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The silver's tears

I Keep Falling

"I'm no one game "Loki parked in anger and light went off as everything made of glass around them was broken shattered in pieces
"no one can control me and you dare to call me your toy, till now I didn't show any one what I really can do, I can be more evil and insane than you've ever dreamed "Loki hissed his voice was cold and make anybody shivers in fear they could feel the cold increasing around them, though they Can't see anything or hear him they could feel his anger, he reached a fatal point, a point that make him danger itself
"Interesting, this will be fun" the voice said seemed amused
"Oh it will be, just be ready for it "Loki said quietly
Light went on again as Jarvis used backup one, Loki was standing his back to them, his shirt was torn completely he was bare chest now, they could see his skin turning to its normal color again, he was breathing heavily
"L... Loki" Thor said in a shaky voice but Loki didn't answer he can sense the fear in his voice; he was afraid of him the monster who he is.
"Loki, are you OK?" Thor asked again
*Yes, I I'm fine * Loki tried to control his feelings but he failed he was paler, sweating and his hands trembling, he was staring at his hand as if he was afraid it would turn into blue again
Thor knew what is Loki thinking of, he stepped next to him holding his shoulder
"Nothing changed Loki, do you hear me nothing"
Loki shook his head in disbelief, and then he pushed Thor running away from Thor, from them, but the most important from himself
“What was that? He was blue” Tony yelled and Steve nudged him strongly to shut up
“Is this how he supposed to look like?” Bruce asked
“Y..yes” Thor said worried
“Just a change in his eyes and skin color” Bruce exclaimed “ so what? He still Loki not a monster or anything of this nonsense” he added agitated
“Just because you look different this doesn't mean you are a monster, Jesus” Pepper said frowning
“uhm, one question, they are called frost giants right? As literally giant or what?” Tony asked stepping backward before he gets another hit by the cap
“Father told me that he was smaller than a normal frost giant” Thor said frustrated
“That is why this creepy sound keep calling him.. Runt” Clint asked disturbed by the idea and Thor just nodded
“So are you ready to explain how the hell you all can understand ASL?” Tony asked trying to change the subject
“Well, my cousin is mute so I had to learn it a thing you should already knew Anthony” Pepper said glancing at him
“How should I know?” he whined
“I had a friend once when I was a kid, so I learned it “ Steve said
“I can talk Latin you think I would find a problem understanding this “Natasha grinned
“I’ll go check on brother” Thor said leaving quickly
“Hey, that’s cheating” Tony shouted then he looked at Bruce suspiciously
“Don’t look at me like that I’m a doctor and I worked with some cases like this”
“Tony Stark discovered something he doesn't excel that’s news” Clint smirked “Don’t be hard on yourself Tony that means you are not a machine congratulation”
“Oh shut up” Tony whined leaving
“Come back” Clint said laughing
“Grow up would you” Natasha said
“Why? It’s fun, now where did he go ? Tony “ Clint yelled going to look for him
“Forget those idiots” Natasha said looking serious “Eyes on the other two”
"worried I admit, Thor is always tempered and this won’t help anyone at all, Loki especially, You saw the look on his face when he changed” Steve said
“Not afraid, terrified he called himself a monster imagine how he thinks other people sees him how Thor sees him” Bruce said
“Have the feeling this won’t end soon” Clint said
“Clint! How did you...? Didn't you go after Tony? Oh never mind” Steve said surprised
“I was then I heard Thor shouting and glass shattering I think so I came to warn you”
“What now? Fighting again?” Steve said
“Should we go or stay here you know Family thing” Bruce asked
“This family can destroy the whole tower if they get drifted” Clint said heading to their room
“He has got a point you know” Natasha said raising her shoulder and followed Clint
“Fine I’ll do the talk” Steve said sighing
“Oh for god sake Loki don’t start it” Thor shouted
“Now I think it’s bad idea” Clint said with Steve knocking on the door
“What” Thor yelled
“Uhm, Thor buddy is everything okay?” Bruce asked
“Just open the door Thor” Steve said
“You will not say a word or interfere at all understood”
“yeah man whatever just open the door” Clint said
“What? No what if they hurt each other?” Steve exclaimed
“Just play it cap” Natasha whispered to him
“Okay Thor” Steve said knew he will regret this
When the door was opened they felt the chill of cold hit them
“No even a word” Thor said his face was red from anger and shouting and Loki was standing near the window staring to the sky he seemed quiet
“At least tell us why are you shouting?” Clint asked
Thor glanced at him angrily then he sighed “Loki refuses to talk to me or do anything at all” his voice was loud not angry but desperate
Loki kept staring at the sky ignoring all of them ,what they see now was new they didn’t see him as the enemy they were fighting even after knowing the truth they still keep some suspicion to themselves afraid this will turn over to be a trick at the end but here they are looking at him only seeing Thor’s little brother he seemed so much younger with these emerald eyes shining under the moon light
“Loki, please you don’t want to talk to me then shout at me , scream if you want to, fight me if you need ,anything but not this” Thor said pleading putting a hand on his shoulder making Loki jerking back
“Brother please if I do you anything wrong I’m truly sorry” he said quietly
Loki looked at him in disbelief staring like he sees him for the first time his face changing from the plain expression to pain his usual mask failing him ,he didn't notice the tears streaming his face
“Loki you are crying” Thor said shocked he never let anyone see him crying
Loki shacked his head nervously wiping away his tears but it kept falling , he cried in anger turning away from them , why it wouldn't stop wasn't he pathetic enough.
Thor didn't know what to do this was new to him , Loki never cried since they were children, he looked at his friends in desperate
For their surprise Natasha was the one to step forward, she stood in front of him to make only Loki can hear her
“Crying doesn't mean you're weak, it means you've been strong for too long" she whispered to him then continued in louder voice ”And is time for you to rest” then she pointed at them to leave
“Come Thor let him rests”
Thor didn't say a word just following them silently leaving Loki alone
“Thank you” Thor said to her
“Forget it buddy but seems like you need to change the way you act with him”
“He remembered me of his childhood now so I think I’ll deal with him like this” he said sighing
The night passed with the two brothers awake, Thor thinking of how to treat his brother avoiding angering him and Loki trying to make a time line of what he remembers which is not much , like he knew that he is Jutin but he doesn't remember how he discovered it , remembering fighting with Thor but not why or how he fall, his head started to hurt him so many questions but no answers, he heard knocking on the door, gentle one though; he hesitated for a while then decided to answer it.
Pepper stood there waiting him to open the door, she thought he won't answer her when the door opened suddenly, she flinched, Loki glanced at her he looked so tired, his eyes were red and a little swelling
"Uhm I brought you cupcakes and hot chocolate" she said and entered the room putting them on the table.
Loki stared at her with an opened mouth, he didn't know how to react, he looked so lost, pepper couldn't stop herself from smiling and giggling a little, Loki frowned at her
"Sorry, but you looked so funny" she said and Loki frowned again
"I mean cute" she said quickly then she blushed thinking of what she just said, Loki smiled a little
"Common let's eat" pepper said whining
He waved with his hand as “no” and looked away
"young man, you sit and start to eat now" Pepper said firmly "or else" she said grabbing him to sit next to her
Loki was taken with surprise of her reaction, but no one force him to eat , he shacked his head trying to look serious
"Don't push for it boy, you don't know me" Pepper said giving him a cake and she started to eat one herself
Loki kept staring at the door as if he waiting someone
“He is asleep” she said smiling
Loki signed with his hands that he doesn't know what is she talking about drawing a wondering reaction on his face
“You are bad liar and a terrible actor” she chuckled offering another piece
He shacked his head that he is not hungry ,she sighed starring at his face making him feel shy more
“He loves you dearly you know” she said butting her hand on his shoulder “ Go easy on him you don’t know how much he suffered seeing you the way you were he doesn’t deserve this from you” she said leaving him to rest ....Rest the word seemed meaningless to him now what rest s here he knows what is waiting for him the second he closes his eyes but this doesn't mean he wasn't in desperate need of sleep
An hour is all what it took, when a loud scream came breaking the silent of the night
Thor ran to Loki’s room afraid something happened to him, when the lights went on he saw his brother sitting on the bed shacking a little
“Are you alright brother?” He said trying to take his breath
Loki just nodded avoiding looking at him
“You want me to stay with you?”
Loki shook his head wrapping him self with the blanket covering his face, Thor sighed leaving the room
“You shouldn't leave him alone you know “Tony aid holding a glass
“Why?” he asked surprised of his presence
“Nightmare for sure” Tony said raising his shoulder
“How can you be so sure?”
“Oh, believe me I know” Tony said quietly but Thor can see in his eyes he knew because he had to face it before he has the same look as Loki
“What should I do?”
“Stick to him like his shadow all the time even when he sleeps” he said this and left going back to his lab he just came to have a drink and to give an advice clearly
“Like his shadow” gosh how he hates this word how many nights had he to deal with the memory of Loki calling himself his shadow making him only feel guilt and more grieve , he said this word twice one before he fall and the second when he found him the different is the first Loki was asking denying it , the second he said it like it’s the only truth knowing that it was true he didn't find in himself the courage to enter his room again or see him and headed to the roof watching the sky trying to find the way back home
Home he missed this word so much missed his mother’s smile his friends' laughs even his father’s words to him it was more like orders but what he missed the most was the nights he spent watching the stars with Loki counting them talking about everything sharing their secrets with each other their laughs even their fights he missed it though they never fought for more than one day none of them could bare not to talk to the other but it was always Loki who end it first even if it was his fault Loki just smile at him saying “You oaf you think you’ll get rid of me this easily” so why he doesn't end it this time too why he doesn't come to him smiling saying the magic words again? What if he lost his brother this time for ever..



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise