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The silver's tears

Sharpen your knives

"Hey banner" Thor said quietly looking ashamed
"Thor, how do you feel now? Better?" banner asked
"Yes, look I'm sorry I shouldn't shout at you"
"Don't worry man its fine, I know it is hard"
Thor smiled at him and said "thanks my friend"
Banner nodded smiling back
"Here take this your mother asked me to give it to you when you are ready" banner said handling Thor a book
"Loki's diaries? But it is enchanted only Loki can read it "thor said looking confused
"Not all of it, some particular parts is left for you to read it"
"alright" thor said sitting down , opening it and start skipping some pages until he found his part , he sighed "do I have to read it , he will definitely call me an oaf and fool I know him " thor said almost whining
"In this case then, read it out loud" Steve smirked
"Yes thor Com'on" Natasha said
"fine " he paused a while then started to read " this oaf is going for haunt again not listening to me , it is dangerous to go alone even if he goes with his friends it is not a picnic they might get hurt but no he only listens to them , they already called me a coward and they laughed at me too even thor joined them and sif said that I was just jealous of them because I can't go with them , I'm not , they are idiots leading themselves to death , they don't even have a plan or proper weapons ,when I grow up I’ll show them that I'm better than each one of them , they will be out for a week at least , it's fine I used to stay alone but I'll miss this oaf and his stupid words " thor looked anxious and skipped pages till the last page and continue reading in shaky voice " I hate thor , I really hate him ,then why I care so much about him , I don't understand ,helping him all the time why ? he does not even have time for me only for his friends , he remembers me only when he needs my help on one of his new adventures or haunts , I don't like his friends I never did , they keep making fun of me and when I try to say anything about them this oaf start to shout at me , I hate them all , I feel like I became a shadow no one feel my presence at all, just a shadow no one listens to him , my plans is the reason of all our victories my plans my thoughts without me they will fail at doing anything ,they know this but no always thor is the hero ,this oaf almost dragged us to die many times he is arrogant and reckless , he didn't learn anything from what father told us to be wise to think well before making any decision , no one can be the king after father except this oaf but keeping treating me like this shutting me every time he need to pay for this he need to learn a lesson
"Know your place brother" I will Thor I will, thanks brother "thor stopped reading and let it fall from his hands
"Know your place brother, what the hell this even mean?" banner said enraged "his place? Wasn't he your brother or what? Or maybe being future king and surrounded by people praising you all the time make you think you are better than him"
"Thor how could you say something like this to him gosh you make him feel worthless"
Tony and Clint rushed into the room wondering what is going on, pepper moved towards them telling them to keep quiet
"Worthless? Not even enough to describe this; did you really love him Thor? Or just some words you laugh at yourself with"
"I didn't know alright, I thought he liked to come with us, that he enjoyed it" Thor said almost crying
"oh yes he did , I think he enjoyed it every time your friends made fun of him and you kept silent , he enjoyed being told to shut up every time he try to say something " banner shouted
"look thor your mother told us that he always was good at hiding his feelings but this doesn't mean he enjoyed it , one thing I knew from all of this that loki is tough he won't show anyone that he is hurt and that he always takes his right " Steve said
It was raining outside and the thunder started growling, they didn't know it was Thor's anger or just the storm
" I was fool alright I know but this won't happen again , no one ever will say a word about him no matter who this person is , I made a mistake and I'm going to fix it " thor said in anger and the thunder boomed again
No one noticed that Loki has woken up and fell to the ground covering his ears curling around himself terrified of the thunder, he kept moaning weakly and crying so many voices shouting and yelling around him, he tries to shout at them to stop but it hurts even to speak…
"Ss…stop" Loki cried
"Loki" pepper said rushing to him holding him tightly he was shaking badly and crying "hush hush don't worry I'm here with you nothing will happen to you " she said rubbing his hair and he was calmed down a little
"Stop all of you" tony shouted "don't you see?" he said pointing at Loki
Everything is blur and this headache is killing him, he felt someone holding him tightly but not in a rough way no in a protecting way he can't control his tears the pain is unbearable but then all the sounds are gone why ? he felt her leaving him and moving away
"no…please stay" loki pleaded but nothing came out from his mouth, he shouted cried but nothing came out
"Oh brother I'm so sorry "Thor said trying to hold Loki, but Loki jerked away from him covering his face with his hands cursing this dark and his weakness he tried to calm himself down and concentrate something is wrong about him and he needs to figure this out but he is afraid so afraid why?
"loki?" bruce said approaching him slowly loki didn't even blink making him wonders if he aware of his presence at all
Thor tries again desperately he holds his both hands tightly trying to keep him calm and not jerking away again yet loki is fighting back trying to move away scared with panic carved on his face
Loki close his eyes tightly begging them to see again though it burns he opens his eyes the blur starts to fade away but the frames around him still looks blurry at least he can see now he sighed when suddenly a strong hands grab his, preventing him from moving he tried to fight back to release himself from this stranger's arms which feels surprisingly familiar and it hit him, everything come back in a second the voices around him and this face which staring at him the face of the only person he needs now the most …Thor
"loki , look at me , it's me thor , calm down now " thor said softly hugging him
Loki tried to call him but in vain just the thought of trying hurts him terribly , this awful headache, him unable to speak, these faces starring at his face all of this make him afraid , thor is trying to comfort him but he can't even him looks so nervous he grabs thor's hand and holds it tightly
Thor felt his fear and when he held his hand gosh he would trade everything for this to last forever, no, what he really wants is to lay his hands on who did this to his brother he will rip their heart out make them suffer make them pay for every second Loki spent suffering.
He is angry Loki thought, the last he needs now he needs his brother to calm him down telling him everything will be okay like he always did, he won’t deny it not anymore, the storm is coming , Thunder is all what he can hear now
“Please brother help me” Loki said without a voice but Thor saw it in his eyes ,eyes once were fill with life fill with dreams now all he can see is fear and pain...eyes full of despair
“They will pay for what they done I promise you “ Thor whispered to Loki stroking his hair calming him to sleep ...
"hush it will end soon , remember you used to sit just like this in my arms when we were young , you never liked the storms or the thunder " thor said smiling at him , loki closed his eyes and hugged him back
"He is afraid of it? Pepper asked putting the blanket around them
Thor nodded "when we were children he used to come to my room to hide from the storms and I had to spend all night calming him down and holding him until the storms end" Thor said quietly
"And this continued even after he become older?" tony asked
"no, of course not, he become only nervous when there is a storm and he will make any excuse to come to my room even if he had to wake me up, I remember this one time he came to my room saying his room is colder and he sat there writing something when the thunder boomed he literally jumped of his seat " thor said laughing bitterly "but now…I don't know"
"I'm sorry about what I said Thor, we all make mistakes but no one can deny you are a good brother" banner said
"Thank you my friend" Thor smiled at him then looked at Loki "but you were right I was …"
"An oaf "tony smirked "sleeping beauty here, was right to call you this "tony laughed
"I don't understand why are you calling Loki sleeping beauty" Thor said confused looking at them
"Hey I understand this reference" Steve said smiling
"Good for you cap" tony said laughing
"Who will be the prince then?" Clint smirked
"Is there another prince here except us?" Thor asked he looked lost and don't understand what are they talking about?
They all laughed so hard, tony couldn't stop himself falling to his knees
"Man you need to take lessons seriously" tony said
"it is a children story thor, about a sleeping beauty called snow white , the evil queen put a spell on her and make her sleep forever ,only a true love kiss will break the spell ,then come a prince who loved her dearly and kiss her " pepper explained to thor
Thor laughed so much till his eyes were teary "snow white, snow and white, evil witch and a prince" he said laughing loud
"Shit, it really suits him" tony said joining Thor laughing
"A white pale guy and an evil sorcerer and asgardian prince" banner explained giggling
"If loki heard this he will turn tony into a real snow white for making this reference" Thor laughed
"Hey, you the one who make it real not me " tony whined
"And who do you think will be the prince?" Thor smirked
Tony thought for a second then he yelled "holly shit, ewe noo"
"Oh god, I can see it happening, ughhh I wanna forget it now" Clint said shaking his head
Thor was going to say something but tony immediately said" don't even say one more word, gosh"
They started to laugh again and Loki moved a little
"Hush, you will wake him up" Thor said, covering Loki with the blanket well
“I remember the first time encountered him , and met both of you “ Steve said quietly
They stopped laughing and looked at him waiting what he would say
“Uhm, when we arrested him it was a stormy night, I remember there was thunder and loki looked unsettled t be honest i was taken by what looked like fear “
“ Did he tell you anything?” Thor asked
“That he just not a fan of what follows it”
“Oh, even under this mind control he still fear it” Thor said sadly staring at loki
“Everyone has something to be afraid of ...” Natasha said quietly
They just nodded shaking what they imagined from their head, fear is what keeps us alive right?
"He sleeps a lot, don't you think this?" Steve asked trying to change the subject
"Quickly too " tony said
"With his state of mind now he is like a child and what we know about them in common they love to sleep a lot" banner said
"I suggest we start taking lessons none of us ever took care of a child" tony smirked
“I did it once and I’ll do it again” Thor said taking loki to their room without stopping thinking of how light Loki is and it only made the back of his eyes hurt
Banner sighed and said" we will try our best ,it is not permanent ,you see what happen during the storm he showed feeling he was afraid we just need to find some kind of stimulus or trigger "
"He started to eat too just apple for now but this is a good sign I guess" pepper said "like having a child but a really quiet and cute one "she whispered yawning "I'll have some sleep I'm very tired , night guys "
"Good night pepper" banner said "me too it was a long day " and they both left
"What about you two? Sleepy too or come practice with me?" Steve asked Clint and Natasha
They looked at each other then said "practice"


I love to mix dark with humour , hell yeah things can go wrong , shit happens but some fun won't harm right ;)
See you soon , I hope !


This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise