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The silver's tears

into the dark again!!

His vision was still blur he can hear the sound of chains tied to him he can feel being dragged by two men, was he a prisoner? he tried to concentrate on the scene in front of him he was back home, he was in Asgard now though he couldn't see very well yet he noticed being taken to the royal hall he can see all of them waiting for him, his father looked angry so did Thor but his mother looked at him with teary eyes
"Leave me with the prisoner" Odin ordered, Thor and friga left
"Father ... I"
"Silence, Loki do you confess taking the responsibility for all the destruction you led to Midgard"
"What?! I didn't do anything"
"Don't lie, boy, your actions speak on your behalf, all this because Loki desired a throne"
Loki felt angry, he never thought of being the king though he was raised and told that he would become one, was it all lies? Just another lie!
"It is my birthright" Loki growled
"Your birthright was to die" Odin parked
"Then why did you take me, I was cast out on a frozen rock left to die, you should have left me to die" Loki cried
"I knew this now, taking you was my biggest mistake," Odin said coldly
Loki tried to stay strong holding his tears "stays strong, stay strong, he mustn't see you weak, never"
"If I am for the axe, then, for mercy's sake, just... swing it!" Loki said trying to make his voice calm but he failed it came up shaky
"I wish I could but you will be kept alive for only friga's sake and you shall never see her again, you will spend the rest of your days in the dungeon."
"I did nothing why you don't believe me?" Loki shouted enraged
"Silence, do you not truly feel the gravity of your crimes? Wherever you go there is war, ruin, and death, maybe the dungeon will help you reconsider what you've done, guards take him away"
Loki didn't say a word , no one will listen to him anyway but he really did nothing, he can't remember anything, he fell from the Bifrost he meant to be dead so how he is still alive and back here in Asgard once called his home, now it became his prison locked in a dark cell forever .
It's been a week now and no one came to visit him neither friga nor Thor he knew Odin will make sure that he suffered loneliness here but friga, his mother how could she agree on something like this , he tried to remember anything but all he could remember with blue eyes staring at him and voices calling him a filthy runt, pathetic, weak, forgotten these voices never stopped, he felt like he lived this before , but this time is different ,this time he won't break down no, now he learned the lesson let them say what they want in fact he doesn't care anymore and this makes him feels good
"Oh my toy you finally learned your lesson not all of it but you started" the same cold voice he heard before
"Who are you? Show me yourself don't be a coward?"
"We can argue now that's new, you need to learn not to raise your voice on your master boy"
"My master!" Loki smirked "go to hell"
"Oh I'll go but not alone, not without my toy, see you soon Loki, enjoy your staying here things will be very exciting soon"
Didn't Loki have a chance to think of what just happened and who is this? As Thor broke into his cell shouting at him "Loki"
"Thor. After all this time and now you come to visit me. Why?"
"Stop this madness now" Thor parked punching Loki cause him to fall to the ground
"I missed you too" Loki grinned
"Do I look to be in a gaming mood?" Thor said grabbing Loki up
"Umm maybe you not but I'm it's boring here you know " Loki smirked
"An excellent excuse really bringing frost giants again to Asgard because you are bored" Thor parked
"What frost giants? I'm stuck here if you noticed this "Loki said
"Lies, always telling lies, what can't you live without lying? Thor said hitting him on the chest
"And you? What? If used your brain for once will you die? "Loki shouted
"Why would I trust you?"
"You don't have to, just use your big empty head as a change, it is healthy you know " Loki grinned
"Come, you will help me stop them, " Thor said grabbing his hand
"And why I would do this?" Loki said pushing him away
"I know you don't care about Asgard or any one here but I also know if don't help me mother will be in great danger, " Thor said quietly
"What shall I do," Loki said moving towards him, only friga matters for him no one else
They both rushed to friga room to protect her first, Thor went in first, and Loki preferred to stay out
"Mother, are you ok?"
"Thor, oh my son I'm glad you're ok, " she said hugging him "where is Loki?"She looked around for him until she saw him standing next to the door she ran to him and hugged him
"Oh my child, I missed you so much"
"Uhm me too, " Loki said softly blushing a little, he really missed her, Thor laughed quietly at the scene
"Come mother, we shall seek you a shelter till this ends " Thor said checking the hallway, she holds Loki hands and moved with him, but it was too late to escape the frost giants spotted them and started to follow them, they had to separate, Loki took friga away while Thor trying to provide cover for them and stop the frost giants from coming after them but there were too many of them and soon the three of them were surrounded by dozens of them there was no way to escape
"Where is everybody? We can't fight all of them alone?" Loki said stabbing one of them
"Just shut up and fight, they are busy defending Asgard, it is war " Thor shouted at him
"No place to run to odins surrender and we let you live"
"Funny I was going to say the same thing to you "Loki grinned killing him" oops never mind"
"You are an idiot son of Odin"
"don't call me this again, " Loki said punching him, "Loki, behind you " friga shouted at him but he wasn't fast enough the giant grabbed his hand, his armor broke but nothing happened to him except a dark blue color spread on his hand, the giant looked shocked staring at Loki
"sorry don't work on me, maybe next time " Loki smirked " Oh wait there is no next time " he said and stabbed the giant, his hand still blue and trembling he still didn't get used to the fact that he is one of them, he hid his hand looking lost for a while before he heard friga scream, someone is holding her he was hooded
"Leave her you filthy creature and fight like a real warrior "Loki parked
"Try to stop me if you " his voice was cold and quiet but familiar, he heard this voice before
" Oh I will, " Loki said attacking him, they fall to the ground Loki pushed his mother away and turned to fight this veiled, he was stronger than the frost giant, Loki doubted he is not one of them
"Yes, I'm not one of them"
"How …how did you do that?" Loki was distracted
"Oh Loki, you forget me that fast?"
"Who are you?"
"This is sad how could you forget me?" he said approaching friga, taking off his veil and looked at Loki in the eye grinning
"S...stay away from her " his voice was shaky he felt a terrible headache, his vision was blur again but he ignored all of this moving towards them but he was late the stranger stabbed friga and threw her on the ground, smiling at Loki and said " see you soon you filthy runt "
Loki couldn't move from his place as he was frozen, he couldn't feel anything around him it was complete silence, Thor ran towards her screaming with her name, then he turned to Loki, he was angry shouting with some words but Loki couldn't hear him he was shut down, thor shacked him viciously and punched him knocking him down and the darkness spread around him, he couldn't feel anything anymore
He woke up gasping in fear looking around, he sighed tiredly covering his face trying not to cry again thinking of all these nightmares...memories...illusions whatever he doesn’t care he only wants it to end only want to be able to close his eyes not afraid of what he might see.
It was late at night he thought as no one of them is here, who were they? Feeling that he saw them before, somehow he knows he can trust them, he remembered when he opened his eyes there was this one who was stroking his hair, she was red headed he remember that, and they all looked worried about him? Someone worrying about him, the idea itself make him laugh at how silly he became
He felt the need to have some fresh air, but it was raining outside, well the last thing he needs now is a storm so he stayed in his bed staring at the window imagining the sky he liked it dark calm full of bright stars with the moon lighting his way , he never felt alone the moon was always his friend filling his life with light now he is like a lost star failed to find his way back home to his moon
Loki sighed feeling the upcoming storm trying to remember the reason of his fear, even before Thor was able to control the thunder he was afraid of its sound, he is not afraid of thunder maybe when he was a child, yes but now he isn’t afraid of it, he hates everything about the storm the sadness the rain brings to him the anger and nervous the Thunder bring to him, but afraid ? No, why should he be!!
“Because it’s Thor who you are afraid of” The voice whispered into his ears coldly making him jerking in surprise
“Afraid? Of Thor?” Loki scowled
“Who else my toy, after all he did to you, all this torture, don’t deny you fear him now”
“You mean those silly illusions you trying to fill my head with, I know Thor more than anyone, and if there is one thing I’m sure of it, is that my brother...my Thor would never even think of hurting me”
“The same old foolish and stubborn, more than two years and yet you still think of him the same, well this need to be changed” the husky voice said and before Loki had the chance to say any word he felt being deprived of air he gasped in pain trying to breath feeling every part of his body hurts aching with pain , he tried to speak but he couldn’t like someone is choking him, his vision became blurry the world started to spin around him
Loki tried to ignore the pain walking slowly to the door, few steps more he kept telling himself but this terrible headache didn’t give him the chance, he fell to the ground holding his head but this time he screamed letting the darkness take him again
Natasha was the first one to hear him she ran into his room only to find him unconscious on the floor few steps away from the door
“Thor..Bruce...anyone, help” she started to shout in fear checking on him quickly
“Nat, you okay?” Clint said worried out of his breath
“What happened” Thor cried crushing next to them
“I...don't know, I heard him screaming and came to find him like this,” she said weakly holding him
“What are you waiting for? Put him on the bed now and step aside” Banner said worried
Thor nodded and held Loki putting him gently in the bed and walked away letting Bruce do his job
Minutes passed like ages on Thor who couldn’t stop blaming himself for leaving his brother
“It’s not your fault understand, don’t hold yourself the responsibility of everything happens to him,” Bruce said without looking at him
“He will be okay, right?” Pepper asked quickly, she just came home after finishing her job to find out about all what happened in this short time she wasn’t here
“yes, I think he just underestimated his condition,” Bruce said injecting him with painkiller
“His condition?” Thor questioned worried
“He is not well Thor, not just because of this creepy voice no he is sick very sick, I can’t tell you anything till he wakes up, you saw what happened only a few steps and he passed out, and god knows why did he scream”
“Easy doc, you only freaking him out,” Clint said looking at Thor whose face was pale like a white sheet now
“I’m sorry but he had to know, you Think Loki will listen to any of us if we told him to stay in bed? No, I’m sure he is worse stubborn even more than Thor, he won’t show anyone he is weak, right Thor?”
“Yes, it will only make him pig-headed,” Thor said sitting next to Loki looking at him sadly
“Jarvis, what did he do when he woke up?” Tony said quickly
“shit, why none of us thought of that” Clint said hitting his forehead
“You are not me, simple” Tony grinned
“At first he stayed in his place looking at the window watching the sky I think, then he started to talk to someone”
“What were they talking about?” Thor asked
“I don’t know sir, I was blocked and the system rebooted itself”
“Someone messed with your system to prevent us from knowing what was the talk about” Tony exclaimed worried
“Then what happened?” Natasha asked
“Like every time but it seemed like he was choking”
“I presumed this” Bruce said sighing
"This voice he hears, at first I thought it was just illusions you know part of the mind control," Bruce said quietly
"And now?" Thor asked worried
"Now, I think it more than a creepy sound neither Loki nor us can see him, he isn't just playing with his mind he controls him tortures him in different ways"
"And how the hell we supposed to deal with that" Tony yelled
"We can only keep an eye on him making sure he is safe but everything is in his hands to fight what controls his mind and in yours too Thor to keep him strong and not to lose hope"
"I'll protect him with my life," Thor said firmly
"Come now all of you let us leave him to have some peace" Bruce said leaving
Thor sighed looking at his sleeping brother holding his hand pressing tightly on it whispering
"Stay strong for me Loki, please come back to me "


His dreams or nightmares whatever, they don't have a timeline so the last one was a result of this one


This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise