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The silver's tears

Hurt By My Future

He was back in Asgard again he knew that because he was in his cell it took him minutes to gather his thoughts and the memory flow started from standing in front of the all father accusing him of crimes he didn’t commit to the painful words he had to hear it from him to his brother shouting at him dragging him to fight what seemed like frost giant attack to the scene of his mother killed by a hooded man with familiar hoarseness voice whom looked exactly like him when he took of his veil only difference was his eyes it was blue...
“I must get out of here, where is thor?” He thought looking around him the place was dark and quiet it is never quiet here he gasped feeling the cold in the air
“Well, look who is finally awake” husky voice said in amusement” You know for a man who just murdered his own mother i found your lack of guilt remarkable in a sick way even the most heartless monster don’t do what you just did”
“I....I didn’t kill my...mother” Loki said stuttering
“Shut up” someone shouted trying to hide the pain in his voice
“Thor, please you know i wouldn’t do this, you know” he cried
“I saw you...you killed her in front of me , she trusted you with her life you ...runt” Thor shouted enraged and the light went on at last , he can see the look on his brother’s face pure hatred it was , he really believe he did it but what made him completely lose his mind was who standing next to thor , a frost giant and to be more specific it was laufey
“What is he doing here?” Loki asked in horror
“We are alias now right your highness?” Laufey grinned
“We found out that our enemy is one so why we don’t work together saving the bloodshed of our kin and focus on avenging the one after all of this ...you”
“What? Thor this is insane”
“Is it” Thor shouted “Wasn’t it insane when you killed mother? Wasn’t it insane when you allied with the chetuaries helping them invading our realm , they were right when they called you cursed, you brought ragnarok on all of us”
“Since the day you was born, i was told that you will bring death to everyplace you go and your name will always be written with blood for you are the bringer of destruction and death” Laufey said
“And for that the All father decided to sentence you not with death but with what you deserve you will be chained to a rock with acid dripping on your face, eating you alive and you will be left their till you miserable life ends” Thor said coldly waving with his hand in some sort of a signal to the guards who directly went to his cell dragging him to his feet then he ordered them to follow him
The shock silenced him he felt his heart beats racing , he looked at thor begging him to stop this nonsense , the burn behind his eyes started to grow strong he can’t fight it anymore and the tears poured without stop he wanted to cry to shout to scream but he was tired and no one seemed to even care and the only person he thought he would listen to him is the one who is sewing his mouth shut now , funny how the one you always think of him as your protector turns out to be your executioner
Loki closed his eyes letting his executioner once called brother completing his glorious mission in the eyes of his people who gathered on the ruins of what once was called Asgard celebrating the end of what they thought it was Ragnarok and on seeing him “The death bringer” as they enjoyed to call him their voices risen demanding his head cursing him and wishing him to suffer and runt in hell
After they satisfied their sadistic lust of cursing him and stoning him they started to leave and after an hour the yard became empty as the night has fallen now his suffering really began he can feel the acid dripping on his face burning him he tried to move to stop it reaching his eyes put it was too late , he screamed in pain only making things worse he felt his lips get torn and blood filling his mouth then he didn’t feel a thing.
“wakey wakey sunshine”
Loki opened his eyes in horror expecting to find himself in his cell again only to find himself in a room with walls made of glass, small and cold
When he looked at what he was holding he dropped it jerking back in fear looking around him..He was holding Thor’s cape , he locked him in this new prison then.
“You feel angry , good”
Loki turned terrified, this voice ! Where it come from? Always hearing it, sometimes it’s nice but most of the time he said awful things to him
“You know I’d be angry too if my brother kept locking me like that, don’t be he didn’t”
Loki looked astonished of what he heard, he sat on the bed holding the cape tightly with his head buried in it
“Let me help you remembering my toy” the voice said and Loki felt a slight cold feeling in the back of his head like an electric shock but barley noticed
It was his darkest nightmare he thought, so many memories, blood and pain....
“Which is real and which is not can you tell or you are lost “ the voice whispered in his ears singing
He doesn’t care all what he wants now is to die if his rest is on it, but continue living like this not knowing what is real and what is not, continue living knowing that in any moment he can lose control to a voice wondering who he had to kill next....It was a lot to bear.
Thor stood there watching his brother in silent, when he knew from Jarvis that Loki awake he came imagining he would find him having another seizure or tearing the place apart he can’t decide whether he felt relieved or disappointed from seeing him sitting in silence like that...he felt hurt maybe Loki didn’t recognise him all this time and he was just holding to the person protecting him that’s all
But when Loki started to look around himself lost he had to think again, Loki looked sad holding to his cape at first then dropping it with fear on his face, what did he see this time to make him so afraid of just touching his cape? Thor looked away hiding his tears
“Why is he looking around like that?” Clint asked yawning
“I have a strange feeling that he is not alone in there” Bruce said worried
“You don’t mean this freaky voice again do you? ”Tony cried
“What?” Thor only caught the last part of Tony’s talk, he wasn’t concentrated his mind was with someone else
“Th..Thor” his voice was weak full of pain and fear, it make Thor’s heart torn to pieces, his brother calling his name how much he missed just to hear his voice again
“It worked” Tony yelled
“Can you end this now please” Steve said avoiding looking at Loki, he felt anger this is wrong, depriving him from the one thing in the world make him feel safe is wrong, making a man watches his brother suffering calling it helping him recover is wrong
“Open it” Thor said in weak voice they barely heard him, he was taken for moments after hearing his brother , he felt everything around him slowing down frozen , the only thing he can see was his the moment Loki fell to the void it was the last time he heard his real brother calling him
Bruce was about to answer when he heard what make his heart aching in pain, muffled cries which soon turned to loud cries showing how much pain he carries ,the cries became louder and louder
“Thor” Loki cried covering his face with Thor’s cape,where is he “He left me here alone why?, he gave up on me , abandoning me too” Loki said to himself just thinking if this was the truth broke his heart, he can stand being hated, insulted or tortured by him but leaving him this he can’t never stand, it will be his end..
Thor shouted at them to open the door at once , he need to be in there with him, Bruce didn’t dare to argue and pouched a button and Thor rushed into the room
Thor hesitated for a moment don’t know what he supposed to do, he sat next to Loki who seemed not realising his presence yet hiding his face in his cape crying
“Loki” Thor said in a voice fighting to hide a crying tone
For a while Loki still hiding his face breathing heavily then suddenly he raised his face staring at thor with red swelling eyes, it was like he is making sure that what he seeing is true
“Th...Thor” Loki cried hugging Thor sobbing more
“Hey, it’s okay I’m here now, let it all go now” Thor said in a quiet voice stroking his hair gently calming him
“You won’t... leave me... right? Y..You won’t... give up... on me “ Loki pleaded holding to his brother tightly afraid of letting go
Thor stared at him with eyes wide opened then he looked at his friends, he blamed himself for doing this to his brother
“I will never leave you Loki, you are my brother, my friend, my everything...and I’ll never give up on you ever” Thor said hugging him tightly “I’m sorry” he whispered to him kissing his forehead
“Don’t leave me” his voice was weak, Thor can feel him slipping away again closing his eyes, resting his head on his shoulder
“I’m so sorry” Bruce said feeling bad, he wasn’t saying it to Thor he was talking to Loki “I won’t let this happen again”
“You’re sorry good, cause you two are not allowed experimenting on him again” Steve said firmly looking angry
“Hey, Thor didn’t mind” Tony exclaimed defending themselves
“You shut up” Clint parked at him
“Enough” Thor shouted at them “We all agreed on doing this, so we all take the blame though it was my fault no one else, understood”
“But thor they” Steve said quickly
“No, they just suggested it, I the one responsible” Thor interrupted him
“What matters now, is to know what changed” Natasha said sitting next to Loki on the other side
“I think we’ll have to wait to know the answer” Thor sighed
“May I?” Natasha asked not waiting for Thor’s answer, she moved Loki making him sleep with his head on her lap wrapping the cape around him, and started to stroke his hair slowly
Thor was taken by her but he didn’t refuse or say a word, he felt that somehow she needed this more than Loki



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise