hand here" tony shouted at them
"You know staying with Loki wasn't a bad idea" Bruce said and they both laughed
"let put some music people " tony screamed , everyone was enjoying their time clint and Natasha drinking and chatting ,bruce and thor eating some pizza ,culson made Steve sign his cards and then they talked and drank while tony was dancing with pepper who came to spend the weekend with them .
"Hit it jarvis louder" Tony yelled grabbing pepper hand into a dance
Hold on cos the volume is rising
Yeah the volume is rising so you better hold on
The night is young
Until it's over
Until it's over
The night is young
The night is ours
Until tomorrow
Until tomorrow
Get ready for it
Yeah get ready for it
You said there's only one place left to find
Together we can save the world tonight
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
The night is young
Until it's over
Until it's over
The night is young
The night is ours
Until tomorrow
Until tomorrow
Get ready for it
I'll hold your hand
With good intentions
With good intentions
I'll hold your hand
The night is ours
Until tomorrow
Until tomorrow



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise